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 design of Rose, Garden roses, Blue, Flower, Rose family, Watercolor paint, Plant, Pattern, Rosa × centifolia, Blue rose, with blue, green colors

Bloom Beautiful Rose Laptop Sleeve

4.8/5 rating - 27 reviews

Fits: laptop, MacBook, Chromebook or large tablets - change device

Select Sleeve size:
Inner dimensions: 10.25"(width) x 7.75"(depth) x 0.75"(height) - Fits iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 9.7-inch, iPad Air, Surface Go or tablets of similar size
Maximum size allowed is 16 (width) x 13 (depth) inches.
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Bloom Beautiful Rose Laptop Sleeve

List Price: 34.99
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  • Padded, protective neoprene Sleeve with soft inner liner
  • Slim, durable and shock absorbing
  • Infused with Chroma Plus™ ultra vibrant inks
  • Made in USA

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Laptop Sleeves are slim, durable and shock absorbing. They are infused with stunning, high-resolution graphics and made from padded, protective neoprene with a soft inner liner.

Pair this Sleeve with a Skin for the best of both worlds; use a Skin for styling and scratch protection, and when you need to transport the device, put it in a matching Sleeve.

iStyles design of Rose, Garden roses, Blue, Flower, Rose family, Watercolor paint, Plant, Pattern, Rosa × centifolia, Blue rose, with blue, green colors, and tagged with patterns, flowers.

Laptop Sleeves not included. Colors shown may differ from actual color depending on screen calibration.

Country of Origin: USA
Date Available: 22 November 2016

Why not a case?

Cases are available for other electronics but it is important never to enclose a Laptop Sleeves in a case.

Computing devices can become hot and they need to dissipate heat during operation. If the Laptop Sleeves is enclosed in a case, the device will not be able to "breath" as well, resulting in higher operating temperatures that can cause reduced performance and shorten electronics lifespan.

We recommend using a Skin for styling and scratch protection - when you need to transport the Laptop Sleeves, put it in a padded sleeve or bag.


The service received was fast! I loved it! Keep up the good job guys!

Everything is fine

Michael went the extra mile to ensure I had the correct items for the iPad and surface and combined both orders into i with a bonus of a small refund! That’s customer service at its best!!

My skins are awesome; the design is sick and the high gloss is *chef’s kiss*. I also got a sleeve which is also good but smelled a little weird at first.

Very good product and quick delivery

The delivery was very quick and the product looks very nice. I still do not have my laptop but I’m sure it will fit perfectly.

I purchased both a decal and a neoprene sleeve for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 13.5" and have minimal issues with both. The decal for the lid and the wrist rest both fit really well, I'm super happy about it, I love the quality. The bottom decal was the same size as the lid decal, but the edges of the laptop are tapered in, meaning there's no way it fits. I had to cut around the holes for the feet to apply it, and the decal hangs off on both the right and left sides, just enough to be annoying. I got the composition notebook decal, and my personal feedback would be to remove the white box with "composition" from the bottom decal to look more like an actual composition notebook. The neoprene case looks really nice, but is made for a laptop that's taller with the lid closed than this one. The case is not snug, there's a lot of extra space, which wasn't really what I was looking for, but it turns out there's no real options for a customizable neoprene sleeve that fits snug for this laptop that I can find right now online, so this will do.

More beautiful than expected

The only seller who had Vincent van Gogh's Almond blossom print with a cut out for the apple logo.

The whole process of placing the order to receiving the product went to schedule. It was more beautiful than expected and easy to fix although it was useful to watch a tutorial on you tube. I also bought a matching case to use when I travel. Overall, extremely happy and I am not easily pleased!

Excellent service, quality products

My order arrived quickly and was very neatly packaged. The items inside were exactly as pictured, and the instructions included made for quick application. In 5 minutes, my computer was nicely wrapped and fit perfectly. I'll be recommending this company in the future!

Michael was prompt and kind. He was even concerned about my safety. I really appreciate his great customer service, which really stands out !!! Thank you for everything!!!!

Good, I'm satisfied isn't even close to a strong enough sentiment! I didn't even know I needed customer support. They figured it out on their own and reached out to me. Who does that? They are the most honorable company I've ever dealt with!

