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Essential Products Skins

4.5/5 rating - 2 Reviews


easy install, felt really high quality, makes my life more fun.

The skin does not fit perfectly. There are gaps in the coverage.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback.

Most phone Skin sets for the back of phones are a single piece that only covers the flat surface on the back of the phone and does not extend to the side. The Essential phone Skin set however has extended coverage that wraps to the sides and all around the corners because it was possible to do so given the flat nature of the sides. However, though the sides are covered, there has to be a little "give" at the corners to allow for easier application and to ensure that the Skin stays down.

You'll probably be able to cover the corners more completely with a conformed vinyl as this material can be wrapped around 3D corners when a heat source is applied and it sticks strongly. Conformed vinyl is a good material for specific applications where you require strong adhesion, such as when wrapping cars, but the danger of such aggressive adhesive when used on electronic Skins is that you can potentially damage the surface when the vinyl is peeled off because it sticks so strongly.

Our non-conformed vinyl has a more balanced adhesive that allows for easy application (where you can reposition multiple times during the application process), will stick well (usually outlasting the lifespan of the device) and more importantly, will not damage the device surface when the Skin is removed. You do not need a heat gun or hair dryer for the Skin application either but the disadvantage is that this material only bends around a single axle in 3D and there is only that much that can be done to cover corners.

The Essential Skin set corners should look like what you see on the product page of the product you purchased. The slight gaps in the corners are shown on the main product photo. Additional photos on the page at Photo 1 and Photo 2 shows how the corners look like after proper Skin application. It's not an absolutely perfect coverage at the corners but this is as complete as it gets without using an adhesive that can potentially damage the device.