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Perfect, no issues at all.

The order process was simple, the product was what expected.
Joao Neves, Portugal

100% recommendation!
Skins from iStyles- absolutely PERFECT.
Contact and help from them- FAST as "rocket".
VERY, VERY professional company!!!

At first, I was a little irritated that I couldn't download the digital wallpaper; but no biggie...I had the skin and I was happy. You all then asked for a review; that processes was a little cranky too. So I responded to the review email.
You all promptly replied to take care getting the digital wallpaper and allowing me to write the review. GREAT job on customer service.

I also love my skin (the original point/purpose of the purchase).
Shelley R.
Rochelle Rodrigo-Adams, United States

Ordered two skins for delivery to the UK. Products arrived in good time. Easy to apply, they look great and keep your phone scratch free. Would recommend getting a clear screen protector too as the skin is for the body of the phone only. Very pleased with these two though, so much so I ordered another skin for my wife.
Dave Bennett, United Kingdom

I am very happy with my Aurora skin for my MacBook. It was so easy to put on. Just take your time! You will Enjoy whatever skin you get for your device!! When I call them they were helpful in answering all my questions. Thanks istyles
Glenn Ptacek, United States

Delivery and Packing : 10/10. Fast delivery service.

Design & Material : 10/10.The skins are made out of high quality cast vinyls. After installation my iPod looks exactly the way its shown on the website.

Installation : 6/10. The installation has to be done with great care. So follow the instructions carefully and install the skin.

Customer Service : 10/10. Quick turnaround for any queries and fast shipping.

Overall : 10/10. Very satisfied. I already placed another order.
Sandeep Dsouza, India

I'm very pleased with my order and the quickness with which it reached me. I ordered a skin for my daughter's phone and she loves it. Thanks a lot guys!
Angela Davis, United States


Joel LaRue, United States

WOW What a Beauty

I am very Happy with my Original Microsoft Xbox skin because It look better than the boring Black console that we see Today and makes it come Alive and sexy to look at well.
Alan van Walwyk, United Kingdom

Not the cheapest product so I was pleased to find it simple to apply and super attractive!
Felicia Jelley, United Kingdom

Great product!! I ordered the matte finish and absolutely love it!! Fast shipping as well! Thank you!
Tracey Hissam, United States

iStyles is great, except for one thing - they use USPS to ship orders. In my case, "two-day priority" shipment took more than a week to arrive - the order addressed to a Virginia address came to Pennsylvania and then was diverted to Alabama (??) before making its way to Virginia. As a result, the package missed my kid's birthday and obviously didn't have the effect it was meant to. iStyles should probably drop USPS and use commercial carriers (without 50% premium to the item price). If you order from iStyles, make sure you do so at least two-three weeks in advance - it also takes some time to make an item before it ships.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the package missed your kid's birthday.

We have different shipping options available, ranging from USPS First-class that starts from just $2 but takes between 1 to 3 weeks for delivery, to UPS Express that takes just 1 business day for delivery but can be costly (because they are a private courier service). The USPS Priority shipping option that you selected is a good compromise between the two as it only cost a few dollars more than First-class but they're still relatively quick. Ignore the "2-day" claim on USPS' website as that is misleading and we never advertise it as such - USPS Priority usually takes between 3 to 5 business days for delivery and the "estimated shipping date" that we quote at checkout on our site reflects this turnaround time.

1 to 2 business days are indeed required for the production of an order as all Skins and Cases are freshly baked and ship directly from the production facility. Your order was received on Thursday night (2 April), the warehouse was close over the weekend, the package was shipped on Monday morning (6 April) and delivered on the Monday after (13 April). This is within the estimated delivery time quoted when you checked out. If you placed the order a day earlier (on Wednesday), you probably would have avoided hitting both weekends - the package would have shipped on Friday and would have been delivered between 8 to 10 April.

We're sorry that the package did not make it for your kid's birthday but I hope that he still likes his new MacBook Air Skin.

The Nook Glowlight skins were cut a little larger than the actual device.
Shawn Haworth, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the 4 stars. We're sorry to hear however that you had problems with the fit of the Nook Glowlight Skin.

Was this the front Skin or was both front and back too large? Can you send us digital photos at [email protected] to show the fit?

Thank you very much for the Itouch skin. It looks great and I received it very quickly. Will buy from you again!!!
Christina PAUL, Australia

The item looks good Thank You.

I purchased 3 Xbox Skins. They where well packaged and arrived in a timely manor for been posted to Australia. I haven't had a chance to fit them yet but it will soon. The online instructions look easy.

Thank You
Dave Pullen, Australia

I wanted a new skin for my New Nintendo 3DS XL, and I was pleasantly surprised at the wide selection of skins that I could pick from here. With just about a skin for every mood you could be in, I found one that I liked most - something chill and relaxing, yet cool to look at! The skin itself is of great quality, and is easy to apply (if you stretch the skin, you need to calm down xD). I opted for the glossy finish, and it looks great.

Someone took the time to email me and make sure the 3DS I had selected was in fact the New 3DS XL model, which shows how much they care, I think. The amount of options and quality would be enough for me to recommend iStyles to anyone in need of a new electronics skin. *applause*
Joshua Dollas, United States


Great product and great customer service!!
Olumayowa Azeez, United States

Great experience! I have no complaints. Everything arrived in a timely manner and was easy to use. I would definitely order from you guys in the future if necessary.
Ashley McCaleb, United States

The materials quality is very good, easy to stick on and off, but the cutting is 3-4mm smaller than the console (3ds xl), as you can see in the photos, what ruins the job. Only buy if your console case matches the skin background or you like the edge color ...
David Torres, Spain

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skin material.

The 3DS XL outer Skin pieces cannot meet the edges because of the way the surface on this device curves towards the edges. If the Skin was cut any larger, unsightly budges will form at the corners.

Skin sets are designed to have as comprehensive a fit as possible but they are limited by the physical layout of the device. Skin sets for devices where there are predominantly flat surfaces (such as a MacBook Pro 15-inch Retina or an iPhone 5s) extend all the way to the edges.

Grandson found it, I bought for him, he loves it, I think it's cool. Came in a timely manner in good shape for a good price.
Jeffrey Jessup, United States

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