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Samsung Galaxy S4 Bumper Cases

5.0/5 rating - 1 Review
Fits: Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Bumper Cases feature a shock absorbing TPU base layer + durable, impact resistant polycarbonate shell for superior protection. The polycarbonate shell is infused with stunning full color graphics.

Make your Samsung Galaxy S4 uniquely yours.

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I was very happy with the case when it looks great, you just can't get great unique designs like this in the UK. It fitted my Samsung galaxy s4 perfectly. The only issue I have with the case is I use an aux cable regularly in my car to play music through the stereo and you have to push the cable quite firm to fit past the silicone casing. Other than that delivery time was great and I'm happy I Spent the money on a decent good quality case. Looks great and feels safe.