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Art Nouveau iPhone 4 Cases

3.0/5 rating - 2 Reviews
Fits: iPhone 4s, iPhone 4
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    I bought the Art Nouveau iPhone 4S case. I was dissatisfied with the product, but it turns out that it was defective and not representative of the quality of their cases. I was issued a full refund, and I am very happy with how the service team handled that.

    iStyles responded:

    The case you received was defective and is not representative of the product. The Art Nouveau cases are extremely popular, we've sold many of them and never had any problem with the product, until now - we're really sorry that this happened to your case.

    Thank you for your understanding - we're glad that everything was sorted out. Please feel free to contact us should you have further queries.

    I've only had the case for a week, but I love it. Great case, I always get a lot of compliments...