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HTC One X Skins

2.5/5 rating - 2 Reviews
Fits: HTC One X (does not fit HTC One X+)


Skin hard to apply and messed up my screen protector. After contacting the representative. They told me refund can only be given if the product is un-open. How am I going to know if the skin will work, without trying it on. Do not suggest buy. The skin does not cover the whole phone and it does not look as good in the picture. Very easy to be stretched out of shape.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you had problems with the application but a refund is only possible if you return the product unused.

The Skins are sturdy and can last for years, but a degree of care must be taken during the application process because it can stretch if it's pulled hard, especially so at the thiner stripes such as those around the screen frame. Skins have a special weaved adhesive that allows for easy repositioning (can be realigned multiple times during application) and subsequently goo free removal. A steady hand will still be necessary if you want the Skin aligned perfectly. The result will be well worth the effort. We're guessing that your problems were linked to the screen protector; the Skin is adhesive in nature - if you stick it on the screen protector and peel off, it will naturally pull the protector with it. The trick in such cases will be to align properly one half of the front (maybe the bottom half), press down when you're absolutely certain (and do not peel it off anymore), and pull up, align the top half and press down. The sides will naturally fall into place as the Skin was cut to fit perfectly.

The Skin covers the front and back of the device as per the description on the product page. Skins are not meant to be comprehensive protectors that cover every surface - they were designed to cover the surfaces that matter, to style devices in ways that cases cannot achieve, and it does so without adding any bulk to the device. Skins will also work with any 3rd party case if you require more comprehensive coverage.

We're sorry that you had a bad experience but in all fairness, we cannot process a refund simply because you are not happy as you've used and damaged the product.

The ordering was simple and easy (once you manage to choose from the thousands of different styles). The fitting of the ordered products was perfect for the the two MacBook Airs, but not perfect for my HTC One X.

I can recommend spraying a fine mist of water on large surfaces before applying the skins. That way it is easy to adjust it right after the application. When it is perfect, just use a soft cloth to work out all the air pockets and water, starting from the center and working towards the edges. After everything is smooth, leave the product alone for some hours before using it. Works like a charm!