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4.7/5 rating - 3 Reviews


I ordered a matte finish but received a gloss finish skin. Other than that the service was great.

Update 4 Jan 2014: iStyles goes above and beyond to please customers. I had received a gloss skin by mistake and I mentioned it in my original review. It wasn't a big deal. But iStyles sent me a new matte skin free of charge. I will use them again.

My product was exactly as I needed although, I do wish you would carry hard shell cases for my phone. It seems as though my only choice was an ugly leather case through other providers or the skin through istyles. Of course I went with istyles skin because it was the most feminine choice available. The only down-side is you don't offer shell cases which would protect my phone if it were too fall. I do love my product though, very feminine and easy to apply.

I have to admit that I had my doubts about how well the skin would stick to my G'zOne Ravine 2 and if it did stick what it would look like. I am very pleased. It sticks well and looks great.