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iPad Pro 12.9" Smart Keyboard Folio Skins

1.0/5 rating - 1 Review
Fits: Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 4th Gen 12.9-inch

Skins are premium quality decals that feature stunning, high-resolution graphics printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl.

Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 4th Gen 12.9-inch from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Make your Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro 4th Gen 12.9-inch uniquely yours.

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No grip and my iPad Pro keeps on sliding had to removed the bottom part. I hate it when i need to double press the physical button as my unit keep on sliding moving on the table. On a high side price compare to other well-known brands. Will not recommend this item.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the iPad Pro 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard Folio Skin. Skins were not designed to improve grip but they do protect the Folio case surface. The Folio case surface attract smudges easily and looks terrible fairly quickly with daily use. The Skin adds a protective layer over the folio and prevents such smudges.

The matte finish that you've selected has a little more grip compared to the gloss finish but it will still be less "grippy" compared to the rubber-like surface of the Smart Keyboard Folio.

If you want enhanced grip at the bottom of this keyboard, we will suggest pasting four small circular felt or rubber pads (those that were designed for the feet of chairs) near the four corners on this bottom Skin. These little pads will simulate the rubber feet under a laptop, like those on a MacBook, and will greatly enhance the stability of the entire structure when used on a slippery table top.