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Microsoft Skins

4.6/5 rating - 34 Reviews


Looks Great!
Order came as promised and was easy to apply!

Great selection of products, with easy categorization system that makes it simple to find a compatible product for whatever you need. Brilliant delivery and customer service.

Excellent quality and service

The new skin fits my Xbox Elite controller really well. The material is good quality was easy to install. It was delivered in a timely manner and I was impressed with the follow up email. Overall very impressed.

Awesome skin!
It was super easy to put on and it looks awesome, I put the skin on my controller about a month ago and it's still on perfect. No signs of it wearing out any time soon.

They look amazing and durable. They arent just stickers they really look like they will last on my controller after many many many uses.

The skin was a lot easier to apply than I thought and it looks great. Just take your time and don’t be scared to peel the skin off and re-apply it. I got skins for my Xbox and Switch, the only tricky part were the controller skins.

Great product!
Sloth skin worked great, no issues, my son loved it!

Excellent service from start to finish. Perfect sticker set, easy to apply and arrived fast. Great products, thanks guys

Extremely satisfied.
Order was processed and shipped very fast, and is very high quality. Skins went on very easily and look great. I would not hesitate to do future business with IStyles.

Brilliant service. The customer service ninja that contacted me was polite and helpful. The vinyl for the XBOX one I bought was great quality and was very easy to apply. I was impressed with the packaging it was sent in as vinyls I've bought before have been damaged in transit. Thoughtful company and first time I've bought from them. Will definitely buy from iStyles again in the future for any wraps.

Thank you very much. I just hope the boyfriend likes his new Xbox wrapped :)

Best choice I could have made

I was looking for something to but over my boring normal black Xbox one remote controller. This was the best choice for a couple of reasons. One I got the American flag with an eagle on it and it looks awesome on my controller. Two it took about 3 days to arrive at my house which very quick considering it said I would have to wait 2 weeks. Lastly it was very cheap and very easy to put on my remote. I am Very happy with this decision.

I bought two controller skins, a Kinect skin and an Xbox one skin. They don't line up the way they're supposed to... On the controller the link button is covered and parts of the controller aren't covered. The same things for the Xbox and kinect. I paid good money for all of these for Christmas and they don't even fit like they're supposed to. It's really annoying.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the coverage of the Xbox One and Controller Skins. These Skins will fit but they will not completely enclose your Xbox and controllers. The Skin coverage is shown on our product photos (for example at Break-Up Xbox One Skin and Break-Up Xbox One Controller Skin).

More comprehensive coverage is available for some Skin sets depending on the physical layout of the device, but the Skin cannot wrap around the rounded corners of the controller and the air vents of the console cannot be covered for the console to function properly. The Xbox One and Controller Skin sets were designed to give the console and controller a distinctive style and we hope that the recipient was happy with his/her gift.

The top Skin for the controller should have a cutout for the link button, as shown on the template. Was this cutout not included on both of your controller Skins? Can you send digital photos showing this area (without the hole) to [email protected] ?

Great experience. Amazing quality, great price and it came quickly and before Christmas too. Thank you so much!

Awsome service and product

It arrived DAYS before anticipated will definitely be ordering again in the future

Fast delivery, and great quality!

I ordered my skins on Monday and received my order on Thursday! The skins look great, better than the pictures they show on the website. Matte finish stickers are the best quality compared to the gloss but that can be a matter of preference. I will definitely be shopping through again!


No problem with any of the skins, the boys love them!

My sons both loved their x box one skins. However my younger son likes to fish so I purchased the skin with bass on it. He placed it onto controller and the head of the fish was the punch out, now he has a headless fish. Regardless he still liked it.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that your son likes the Skin but sorry to hear about what happened to one of the fishes in the design.

The Xbox Controller Skin requires many "holes" but we try to position the design of Striped Bass Microsoft Xbox One Controller Skin in the best possible way. Most of the fishes in this design kept their heads.

Does the layout of the Skin you received differ from the image shown on the web page? Can you send us an email with a photo of your Skin?

First time user. This review is actually about the website and not the skins.
I have never experienced such a smooth, fast, easy, likeable website before. Just loved the browsing, the selecting, the filtering. Loved the whole process from browsing, over the purchasing to the comfirmation email. Makes you feel good and in safe hands :o)
My biggest compliment to those who made this website and makes sure it works. The rest of the company can get a similar compliment on another time. I'm sure they will be at the same quality as well. :o)
Best regards,
Harry Jensen, Denmark

Excellent service. Great product, fast delivery.

Very pleased. Great quality and fast service.

Bought 2 great looking skins, quality is really good. Had them shipped to the UK and they arrived in no time at all. Would have no problem ordering from these guys again.

100% recommendation!
Skins from iStyles- absolutely PERFECT.
Contact and help from them- FAST as "rocket".
VERY, VERY professional company!!!

WOW What a Beauty

I am very Happy with my Original Microsoft Xbox skin because It look better than the boring Black console that we see Today and makes it come Alive and sexy to look at well.

The item looks good Thank You.

I purchased 3 Xbox Skins. They where well packaged and arrived in a timely manor for been posted to Australia. I haven't had a chance to fit them yet but it will soon. The online instructions look easy.

Thank You

Easy, quick and great customer service!

Lots of fun to look through all the products. Tons to choose from. I made a mistake when ordering and with a simple e-mail they corrected my mistake and just shortly after I received my order as I intended !!

Everything went smoothly, the shipping was quick enough. The ordered product arrived at the designated time. It was a bit hard to put the skin on the controller at first, but after a few tries, I managed to apply it. I am very satisfied.

the skin came in a very sturdy box, for the most part quite easy to place on the system, each individual skin segment aligned up perfectly with the other skin segments, I am extremely happy with this product and would recommend it several time over!!

Amazing product! I removed and adjusted the skin several times to make it just right around the buttons and no signs of wear or creasing at the edges, and still sticks to the controller. Will buy a again for player 2!

I really like the quality of the material of this skin for my original XBOX. It has wonderful color, very durable and not difficult to apply to the console.

The company provided excellent service via fast shipping with the product thoughtfully and carefully packaged.

I would also like to add that the customer service was spot on via fast email responses to my questions.

No complaints here and I am very satisfied.

I wanted to personalise my current xbox controller without having to buy a whole new one, and I struggle to find covers for my phone type which I wanted to customise and this site suited both these needs for an excellent price! Will be using this again to personalise more things! So easy to apply and the matte feel is best! No smudges and doesn't look tacky


I purchased skins for a X Box 360, X Box Connect, Wii, Wii Controllers and Controllers for the X Box. All of these were "Satin Black" so as to cover the original "white plastic" that they were made from. I simply wanted to "hide" them in my audio cabinet. Now I have BLACK AND WHITE system items behind the glass. They did not cover the entire item, thus leaving white to show. A "skin" covers, it does not "patch" in spots. The cutouts for sensors are too large as well. Not worth it!

Absolutley bang on as per usual bought many things from these!


British rocks