Great service
Ordered a laptop case using wrong address. Contacted customer service for help and it was immediately fixed. Just received package, very pleased with service and results!

Best Customer Service Ever! Beautiful Products!

I ordered a few skins & sleeves and it somehow got lost for a while in the post & this company was with me the whole time to ensure i was a happy customer! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED BY FAR!!!!!!! They arrived quickly the second time around (but the first problem was with the post office Not this company) and they are amazing! Just like pictured on their website and so easy to apply!! I messed up the first time I tried to apply my laptop skin & I just pulled it off, repositioned it & boom! Perfect!!! I will Definitely be ordering again & recommending them to my friends!!!! Thanks so much Michael, the customer service ninja, for making this experience the best online purchase I've ever had thus far. If only all companies were so thorough in their customer service!

Love the skins and sleeves. All my friends are asking where do I get them. Will be purchasing another skin for my laptop at a later date


Great experience with iStyles. Prompt delivery and item arrived in great shape. Instructions for application were easy and accurate. Application was a breeze. Will definitely purchase from here again.

I found the site is a great one they have a very large variety. The customer service dept were so helpful i would definitely use this again.

Staff was very helpful; high quality product and items arrived on time for Christmas.

High Quality Product!
I have had skins from other manufacturers and this one far surpasses their competitors! It was easy to apply, with no air bubbles. The material itself is a nice, vinyl feel. The material did not tear or stretch, and it has a nice smooth feel to it once installed. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for an excellent quality laptop skin.

Very Happy with my new skin for my Dell XPS15. The only detail that was overlooked was the cutout for the fingerprint reader. I had to use masking tape and a razor blade to cut it out. Even being careful and delicate I still managed to put a tiny scratch on on finger print reader. Fortunately the scratch is not very obvious and doesn’t impact functionality but my cutout doesn’t look like a precision cutout. Otherwise it goes on easily and looks great.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. The Coffee Break Dell XPS 15 9560 Skin does not indeed come with the fingerprint scanner cutout as this Skin set is for the model "without the fingerprint scanner".

Skins can however indeed be modified easily with a penknife. We'll however suggest measuring out precisely where to cut before making the cut on the Skin when the Skin is still on the backing card (before applying the Skin) but we're glad to hear that you managed to do it after the Skin application with your laptop relatively unharmed.

We're happy to hear that you like the Skin!

The items I ordered arrived at a reasonable time, and the skins look amazing on my products. I'm very happy with my purchases; other people that see the skins on my products keep asking where I got that edition of Nintendo Switch. I then tell them it's not part of the system (looks like it though), and that I got the skin from I definitely would recommend their products (especially the skins) to others.

Very good skins !

Very good measurements for the Chromebook plus. Nice feel and does not look like the skin will fade away. The tracking was great to Canada. anyone who lives in Canada that orders skins, use the Canada post tracking, more accurate and updates quicker . over all very pleased with the product and shipping time to Toronto. Took around 4-5 business days. Ordered on Friday and came on Wednesday

Quality Product and Fair Prices. I'm very happy with purchasing my laptop skin.

Pleased! Came in a large envelope with thick cardboard so it couldn't be creased or rolled. The skins were good, thick quality. I have had many compliments already. I read how to apply from the website, and it worked. The keyboard skin was a little trickier, but I peeled it back a little and no problem. The outside skin had a cutout for my chromebook label, but that didn't line up at all - not my fault. I highly recommend!

I love the skins. However I am disappointed that there is no skin for the base of the Macbook Air. I messed up the skin for the keyboard and did not want to spoil the skin by pulling it out again. Wish it is easier to center it right and apply without bubbles.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the MacBook Air 13-inch Skins but sorry to hear that you accidentally messed up the inner Skin for one of them.

Skin Application
The MacBook inner Skins are precision cut to cover the area around the keyboard - the complexity and large size of this surface does make Skin alignment a little more tricky but the final effect when it's done properly is well worth the effort. What we generally do during Skin application is to first align the Skin to the major physical cutouts, and in this case, that will be the trackpad area. Peel the whole inner Skin off and start with the bottom half; hold the Skin at both ends of the wrist rest area and gently position until it aligns perfectly to the trackpad. One trick will be to keep the top half (the thin stripes that go beside the keyboard) folded back over the bottom half such that the stripes do not get stuck on your MacBook when you're positioning the bottom half. Once you've aligned the trackpad, everything else will fall in place with a little guidance.

