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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Skins

3.3/5 rating - 3 Reviews
Fits: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Tablet

Skins are premium quality decals that feature stunning, high-resolution graphics printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl.

Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Tablet from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Make your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Tablet uniquely yours.

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My decal came in the mail and my first impression was that it was a REALLY nice looking decal. I was so happy with the way it looked and the fact that I got a matching wallpaper with it. It was easy to get on, but I had to cut a little of the sides to get it to fit and I didn't use the front decal. Overall I'm very pleased with it and I've even gotten compliments on the design!

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skin!

You mentioned "Purple rain skin for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3" in your review submission but your order was for a "Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Skin" and this may be the reason why the Skin required a modification to fit. Skins for the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 are not available yet but we're glad that you managed to make the Skin to fit!

Great options, but a little difficualt to put on. I am not sure I will stick with it.

Even mor unhappy now that I have begun the return process. Found the person handeling my retun questions rude and unhelpful. Furthermore, their reply to my post does not adddress any of my inital comments other than to say I was wrong. I did find it hard to put on and am vastly unimpressed. Which is too bad becasue a friend and verizonn sales rep recommended this company. I will be sure to tell her not to refer any more business to them.

iStyles responded:

The Skins are easy apply as there is technology within to allow for easy application (thanks to the special weaved adhesive): bubbles can be simply smoothed out with a finger, the Skin can be repositioned multiple times during the application process and it can be removed without leaving any goo when you are finally done with it.

A steady hand will still be necessary if you want to align the Skin perfectly with your device but you can reposition the Skin multiple times (carefully) until you get there. More Skin application tips are available at

We take pride in our customer service, are concerned about what you described as 'rude and unhelpful' and studied the correspondence you had with our rep to find out what went wrong.

You said that the Skin was too large for your "Galaxy Tab" and he helped to determine the model you have. He explained that there are different Galaxy Tabs in the market, the 'Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 Skin' you ordered will not fit your Galaxy Tab 7.0" SCH-1800 and we do not have Skins for your Galaxy Tab model. We are sorry if you found this to be rude but the fact is that you did order the wrong Skin and the way it was put across was as gently as it could be.

You wanted to "exchange" your Skin for one with the "proper size" and this is not something that can be done as we do not have Skins for your specific Galaxy Tab SCH-1800. We wish we could be more helpful but the only course of action will be to return the product for a refund - the RMA and return instructions were sent to you via email.

We are very sorry that this episode resulted in your dissatisfaction with us. We do our very best to keep our customers happy and are as disappointed as you are that things turned out this way. As a token of goodwill, we have processed a full refund for your order. We hope that this satisfies your concern.

Lots of nice designs to choose from. Not having worldwide shipping however is pathetic. How can one pay $78 postage for a $19 skin.

Thank you to customer service for the explanation. I looked into it and it appears to be true that things tend to disappear around here. I have increased my rating due to this being an issue outside their control

iStyles responded:

We're sorry you feel this way but what happened was the combination of your destination in South Africa and the large Skin package (Galaxy Tab Skin).

We can ship worldwide to practically any country for as little as $3 but the larger Skins become a problem in the South African postal service for some reason (they tend to 'disappear') and that is why we can only ship those via UPS. The UPS cost to your specific city in South Africa is indeed absolutely crazy (they charge, not us) but we will not be able to ship via standard mail to South Africa destinations until we can be confident that they will arrive - there are no problems with the shipment of these large packages to other countries via standard mail.

We hope that you will consider the smaller mobile phone Skins because we can ship those to your destination in South Africa cheaply.

One last option that you might want to consider exploring is to look for a forwarding agent in the USA that can forward such packages to you in South Africa cheaply (and securely). We can ship to any US destination for as little as $2 and if you can find such a forwarder, you may be able to get your Galaxy Tab Skin after all.

Edit: Thank you for your understanding and revised rating.