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Samsung Intensity III Skins

5.0/5 rating - 1 Review
Fits: Samsung Intensity III SCH-U485


GORGEOUS SKIN! I got the butterfly wall for my Samsung Intensity III phone. The front fit, literally, like a glove! I gotta say that was the toughest part to apply cause it takes patience and of course I wanted to see it with the free wallpaper NOW! It matches up perfectly with the wallpaper and everything. The back is much easier to put on, and my only criticism is that it is not as precisely cut for the back. But I guess that's a good thing considering I was impatient with the front lol. FAST SHIPPING!!!! I got matte, which is just wow-ing. High gloss would look nice for a woman who is more into high fashion shiny things. I think 'arty' describe the matte well, seeing as how I'm an artist of sorts. Great quality! So happy--my phone looks just AMAZING!!!