Shipping Information

How? - We can ship to virtually any address worldwide via a variety of shipping methods.

  • The shipping methods available vary depending on the products in the Shopping Cart and can be selected when you Checkout.

How Much? - The shipping cost depends on the weight/size of the package, dispatching centre, shipping method selected and the destination address.

  • This cost will be displayed in the Checkout page after you have selected the items you want.

How Fast? - The time taken for an order to reach you = Approval Time + Processing/Production Time + Shipping Time

  1. Approval Time - The majority of orders will be approved within minutes. Some orders may require additional verification and will be processed within 1 business day.
  2. Processing/Production Time - Once an order is approved, it will be sent to the appropriate warehouse for processing and this is the time taken for the warehouse to consolidate, pick and pack the order or manufacture products for delivery. This processing time is an estimated 1 to 2 business days at the warehouse. Orders are made on demand (printed, laminated, cut, packaged) at the USA facility and takes an estimated 1 to 3 business days at that location.
  3. Shipping Time - The shipping time varies depending on the shipping method selected and can range from 1 day to several weeks.

From Where? - Packages can be shipped from either USA or French warehouses depending on product availability and shipping method selected.



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