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          White DynaColor Lacquer iPhone 4S Case

          White DynaColor Lacquer iPhone 4S Case

          Fits: iPhone 4s (all models), iPhone 4 (all models)
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          White DynaColor Lacquer iPhone 4S Case

          Price: $39.99 USD

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          • Beautiful, premium, perfect fit
          • Premium acrylic lacquer coating
          • Reinforced, lightweight polycarbonate core
          • Real carbon fiber sides
          • Durable urethane clearcoat for outer protection
          • Inner felt, does not scratch device
          • Full access to display, connector and buttons
          • Package contains 1 case. Device not included
          • Bonus: includes ultra-clear screen protector

          Matte vs Gloss

          The Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish that give Skins an arty look and feel (art pieces, professional photos, canvases are usually matte). It is fingerprint and smudge resistant, and looks gorgeous with most designs.

          The Gloss finish is a shiny finish that gives Skins an expensive, classy and sophisticated look (like a really shiny car). Designs look more vibrant with a gloss finish.


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