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Apple Skins

4.4/5 rating - 12 Reviews


Product arrived damaged

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what the postal service did to your package. I understand that it is disappointing that the product arrived bent, and we do package them properly in a cardboard envelope with a prominent "do not bend" sticker on the front, but mail handlers can be rough.

Sometimes, nothing short of a metal plate will stand in between a "determined" postman and the completion of his delivery - some would rather stuff the package into the mailbox no matter how thick it may be, despite the labels not to bend the package, rather than to leave the package outside and risk it getting stolen.

The Skin backing may be bent but the Skin is usually undamaged as the material is different from the paper backing. The backing card is bent and has ceases as it is just paper but the Skin is made from high quality cast vinyl that is flexible and does not get damaged by simple folds or ceases.

Try peeling off and applying the Skin - as soon as it's peeled off, you'll notice that there're no ceases on the Skin itself and even if there's a slight cease, this can be easily smoothed out during Skin application and will not be visible whatsoever after. The applied Skin result will be perfectly identical to one that came from a perfectly flat backing card. The crumbled backing card can be discarded after.

The Skin can become damaged if it's cut or if it is crushed completely (into a ball, for example) but slight ceases will not damage the cast vinyl. Please give the Skin application a go.

No grip and my iPad Pro keeps on sliding had to removed the bottom part. I hate it when i need to double press the physical button as my unit keep on sliding moving on the table. On a high side price compare to other well-known brands. Will not recommend this item.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the iPad Pro 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard Folio Skin. Skins were not designed to improve grip but they do protect the Folio case surface. The Folio case surface attract smudges easily and looks terrible fairly quickly with daily use. The Skin adds a protective layer over the folio and prevents such smudges.

The matte finish that you've selected has a little more grip compared to the gloss finish but it will still be less "grippy" compared to the rubber-like surface of the Smart Keyboard Folio.

If you want enhanced grip at the bottom of this keyboard, we will suggest pasting four small circular felt or rubber pads (those that were designed for the feet of chairs) near the four corners on this bottom Skin. These little pads will simulate the rubber feet under a laptop, like those on a MacBook, and will greatly enhance the stability of the entire structure when used on a slippery table top.

Quality was way beyond my expectations. Will be getting more in the future no doubt.

Awesome product, reliable service!

I got the Black marble matte iPad Pro skin, and it arrived approximately 10-15 days earlier than initially estimated; there’s a reason that this is amazing - I had it delivered to Manila, Philippines :)

I’ll happily share iStyles in case anybody asks about it, and I highly recommend to anybody who finds the default grey finish of the smart folio keyboard boring and bland.

Received a marble decal for my iPad Pro 11” and it was the easiest install and looks fantastic on my device. Great value for the money and extremely swift delivery.

Thank you.

The order came on time and was well packaged.

Buying more awesome skins in the future
I got my package after the 6th day. “estimated 3 to 5 business days, depending on how quickly USPS routes the package” 1 star off but they aren’t the one to blame, the skin fit nice and I highly recommend this website

What a great product. The Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro is a fingerprint and dirt magnet and constantly needs to be wiped off, and this decal cover solves that problem. I was impressed by how easy it is to get bubbles and wrinkles out during application, and I can tell that the decals are going to stay put until I'm ready to take them off.

This cover made it so that my folio still looks and feels nice with no added thickness, no matter where I set it down or how I hold it. Will order again when I want to switch colors!

just received my skins

AWESOME stuff!

very happy I am

Fun products. Great designs. Easy to put on

Simple order process, quick delivery, product made my cracked Magic TrackPad safe to use again.

I received my order and was absolutely thrilled. Some items were gifts for my sister and now we are ready to order again. We love it. Great Value for money and prompt delivery to Australia. Truly Fantastic and great quality and looks better than on the net. Rose