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Yeti Skins

2.3/5 rating - 3 Reviews


I absolutely Love the skins for my yeti 64 oz. rambler and my 20 oz. The colors are very vibrant and the material is very nice. Shipping was also very fast and they were packaged well. Will definitely order again! Thank You!

Says its delivered but I dont have it

iStyles responded:

Your order for a Solid State Black Yeti Rambler Jug One Gallon Skin on 21 June was delivered on 27 June "In/At Mailbox" according to USPS.

We've sent you an email to verify your delivery address and assist you further.

Just in case there was some confusion - please note that the product that you purchased is a Skin that styles your existing bottle. The Yeti bottle is not included. The "package" is thus in the form of a flat cardboard envelope that was delivered into your mailbox. This will not be a "box", in case you expected the product to come in one.

Update: As per our email conversation, the Skin that you purchased is not a Yeti Rambler and this explains why you thought the package was not delivered because you were expecting a bottle. We will assist you further with your order via email.