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Barnes & Noble Skins

4.6/5 rating - 11 Reviews


Fast delivery. Looks good quality. Yet to apply.

The material feels great and was easily applied. I think the design is lovey and I had no issues with air bubbles or anything else applying it. It was quick and well priced.

The issue I have is that the skin does not cover the entirety of the device. The impetus for purchasing the skin was primarily to cover the feel of the decaying rubber that becomes tacky over time.

It was only after I applied it that I returned to the product image and noticed the nearly half inch gap around the edge of the back that has gone uncovered. Now I must choose between the tedium of finding another material to cover the gap or not using the product.

So make sure you check the details of the image since dimensions aren't listed anywhere on the product page.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're happy to hear that you like the design and had a good experience shopping at iStyles.

The back Skin piece of this Elegy Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Skin set does not indeed cover all the way to the edge at the back of the e-reader as shown on the product images.

The back of this e-reader is not flat as it tapers near the edges; if the Skin was extended further, it will bend well near the edge as the Skin can wrap around a single axis, but as the material cannot wrap around 2 axis at the same time, excess material will bulk up at the corners where the surface is rounded. It's like trying to wrap a ball with paper. This back Skin was thus designed to cover the flat surface on the back of the e-reader without going too near the edges so as to avoid any issues.

The back Skin is to be applied such that it's centred on the back of the e-reader, leaving an equal "gap" all around from all four edges.

Unlike cases that are bulky and heavy, Skins are perfect for e-readers such as these because they protect the surfaces covered from scratches and do not weigh down the device. If you need comprehensive protection while the device is in use, a case is the only option as that wraps all around the device, but such cases may negatively affect your reading experience. If you get a transparent or translucent case, the design of the Skin will be visible through it.

Alternatively, we'll recommend keeping the Skin as it is for styling and scratch protection, and when you need to transport the e-reader, place it in a padded bag or sleeve. A matching tablet sleeve is available with this Elegy design.

We've sent you an email regarding your experience. Please let us know via an email reply should you have any further queries or if you need assistance.

The skin fit my e-reader perfectly! Beautiful!

The Nook Glowlight skins were cut a little larger than the actual device.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the 4 stars. We're sorry to hear however that you had problems with the fit of the Nook Glowlight Skin.

Was this the front Skin or was both front and back too large? Can you send us digital photos at [email protected] to show the fit?

frog-tastic. I loved the skin I ordered for my mom. We looked everyone for something with frogs and this said her.

Great Cosmetics. The company claims "protection for your device," Im not seeing that. As far as cosmetic appeal. Its a major kudos for them!!! Little pricy at $15.00 + 5.00 shipping. But if you want a fancy device its worth it. Real Fast trackable shipping!

My product was amazing. It was easy to put on my Nook, and downloading my wallpaper wass quick and easy. I have recommended this cite to several friends who also have Nooks.

Great experience, from great selection to the quick delivery. Will recommend and return. Thanks.

iStyles is the GREATEST!!!! You answer my emails quickly and send my Skins immediately. It is such a joy to do business with such an "On the Ball" Company. You have never disappointed me with your products---they look fantastic and stand up to constant useage and continue to look brand new.

I'm currently looking forward to receiving a Nook Simple Touch Skin and then in a day or two I will be ordering a Skin for my Microsoft Zune HD 64 mp3.

I cannot say enough good things about your Company. However, it would be nice to receive some sort of discount since I have bought 6 Skins already.


Ruth Oppermann

iStyles responded:

Thank you for your continued support! Returning customers get 10% off future purchases using the coupon IAMBACK. We are also working on a loyalty program that we hope to roll out in the near future.

I love my iStyles...Nook, iPhone and Mac computer! It's fun, personal and unique! Thank you for the many many designs you offer as well!

I love iStyles! I've shared this site with many friends whom are impressed with the great selection of styles. Good variety, easy transaction, and fast shipping!