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Arrived inn norway,very fast shipping 👍👍👍👍
Magne Johansen, Norway

I love it! U first thought that it was supposedly solid plastic slot in type, only to find out that it was actually wrap around sticker... However, I just love it nonetheless. I love the matte finish it has. During application, the slight stretchability of the material gives it a perfect fit for my Echo.
Glen Carlo Gulisao, Singapore

Very rapid reply to an email - contains all the info I need to proceed to a new order. I am very impressed.
Edward Dewhurst, United Kingdom

Excellent quality and service

The new skin fits my Xbox Elite controller really well. The material is good quality was easy to install. It was delivered in a timely manner and I was impressed with the follow up email. Overall very impressed.
Dakotah Williams, United States

Thank you all so much! I was disappointed that we didn’t receive this in time for Christmas but my daughter will be so happy once she gets it. The person ( Tom) that helped me was very helpful and responded quickly. Thanks again and happy holidays !
Latoya Marshall, United States

I ordered a wrap for the 36oz Yeti Rambler and was expecting a single sheet wrap. Instead, I got a sheet that had 2 large cutouts that even when applied did not wrap the whole way around the bottle.
Anthony Myers, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the Yeti Rambler Bottle 36oz Skin. This is a 2 piece wrap that goes around the bottle - this was designed as two pieces to allow for easier and more precise application. It is significantly more difficult to wrap a single long piece around the bottle straight.

The two pieces are to be applied such that the gap between the Skin pieces are equal. If one end has a larger gap than the other, try gently peeling off one of the pieces and reapplying it such that the gaps at both ends are the same.

Bought 4 of the same pattern in differing sizes. All are excellent. Quick delivery to Australia. Great service.
Mathew Winsor, Australia

A Plus

Good price, fast delivery and excellent quality
Luis Cevallos, Spain

Lovely unique items, good quality and great service. Comes from USA but only takes a few days.
JO DRAGE, United Kingdom

Very good service, fast shipping very happy!!
Jayson Sánchez, United States

As always superior product and service.

As always, I was very satisfied with the handling of my order - all stated information regarding the whole process of shipping and estimated time of delivery was outstanding.

In addition, I love your large selection of items, even though I ordered the same hybrid case as the last time (now to my new phone). I have ordered the same item approximately 4 times. I started out with a skin, however, being a 69-year old lady, I am more clumsy, hence the choice of a hybrid case.
Merete Soerensen, Denmark

I'm happy :-)
everything worked fine, good quality as expected. Couldn't be better ...
Pascal Wenker, Switzerland

Another beautiful skin for my Echo Dot! I went with a high gloss this time and it was very easy to apply and stick on once you flatten out any bubbles. Thank you!
Vanessa Dey, United States

Cool design, good material easy to apply
Tal Fromchenko, Israel

The skin is absolutely beautiful!

I'm so happy with my purchase and relieved I was able to order the right size for my chromebook. The skin came in a timely arrival and the customer service was excellent. I spoke to someone through Facebook and they were very understanding with me and my many questions.

Can't wait to order again!
Vanessa Dey, United States

Exactly what I wanted quick and easy installation looks amazing
brittney hayslett, United States

easy install, felt really high quality, makes my life more fun.
Ben Linn, United States

Great quality fits perfectly
Peter Arapas, United States

I like the front skin. It covers up the hideous white Kindle logo. :)
Matt Bovett, United States

Customer service was excellent and the product I ordered is very good too.
Michael Spinella, United States