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My experience could not be better, I work with the client and recognize when someone works in a professional manner, and they certainly do, price was very good and good quality and very fast shipping I will definitely buy again 👍🏻👌🏻
Ivan Salas Bernal, Spain

ASUS Laptop Skin
I love the laptop skin it looks awesome.
Sara B, Canada

just received my skins

AWESOME stuff!

very happy I am
boon ping chee, Singapore

Great to deal with
Easy process, good quality product, thanks.
Francis Burton, Australia

excellent product but a little expensive
David Parrott, United Kingdom

Good experience. Trustworthy and good customer service. Prompt shipping.
Nancy Kokkila, United States

Excellent! Would definitely buy from again - they even checked with me to make sure I had ordered the correct item. Thank you!
Jacqueline Collins, United States

Terrible, expensive. Just skin in front laptop, not for all. Don’t buy it
Han Do, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the Skin coverage. You custom sized a universal fit laptop Skin and this Skin set only comes with the lid Skin.

If you have a laptop that we support specifically, the Skin set may come with additional coverage for the wrist rest or even bottom of the laptop, but custom sized universal fit laptop Skins can only be custom sized for the laptop lid.

Highly Recommend!
I am not only very pleased with the customized skin stickers for my charger, but I am amazed at the high quality and fast shipping! I willl definitely purchase from this company again and highly recommend them!
Pamela McMullen, United States

Skin for my iphone 8 plus
Love the design of sunflower!!!
Tami Gonzalez, United States

Easy to apply, and fix if you don't get it right the first time! Both have been on for over a month with daily use and still stuck, even after some repositioning. With tons of options, fast shipping and good product, I'd over again. Cheers!
Juliana Stark, Canada

Good service, arrived promptly and fits chromebook perfectly.
Louise Tse, United Kingdom

Online ordering was quick & easy; shipping was fast! And even though this was my first phone skin, I applied it perfectly in under 5 minutes. Product is well-made and easy to work with. I liked it so much I just placed another order for other designs.
Pamela Weston, United States

I really liked my laptop skin. It fit perfectly and I like that I was able to remove it and adjust it after not placing it perfectly the first time. I was initially worried that it would not stick and that the corners would be unsticking after using it but I've had it for about 3 weeks and it has really stuck to my laptop.
Gabriela Diaz, United States

I ordered a custom skin for my Grand daughter in the UK. It was delivered very quickly even though the USA has had a problem with the weather. My Grand daughter is over the moon with the skin. She has shown everyone in her class at school. Thank you so much I shall use you again. Your customer service is second to none, you even updated me about the possible delay due to the weather and then told me it was out for delivery. Great service and product.
Ruby Bishop, United Kingdom

La peor experiencia compré hace muchos meses código 179860, y nunca llego, me siento estafado, perdí tiempo y dinero.
Haroldo Flores Albornoz, Chile

iStyles responded:

Lamentamos que su paquete aún no haya llegado. Su paquete fue enviado desde las instalaciones de los EE. UU. El 6 de noviembre con el ID de entrega USPS UA648282179US como id. Del paquete y el tiempo de entrega es generalmente de una a tres semanas dependiendo de cómo se enruta el correo y qué tan rápido lo maneja el servicio postal de destino. El paquete será entregado por el servicio postal en el destino.

Según, el paquete se enruta correctamente dentro de los EE. UU. Y salió de los EE. UU. El 7 de noviembre. El paquete está siendo procesado por el servicio postal de Chile.

Su paquete será bastante grande, ya que contiene un DJI Mavic Pro Skin y es probable que su cartero local no pueda colocarlo en su buzón de correo. Debería haber dejado una nota para la recolección de este paquete en la oficina de correos cercana, pero esta nota a veces está fuera de lugar. Es probable que su paquete esté esperando la recolección en la oficina de correos y solo tiene que ir y recogerlo.

Podemos reenviar su paquete pero necesitamos que verifique lo siguiente respondiendo a nuestro correo electrónico:

1) ¿Revisó en la oficina de correos el paquete grande como se indicó en mi último correo electrónico?

2) ¿Es correcta la dirección de entrega utilizada (que escribimos en el correo electrónico)?

I was really pleased with the wrap and although daunted about getting the application wrong it went on really easily and I was very pleased.
James Thomson, United Kingdom

Great product!
Sloth skin worked great, no issues, my son loved it!
jamie angel, United States

Great product quality and fast shipping. Please do look into cheaper international shipping, though...
Xander Hoose, Netherlands

I finally got my purchase and I love it. It looks just like what I thought it would. However, I paid for USPS priority shipping on Dec 19 when I placed my order but I just received my order yesterday Dec 29. So I paid extra to get it by Christmas for my little brother's birthday which was on Christmas as well, and that did not happen. Good quality product but not the greatest on that shipping part.
Krystal Williams, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're happy to hear that you like the Skin but sorry to hear that the package did not make it for Christmas.

You ordered a custom Skin on 19 December but we noticed after production on 20 December that the printout was blurry as the image you used was too small. We sent you an email to see if this was all right with you and you replied to us on 23 December, at which point, it was too late to ship as the production facility was closed over the Christmas weekend - your package was shipped immediately on the next business day on 26 December and arrived on 29 December.

You did not pay anything for the USPS Priority shipment - we absorbed this cost for you in our free shipping promo. The ship cost for you was $0. We quote an estimated 4 to 7 business days for USPS Priority delivery, which means that this shipping option would have shown a potential after Christmas delivery at the time of your order. Only the UPS Express shipping option would have got the package to you on time for Christmas but that cost a fair bit.

We're glad that you like the custom Skin and hope that your little brother loves it too.