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Nokia Skins

4.8/5 rating - 6 Reviews


My order arrived quickly. I was exactly as I expected & every piece of my phone that needed to be uncovered had a pre cut notch & the skin was completely ready to apply. The colors are beautiful & vibrant. And with a little patience was very easy to apply - take your time & go slow. It has stayed on my phone in great condition - in & out of my pocket & purse. I would recommend these skins!

Amazing,perfect, very happy again. This is my second time buying from you. i was pleased the first time and super amazed this time. i did think it took much longer in postage this time, but once i opened the package you did not disappoint. And i forgot all about how long it took to arrive. They last a long time. very good quality. So i dont know why buy more then one. i will probable need a new phone, before i need to change the sticker. But please dont change a thing. super happy customer. I will buy from you again.

Love the skin, have already recommended this to others. I could have whatever I wanted for my Nokia Lumia 920. I am really pleased with the skin and the matching lock screen image I received. Everyone I show it to is really impressed.

I bought this skin for my girl friend and she loves it. I wish the skin goes all the way around the phone as Lumia 800 has a nice curve that goes all the way around. The gum is very strong, so strong I'm not sure if it could be removed without distorting to be used again.

essa carca├ža leva mais ou menos quantos dias pra chegar ao brasil....

thank you!!!!