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BlackBerry Passport Skins

2.0/5 rating - 1 Review
Fits: BlackBerry Passport (AT&T model)


So I've finally received my Matte solid state olive drab blackberry passport skin and I do love the texture and feel of it. Very simple to apply. However I received my skin with 2 very noticeable nicks on the back of my skin. Not happy with that all all!!! Second, I feel that this skin is only for the blackberry passport for at&t model which has rounded edges. It barely fits my passport which is not a at&t model. I also believe that the Sim card and memory card slot compartment was not in thought process while this skin was in the making. The back skin for said phone is one piece when it should 2 seperate pieces, unless the customer is supposed to cut the skin in order to fit perfectly but I highly doubt that as that would totally destroy the skin. I would love to order from this site again but now I'm not so sure.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about the compatibility issue you had with the Skin. The Solid State Olive Drab BlackBerry Passport Skin that you purchased was indeed for the AT&T model only - this model has rounded corners as shown on the product photo. This Skin will not fit the "square" BlackBerry Passport.

Your package arrived rather quickly. The package was shipped on 21 April and delivered on 24 April, which is probably a new record for a USPS First-class mail as our quoted estimated delivery time for this delivery option is 1 to 3 weeks.

The "nicks" on the Skin are absolutely not normal. Was the exterior package damaged when you received it?

Either way, given the damage on the Skin and the incompatibility with your phone, we've processed a full refund for your order. We hope that this is a satisfactory resolution.

We're glad that you liked the Skin otherwise even though it did not fit. Unfortunately, Skins for non-AT&T BlackBerry Passports are not available but we have Skins for many other devices and there's probably something else that you might want to Skin.