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Amazon Skins

3.9/5 rating - 8 Reviews


Delivered (to the UK) much much faster than anticipated, great product, great service.

The only reason I gave four stars is because it takes a few days to arrive. But it was perfect. Couldn't find the one I wanted anywhere else either.

Great looking product, good quality graphics/vinyl and it got here a lot sooner than expected.

I am still waiting to get my order it's been almost a month and I am still waiting for it to be delivered don't think I am ordering from them again

iStyles responded:

Your order was received on 9 March 2020, the package was shipped on 10 March 2020 and delivered in the "Parcel Locker" on 14 March 2020 according to the USPS package tracking. Please reply to our emails so that we can help you!

I love it! U first thought that it was supposedly solid plastic slot in type, only to find out that it was actually wrap around sticker... However, I just love it nonetheless. I love the matte finish it has. During application, the slight stretchability of the material gives it a perfect fit for my Echo.

Another beautiful skin for my Echo Dot! I went with a high gloss this time and it was very easy to apply and stick on once you flatten out any bubbles. Thank you!

Ordered Two - Very Happy

Ordered two skins for my white Amazon Echo and remote. Christmas Wonderland is much like my Spode Christmas Tree china. Perfect for the holiday season. When the holidays are over I will switch to Wild Lily. I expect to love it, too. Skins are very good quality and reasonably easy to position on the devices--just takes a little patience.

Ordering was easy got it in a acceptable amount of time but had an UNAUTHORIZED charge of .34 on my card for "International Transaction Fee" when was shipped in the US. Won't order again.

iStyles responded:

We're glad to hear that you liked the ordering process but sorry to hear about the extra charge on your card. This is a charge levied by your bank for payment to an international merchant (it did not go to us).

You've selected the "Credit Card" payment option and this is not compatible with your Visa debit card. The next "PayPal, Other Credit or Debit Card" payment option will work better with your debit card and not result in any bank levied fees.

We make our products and ship directly from a US production facility but our company is registered in Singapore. Some debit cards such as yours unfortunately levy a fee when used to pay to an international merchant but if select "PayPal", you will avoid such fees.

We've processed a goodwill refund of $0.34 on your payment to cover this fee for you. I hope this helps.