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iPod touch 1st Gen Skins

4.8/5 rating - 8 Reviews
Fits: Apple iPod touch 1st Generation


The products were of great quality. They really help against scratches and are beautiful! And, it was amazing that they sent an instruction page on how to put on these beautiful skins. :) Great shipping and they keep you up to date. Great overall experience and worth it!

Great service and delivery speed. Product was reasonably priced and was accurately portrayed on the internet. Very pleased

I ordered from iStyles and got my order super fast! Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


when you get the skin, you know how the screen is usually black, will the screen be that design?

iStyles: This Skin will come with a wallpaper download code that enables you to download a wallpaper that can be used on your device as the background.

Great skin! It makes my iTouch nice and unique. Moreover, it protects it from scratches. It sticks well to the surface of the iPod, but you can easily remove it and it leaves no sticky traces. It's just awesome!

PS. It's better to use someones helf with attaching the skin to the iPod, especially the front one.

Absolutely Stunning! Definately worth the wait and price shipping it to the UK as you don't get anything like it where I am. The Wallpaper supplied just finishes it off perfectly. Good job iStyles, i'll definately consider buying more from this site!

This is an extremely high quality skin! The graphics look great and the skin is very thick.

It was easy to remove and reposition...and I had to do it a few times to get it lined up.

I purchased this for the iPod touch and the only things I didn't like were that the front skin was very thin on the sides, which is understandable since it is meant to go around the screen...but it was pretty hard to get it placed properly. It would have been nice if the skin could have had a clear screen cover built-in...and that it does not cover the sides of the iPod. I assume this is just because it is rounded and wouldn't be easy to smoothly cover.

I wish these fit my cell phone, I'd buy one in a minute!