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DJI FPV Combo Skins

4.6/5 rating - 16 Reviews

Fits: DJI FPV Combo

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What are DJI FPV Combo Skins?

Improve visibility in-flight or simply make your drone look really awesome. Skins are premium grade decals that feature stunning, vibrant graphics printed on high quality cast vinyl.

Each DJI FPV Combo Skin covers your DJI FPV Combo, provides low profile protection with no bulk and helps protect from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Wrap your DJI FPV Combo and make it uniquely yours.

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Updated on 2 April 2024


The support is excellent. Thank you, the skins are "wicked cool"!

Great customer service and unbeatable price will be shopping at iStyles for all my drone decal needs.

Wonderful graphics and quality. Exactly what I was looking for to dress up the drone. H

Thank you very much

V08 Starfighter DJI FPV Combo Skin

Really nice quality
The skin for my DJI FPV turned out really nice and has a great look. I'm a very happy customer and was pleased to have the skins made and shipped out fast.
I would have no problem recommending these to a friend.

Solid State Red DJI FPV Combo Skin
Solid State Red DJI FPV Combo Skin

decals fit great

The quality of support is extremely satisfying. Very fast response - even at the weekend. Simple and comfortable processing of additional requests.

stickers incroyable tien parfaitement
juste vérifier 2 - 3 fois les cote complique et après plus de problème

All I can say is Wow... what a Awesome Company! Updates, prompt delivery and nice sets of skins... 2 DJI FPV’s and a Mini 2 Thank You Steve

Kenai Mountain Drone Company Alaska


This was, unfortunately, a very disappointing experience!!!

The colours are nowhere near as bright as presented on either phone or webpage. When I advised customer service about how disappointed I was following an initial email, I did not receive a response.

A waste of $93 Aud.


iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. We're sorry to hear that the Mamba DJI FPV Combo Skin was not bright enough to your liking. As per our email reply to you; Mamba does look darker compared to the other green ones.

Mamba is a geometric like design with dark pattern overlays. If you want a brighter design, please consider going for something like Venom or one of the solid colored designs without pattern overlays. Mamba is one of the darker ones - even Cybernetik (our current DJI FPV bestseller) looks brighter despite the extensive artwork and shadings all over it.

Our web images are generated from the same files that go into the printers and the colors are correct. However, how these images may appear differently depending on the screen calibration and display settings. For example, on Samsung phones in "Vivid" mode, the colors of images will appear much brighter but this because of the artificial boost of the screen colors. The "natural" mode will display more correct color rendering.

We're sorry that this did not work out. You can send the product back to us for a refund as per our email

Received last night 29 June 21. Delivered in a very timely manner after payment posted. The decals look excellent and of high quality. Looking forward to seeing how they look after they're on the drone.

Love it!

Thin Blue Line Hero DJI FPV Combo Skin

iStyles highly recommended get on it….

Fantastic product exactly as described highly recommended. Postage was quick.

iStyles won’t disappoint.

Beautiful. Loving it

The skins are made of good quality materials and all cut perfectly. had very little trouble applying them.

Color red isn't bright like the picture, it looks dull and faded. Disappointed.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the color was not what you expected. The product images were generated from the same source files that feed the printers and are correct, but they may appear different depending on the color calibration of the screen used to view them.

If you're looking for a vibrant fluorescent-like color, please consider the Fluorescent range - these use a special luminous vinyl that ensures high visibility.

We'll reach out to you shortly to see if you would like to do an exchange.