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Wii Skins

4.2/5 rating - 6 Reviews

Skins are premium quality decals that feature stunning, high-resolution graphics printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl.

Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Wii from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Make your Wii uniquely yours.

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Really good quality skin, a few millimeters small but can be fixed by stretching the skin a bit. Overall, a great buy!

I recently ordered this for my Wii from alongside couple other skins for my other consoles from dbrand. dbrand don't sell Wii skins, which prompted me to look elsewhere and that's how I came across Honestly, I was quite skeptical initially because I had never heard of it and I didn't want to get a lower quality decal for my Wii which I intend to keep in my collection. But I did give it a try anyway because of other reviews that were mostly positive.

I have put on the skin and it has been very good so far. My Wii was wearing off over the years with scratches all over it, and I thought this might a good alternative to hide those while retaining a clean aesthetic on my Wii. The packaging was nothing fancy, but it was clean and well-packaged. No micro-fiber cloth pieces for cleaning though.

The only complaint I have is the skin was slightly smaller than expected, so I had to stretch it a few millimeters from certain places to be able to cover all of the surface of the Wii. Still has some weird gaps, but it works for me because of the print I ordered kinda camouflages them (My Wii is white and the print is gray digital camo).

Also, it would have been nice to have button icons printed on the "button" pieces of the skin which would stick on the Wii's buttons. I haven't put those pieces, and again it works for me, but if I were to order a more pronounced print (e.g. flat red), then the white buttons would be quite prominent - which is what I wanted to avoid.

Nonetheless, the quality and surface finish of the skin itself is really nice. And it's great to see that iStyles have a much bigger variety - both in terms of the skin collections, as well devices that they provide the skins for.

Overall, it looks great and it doesn't come off from anywhere - which is what's most important. Will be continuing to see how it lasts.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the detailed review. We're happy to hear that you like the Digital Urban Camo Wii Skin.

Our large Skin pieces are usually cut very slightly smaller on purpose so that they're more "forgiving" and easier to apply for everyone. If they're cut precisely to the dimensions of the surface, these large pieces usually end up overhanging at one or more edges if the user is not careful. The trick in ensuring that the Skin stays down at an edge is in not letting the Skin reach that edge. In terms of product durability, this helps to ensure that our Skins outlast the lifespan of the device. Of course, more advanced users like yourself can stretch these out very slightly for a better fit.

Thank you once again for the review and feedback!

I bought the Neon Rainbow Wii skin and it looks amazing on. My daughter couldn't be more thrilled as it really jazzes up her boring black box wii. The product arrived surprisingly quickly from the USA, well in time for Christmas. Excellent service. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks.

I purchased skins for a X Box 360, X Box Connect, Wii, Wii Controllers and Controllers for the X Box. All of these were "Satin Black" so as to cover the original "white plastic" that they were made from. I simply wanted to "hide" them in my audio cabinet. Now I have BLACK AND WHITE system items behind the glass. They did not cover the entire item, thus leaving white to show. A "skin" covers, it does not "patch" in spots. The cutouts for sensors are too large as well. Not worth it!

quick -- it was certain and the quality of goods was also large satisfaction.

Although it was the first, he has felt easy about the overseas mail order very much.

This Is So Sexy ! x

I like the war light wii skin because it gives your wii a better look that doesn't ruin your wii like other skins do