Do not press the Skin down until you are happy with the alignment - this makes it easier to reposition the Skin if the first alignment attempts fail.

When you're happy with the alignment, start pressing the Skin down firmly from the inside out so that bubbles will not get caught. Even if bubbles do get caught, they can be pressed out with a finger as the Skin comes with a special weaved adhesive that allows for air pockets to be "massaged" out.

Replacement Skin
We can get another replacement inner Skin made for you to give the Skin application another go at no charge and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get this new package to you.

If you would like to go for this replacement, please send us an email at [email protected] to let us know which MacBook Air 13-inch Skin was spoil (you purchased two) and we'll set up the replacement order for you. Or if you would like to place an order for something else (matching cases for your phone? We also sent a discount via email), let us know the order number and we'll add the replacement inner Skin to it.

Bottom Skin
The Outer/Inner Combo MacBook Air 13" Skin sets will cover the lid and area around the keyboard on your MacBook but they will not include a bottom Skin. You can technically purchase another "Outer lid" Skin and make cuts manually for the rubber feet on the bottom of your MacBook but we will not recommend doing so. The unibody construction of the MacBook acts as a heat sink and helps to dissipate heat during operation. If the bottom area is covered, the MacBook will not be able to "breath" as well, resulting in higher operating temperatures that can cause reduced performance and shorten electronics lifespan.

We recommend using the Skin for styling and scratch protection - when you need to transport the MacBook, put it in a padded sleeve (like the one you purchased too) or bag. The bottom of the MacBook does not require a Skin as it's usually facing a surface (eg, on a table), it does not come into direct contact with this surface (will not get scratched) because of the rubber feet on the bottom and people rarely see this surface as it's either on the table or packed in a bag.

Very fast delivery: 7 days to get to the other side of the world. Thank you!

The sleeve I ordered fits well enough (15' laptop sleeve for a 14'5 Lenovo Yoga, smaller is too small). The colors are vibrant, the print very high-quality - no thermoglued impression but rather a fine print embedded in the fabric. It has been printed before sewing up the sleeve too, so there is no borders.The overall effect is excellent.

The sleeve is very thin; this won't protect against rough handling, it's only meant to protect the computer while in a bag. It came with a very, very strong smell of petrol - sitting at the window for a while should help.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review and 5 star rating. We're glad that you like the quality of the Sleeve!

There may be indeed a little smell on some products when the envelope is first opened because the products came directly from the production facility. Every product is freshly made at this facility in the USA and the smell will go away fairly quickly.

I was a first time user and very pleasantly surprised at the timely, courteous and personalized customer service!

I started out with a possible order at their posted price, but then hesitated to complete the transaction when I discovered it was in US funds since it put the cost above my budget. I received a quick inquiry from iStyles customer service to ask if there was anything they could do to help, and then offered me a discount which more than covered the exchange rate. I was very pleased and confirmed the order. I placed the order way too close to expect it to arrive for Christmas, and was very impressed when the item actually arrived several days later and in time to be under the tree! I would not hesitate to use and recommend iStyles to anyone!

I have brought 4 items from iStyles( Phone casing, Phone skin, Computer skin and computer sleeve ). All arrive earlier than what I expected. The quality of all the item i received was fantastic. As my parents do look at quality stuff, they felt that the things that i brought from iStyles is considered cheap in Singapore as i'm unable to find such good quality skin/casing in Singapore, even though if there is, is much more expensive... Totally worth it! Not only that, the customer service of iStyle is perfect. They are super professional, they know their product well and super friendly. They are very prompt in replying my mail when i have any doubt or question. Especially the customer service guy called Michael. Would definitely like to thank him and the whole customer service crew. Would definitely get more skin/casing in the near future for my sister as she saw the things I brought from iStyles and said it was super nice! Thank you iStyles and definitely thumbs up for you guys! Keep it up :)!

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