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4.7/5 rating - 19 Reviews


Very good an quick delivery, excellent information and outstanding service! Thankz 👍

The skin is beautiful. Ordering from Canada was made easy, and it arrived on time.

Ordered two stickers for my kids' LeapFrog EPICs. They arrived within a decent timeframe, they're exactly as pictured/described and had no hassles applying them. The kids think they're awesome! I have nothing negative to say about the product or the shopping process.

Great company to deal with. Product arrived safely and correspondence with the company was amazing and fast. I would certainly recommend them and would definitely do business with them in the near future.

Always good quality

For many years and for many different devices we order our skins at istyles and the quality is always good! We received the package within a week (From USA to Holland), which was very fast!

The iPhone 6s and ipad air skins were perfect, only the kobo glo HD skin was a bit too large.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skins and that your package got to you quickly.

We're sorry to hear about the sizing issue with the Kobo Glo Skin. The Skin that you purchased was for the older "Kobo Glo" and will not fit the "Kobo Glo HD". Skins are not available for the Kobo Glo HD - we will send you an email should these Skins become available in the future.

We will contact you privately regarding the return of the Kobo Glo Skin.

Fantastic! I got two skins for my boys leapfrogs and they love them!!!!

Great Stuff! This was a great cover for my ebook reader. It fits perfect and the touch is very smooth.

I ordered the aurora skin for my kobo glo in the matte finish, and it looks awesome. It did not take long for my order to arrive in Canada , I was shocked to find it in my mailbox so soon.
The matte is great so as not to be too distracting while reading.
Definitely worth the money!

While iStyles have a good customer support service and great delivery speed, I'm obliged to give only 2-stars for the following reasons:

1. The two Skins I had ordered for my Sony Reader and 3DS XL, while very pretty, were not as good as shown on the website. Their colors are much darker, with a lower image quality/resolution.

2. They are also very, very difficult to apply and they can be scrapped very easily. I scrapped mine, so I asked for a replacement and I got them again.

3. Those Skins leave a strong, old plastic-like odor on the device they are put on as soon as you remove them. I had to leave my Sony device at ’free air’ for one full day to remove the odor. Not very pleasant.

4. If you are carrying your device in a hard case for protection, like the book-style case for the Sony Reader, the skins will peel and get scrapped will the constant removal/put back the device in.

In the end, I did not keep my replacement Skins. The one for my Sony Reader was peel off my device in less than a day (explained in #4), and the other, for my 3DS XL, were too difficult to put on without scrapping it again. That’s why I’m leaving only 2-stars for iStyles and furthermore I do not recommend it. Beside, you cannot get refunded, so I lost some $$$ in all of this.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. We're glad that you liked the service but sorry to hear that it did not work out for you in the end despite the free replacement of Skins that were damaged during the Skin application process.

The Skins have a special weaved adhesive that allow for easy repositioning and bubble free application. However, the actual application mileage varies from person to person and it can indeed take a little more effort for some devices depending on the layout. The final result will be well worth the effort. It is important that the device is well cleaned prior to application. If applied properly and subject to normal wear and tear, a Skin will last for years.

It is indeed possible that the Skins had a "freshly baked" smell as the products were made on demand, they were packed and shipped immediately after production, and you received yours just a week after they were made. We've not had complaints of "odor" from other customers but this "smell" will go away rather quickly as you've experienced.

We are just as disappointed as you are that it did not work out. Thank you for stopping by anyway.

This e-reader skin is even better than I had imagined, in every way. It was a little tricky to apply, but well worth the effort. It perfectly fits every curve and button of the reader, and looks just stunning once it's on! It arrived sooner than I expected as well. My first purchase with iStyles was a stellar 5-star experience, all around.

I ordered a skin for my Kobo, and one for my phone. Packaged very well, not bent or folded, shipped quickly to Canada. Very easy to apply. Great colours and finishes. Fits perfectly on my devices. I love the custom look I get for my devices, especially my Kobo! I would probably order again if I need a change in design, or as a gift for someone else.

istyles has wonderful selection and the shipping was very fast and the product was well protected in shipping.

I love itsyles. Every piece of portable electronic equipment I own is covered in their products.

i`m very satisfied with the printed sticher set for ebook reader sony. thanks

Wonderful service arrived on time

Fantastic products, loads of choice, took ages for me to decide but am very happy with quality of the product (Kobo e-reader skin) will be recommending to everyone! many thanks

I love the skins. They are beautiful, easy to apply, and stay put even with use rough enough to peel an ordinary skin loose. The wallpaper to match is an added bonus, too. I have one on my phone, tablet and laptop.

Thanks iStyles.

Shipping took less than a week. Skin is reusable so you can pull it off if you need to while putting it on the first time and it won't mess up. You can make it perfect. Skin is working great so far.

Hi guys

Just got my skin.

it nice

but it have few cons

1. it too rubbery. When you try to detach it it can get stretched. I recommend you to use more steady materials

2. Color patter is ok, but can be bit less pink

3. it can be more open. especially on metal insertion but all in all it good mate skin thanks

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. We're sorry to hear about what happened to your Skin. The Skins are made from high quality cast vinyl and are generally rather sturdy, but they can get stretched (especially so at the thinner stripes) if they are pulled with excessive force. Standard calendared vinyl (cheaper) will be a little more sturdy but standard vinyl is much thicker (not aesthetically pleasing, will cause slight bulk), does not conform well to curved surfaces, shrinks over time, is more prone to displacement at the edges and is less resistant to heat. More information is available here.

The cast vinyl used for our Skins results in a much better product and the laminate that protects the artwork strengthens the overall material but care must still be taken during the application process. We will be sending you a replacement for you to give it another try. We hope that the new set works better for you!

An email notification will be sent when the new package goes out.