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The product and the support were great. I recommend this company to everyone. Thank you!
Andrei Nicolae, Romania

They were great. I made a mistake when sending my order and it was sent somewhere else. Since whoever got the item decided to keep it they couldn't refund me so they gave me a discount coupon to help me with my order. Given it was my mistake and the item was delivered I think they did the best they could.
Juan Valverde, United States

I accidentally ordered 2 decals and immediately sent them an e-mail indicating my problem. They were quick to respond and correct the situation. Thanks!
Elizabeth Tate, United States

I actually love my skin. The only problem I have with it is that it was ... not the right size? I know that I ordered the proper size ( I mean how in the world can you mess up ordering a skin for a 15" Mac Book Pro Retina?). However, it was as if the skin was stretched JUST a hair out of shape. I did a bit of cosmetic altering and it's fine now. I can say that this experience will not stop me from ordering from iStyles again. Everything else in the order was perfect, so zero complaints.
Tabitha Wilson, United States

absolutely great product, fits perfectly, very easy to apply, great customerservice, very helpful with any questions, no problems also with orders from Europe. Thank you istyles, there should be more companies like yours!!! Just one word of might get addicted ;-))
Corina Fasciati, Switzerland

Excellent product.

This is the second time I have bought an iStyles skin. The last one for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 was so good and came off easily when I sold it!

Now I have a new one for my Surface Pro 2 because the original matte black surface was boring and easily scratched.
Pamela Frood, United Kingdom

My order was shipped quickly and was well packaged to avoid damage in transit. I followed the enclosed instructions for quick and easy installation on my Chromebook. The skin is high quality in both materials and graphics design. I plan to order a skin now for my iPad Air.
Whalen Condry, United States

frog-tastic. I loved the skin I ordered for my mom. We looked everyone for something with frogs and this said her.
Anna Shultz, United States

When I received the case it was clear it wasn't made well. The pattern on the case did not cover the edges around the face of the phone and you could clearly see the white plastic. Figured I could live with that anyway. It took all of 3 days for the case to be broken near the corner with the volume buttons and it wouldn't stay on the phone so in the trash it went. The skins are great but I would never try one of these cases again. Waste of money.
Gary Robbins, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. We're sorry to hear that you did not like the case. I've passed your feedback on to the product team so that they can determine what happened.

In the meantime, we've processed a full refund for your case order. We're glad that you like the Skins from your previous order.

This "skin" is awesome. It looks exactly like the picture and the image quality is fantastic. It was easy to apply and any bubbles that popped up were easy to smooth out. I ordered the matte finish and I love it! Doesn't leave any fingerprints behind, which is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend this product!!!
Heather Durst, United States

Everything arrived perfectly and sooner than expected. Have recommended your products to my friends and will definitely be purchasing something again in the future.
Dan Hall, Australia

I ordered a PS4 skin from iStyles and am extremely impressed by the quality of their product. Delivery was fast considering it was coming half way across the world. Application was simple and well explained and more than anything I appreciated the little easter egg offering 20% off that they throw in when searching for what you want.

All in all a great experience and great product. Will definitely be using again in future.
Nathan Mortimer, United Kingdom

I just got my iphone skin and put it on my phone.. just want to say i love it so much its really cool so thanku guys so much! I will defintly be a repeat costumer thru istyles!! Shipping was fast u guys r legit and my friends r ordering from u now. Thanks again from rochester!!
Joseph Lana, United States

Great Quality! Received the decals and i am definitely happy about it. Full colored and not those kinda faded. Planning to get for my ipad and phone as well. :)
Khairul Anwar, Singapore

Fantastic! I got two skins for my boys leapfrogs and they love them!!!!
Louise Broadway, Australia

Nothing to add, as usual, everything is perfect (the custom skin, the colors). :-) Love the new look of my iPhone 5 !
Samantha Terrasse, Switzerland

I'm tickled with my new cover. I had a snap on with a lid and it was a pain. My iPad is easy to hold and I love the design. I'm an avid iPad user and will be back for more when I wear this one out... Or if I see one I like better! This was a makeover as I finally fixed my cracked screen. Now it's brand new!
Susanne Demaree, United States

I am very happy with the products and customer service that istyles offer.
I am an accessory freak for phones, so first I tried them I ordered a skin for my phone. I've been using it for months and it was as good as new, but decided to change it with another pattern. Pieces fit perfectly, application is easy, it gives good phone protection when you don't want to use a case and it looks amazing! I've also ordered for my friend and my husband. Thank you for making them for BlackBerrys too, since most retailers concentrate on more commonly used phones.
Overall I am very happy with istyles! Keep up the good work! :)
Zornitsa Ivanova, Bulgaria

the skin came in a very sturdy box, for the most part quite easy to place on the system, each individual skin segment aligned up perfectly with the other skin segments, I am extremely happy with this product and would recommend it several time over!!
Ronald Brown, United States

Amazing product! I removed and adjusted the skin several times to make it just right around the buttons and no signs of wear or creasing at the edges, and still sticks to the controller. Will buy a again for player 2!
John Xagorarakis, United States