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iPod touch 6th Gen Skins

4.8/5 rating - 3 Reviews
Fits: Apple iPod touch 6th Generation (2015-2019)


I love my iStyle! Thank you for the wide selection that allows me to personalize my electronics! I originally ordered iStyles for my iPod back in 2007, and after almost 15 years of use, I can honestly say the skin is very durable and still looks vibrant. Now with the purchase of a new iPod, a new skin was needed! Delivery was fast and skin was protected in a heavy duty envelope to avoid creases. Ordered in gloss finish (older skin was matte), easy to install and looks great! I look forward to many years with my personalized iPod, thanks you iStlyes!

Superb quality and speed of delivery

Order arrived quickly and several days before the estimated date, despite being an international order. The quality of the skin decals for the iPod Touch 6th Gen are superb. I've been a pleased customer of iStyles for several years, and shall continue to be in years to come.

The quality of the skin is absolutely amazing. However, when I applied it to my iPod little bubbles formed over the hours. They're in various places of the skin, so unpeeling the skin and reapplying it would not help. However this is probably my fault as I got excited when applying it. Next time I'll go slower and try to smooth it out as I apply it.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skin quality.

A Skin can be applied with no bubbles forming by pressing down from the centre out after positioning the Skin. There is no need to unpeel the Skin to remove these bubbles after application - the Skins come with a special weaved adhesive that allows for air to flow through, so you can literally press these bubbles out with your finger. Just use your finger and gently push the bubbles towards the edges.