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brilliant. a great product at a great price with perfect instructions.
Mark Johnson, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm a returning customer several times over. My first skin is still on my iPad! They are made extremely well. It is very simple. The best skins to purchase, a vast array of patterns to choose from and they are always adding more. My favorite is their Customer Service, it's outstanding! Delivery is very timely. You can have the best product in the world but if you don't have good Customer Service you have nothing! istyles has both!
Sara Krohn, United States

Definite returning customer. Skins are fairly priced, are exactly as shown on the site, arrived quickly, and I plan to buy more. I bought the gloss finish and it looks great. Fingerprints were an annoying issue with my gaming controllers, but now I never see any, always looks clean. Very happy.
Corey Jennings, United States

Extremely Pleased. Received my order in prompt fashion. The skin is a birthday gift for my grandson.

He loves monsters and his favorite color is green, so this will make his day. I am extremely happy to see that it will go well on his special day.
Rachelle Leduc SCC, United States

Very happy with the quality of the skin and case. Even happier with the prompt and excellent customer support. 2 thumbs up.
Alvin Ng, Singapore

Styling was great. Back piece fit perfectly. Front piece did not fit - tried 6 ways from Sunday, but no success. I have never had this problem applying skins on other devices.
Doris Nagel, United States

iStyles responded:

We're glad to hear that you liked the styling and that the back fitted perfectly but we're sorry to hear that you had problems with the fit of the front Skin.

The Skin that you purchased was designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch SM-T800NT. Is this the model of your tablet or are you using any other variant?

In what way did the front Skin not fit? Was it too large or was the cutting completely different? If the Skin was too large, it is possible that you might have accidentally stretched the Skin during the application process. Can you try pasting this front Skin back onto the backing card? If the Skin is bigger than the hole that it was peeled off from, it verifies that the Skin was stretched. If the Skin was stretched, we can make another one for you to give it another go at no charge and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get the new piece to you. Please let us know if you would like to get this replacement order set up.

This company has always met and exceeded my expectations. They are fast, exactly as advertised, and professional.
Sylvia Colbert-Maier, Canada

Great product- great ordering experience We received exactly what we expected by the description in a very timely manner. The product was extremely easy to apply (and very forgiving, I might add, as I am not the best at any adhesive application). The end result looks like a professional did it and, best of all, my kids love it! The price is great- so if my kids want to make a design change down the road, it won't cost a lot and, in fact, it is the perfect price for a birthday gift. We are extremely satisfied!
Bruce Mather, United States

Easy, quick and great customer service!

Lots of fun to look through all the products. Tons to choose from. I made a mistake when ordering and with a simple e-mail they corrected my mistake and just shortly after I received my order as I intended !!
Chad Gamwell, United States

Great quality, fast shipping; The quality of the skins I purchased were great! They made my controllers look amazing and unique. The shipping was fast and applying the skin was easy but required some precision. I have already told my friends to buy from here and I suggest you do too!
Nickolas Landry, Canada

I bought the Neon Rainbow Wii skin and it looks amazing on. My daughter couldn't be more thrilled as it really jazzes up her boring black box wii. The product arrived surprisingly quickly from the USA, well in time for Christmas. Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks.
Cristina Roskell, United Kingdom

For my birthday I knew I was going to receive a new Kindle Voyage, which Amazon brought out just a few weeks before The Date, and I wanted to skin it straight away. As the Voyage was new out I was concerned that there wouldn't be an iStyles skin ready in time so I contacted them. Immediately to ask. MK got back to me straight away and was very helpful, later e-mailing to say skins were now available for the Voyage and then sending out the chosen skin really fast. So the skin was ready for the opening of my new Kindle and yet another of my devices now looks beautiful in a wonderful matte coating. (Matte coatings are iStyles' speciality and I think look so much more special than gloss.) Excellent.
Maryon Jeane, United Kingdom

iStyles rocks!! Got my fourth Kindle iStyles cover.....This is for the new Amazon Voyage (the GREATEST reader!!). iStyles had the cover manufactured VERY quickly after Amazon released the Voyage and, of course, it fits perfectly, despite some angled surfaces on the back side. Got my wife a Voyage for her birthday and her cover is in the mail!!
Robert Cope, United States

The skin looks and fits beautifully. I ordered two, one for my computer and one for the gopro. Both are very high quality prints, and very easy to apply. So far they have held up great with absolutely no problems. Shipping was fast, and customer service was excellent
Laurie Montgomery, United States

There were many skins to chose from, and I found the perfect one for my MacBook Pro. The laptop was previously my daughters, and there were a few dents on the cover. The pattern I found (wildflowers) was simple and elegant, covered the flaws, and made the Mac look like a sophisticated fashion statement. And the logo cut out? When the Mac is on and the apple is lit, it is really beautiful!
Ruth Accorso, United States

Everything went smoothly, the shipping was quick enough. The ordered product arrived at the designated time. It was a bit hard to put the skin on the controller at first, but after a few tries, I managed to apply it. I am very satisfied.
Hunor Szentmihályi, Hungary

Thank you! All got stuck, use it. Excellent quality!
Sergey Kochurov, Russian Federation

I've been a customer for about five years and I am extremely satisfied with every purchase I've made. Every time I get a new device I immediately purchase one of these skins. I've bought over a dozen of these over the years and I love them all. I've tried a few other companies but I never like it the way I like iStyles and I always end up regretting that I didn't buy it here. If there's ever a problem with an order you guys always fix it and I love all the different designs to choose from. These protect my devices from scratches and look really good doing it. I hate any added weight which is why hard cases never last long with me, I always go back to these skins. It took me a while to try matte but I'm really loving those now. A little warning, if you have a device like a phone that you might want to switch out the skin every once in a while be very careful getting the skin off. They leave no sticky residue which is one of my favourite things about them but they can warp if you aren't careful taking them off and then you won't be able to reuse them. My last purchase was for PS4 and PS4 controller skins that I know I'm getting, I just don't know when, and these skins are such a must-have for me that I went ahead and got them during this amazing 50% off Black Friday promotion. In all the years I've used iStyles I've never left any feedback, but I just wanted to finally say, you guys are amazing and I'm so glad I found this website.
Emily Moragne, United States

Great product... Great service...
Shlomi sharabi, Israel

COMPLETE SHIT. No way to get the front skin on the tablet without screwing it up. I am a patient person and have installed MANY screen protectors as I am in Tech business. This is just impossible to get on the device.

They should know better than to sell a skin like this that is impossible to get on the outline of a tablet without stretching and tearing.

DO NOT WASTE your money.
Coby James, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you stretched the Skin. The Skins are sturdy and will last for years if applied properly but they can stretch if pulled hard and they're especially vulnerable at the thinner stripes such as those around the screen frame.

One way to prevent stretching is simply not to press the Skin down until you are happy with the alignment (this way, it's easier to peel off), and when peeling off, take extra care and do so slowly.

We can send you a replacement and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get the new Skin to you. If you would like to proceed with the shipment of this free replacement Skin, reply to the email that we just sent to you and we'll get it set up.