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MacBook Air 11" Skins

5.0/5 rating - 3 Reviews

Fits: 11-inch Apple MacBook Air (Model A1370, A1465, not USB-C, sold from Oct 2010 to Oct 2018)

What are MacBook Air 11" Skins?

Style your MacBook Air 11" - iStyles it yours! Skins are premium grade decals that feature stunning, vibrant graphics printed on high quality cast vinyl.

Each MacBook Air 11" Skin covers your 11-inch Apple MacBook Air, provides low profile protection with no bulk and helps protect from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Wrap your 11-inch Apple MacBook Air and make it uniquely yours.

Updated on 1 December 2022


The iStyles skin from DecalGirl is even more beautiful than I imagined. Even my husband, who hardly ever notices or at least hardly ever compliments anything, said my iStyles skin looked pretty cool on my laptop. Believe me, that's high praise. 5 stars.

Perfect shipment, packaging and high quality product. The products were perfect fitted, with high end materials and a good instructions manual. We will repeat buying new designs.

Received the "Aspen" Macbook 11-inch skin today.. First, it arrived quickly, shipped & to me in 3 days. Love the skin & the matte finish - it was exactly what I wanted & was as close to the same colors as could possible be on their website. I had no problems at all putting it on my computer…the directions that are included are simple & super easy to understand. The skin fits perfectly & looks amazing! I will be ordering a second "outer" skin to put on the back (or bottom) of my Mac to protect it also…I know I'll have to make a few modifications to it, but to me, it's well worth the money to get. Also downloaded the matching wallpaper - looks great & took all of about 2 minutes to download. I'll definitely be buying skins from them in the future!

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skin!

We will not however recommend getting another Skin for the bottom of your MacBook. The unibody construction of the MacBook acts as a heat sink and helps to dissipate heat during operation. If the bottom area is covered, the MacBook will not be able to "breath" as well.

We recommend using the Skin for styling and scratch protection and when you need to transport the MacBook, put it in a padded sleeve or bag. The bottom of the MacBook does not require a Skin as it's usually facing a surface (eg, on a table) and it does not come into direct contact with this surface (will not get scratched) because of the rubber feet on the bottom.

Feel free to drop by for Skins (or cases) for your other devices though!