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Very high quality! Definitely recommend

Loved the skin! No complains at all *thumbsup*

Great communication and delivery time to the UK. Not used product yet but feels like quality

Great skin!

Fast delivery. Great instructions. Easy to apply and looks great on my mav air 2.

Will be buying other skins!

Excellent service. No issues and reasonable delivery time

Good quality. Fast shipping

Ordering process was easy. Shipping was fast. Decals were great quality. Application was easy and smooth.

Speedy delivery especially considering it’s USA to UK during coronavirus. Also happy with product thank you.

Fast, effective service. Product 100%. Will definitely use this Company again. Thank you.

Sticker doesn't lay right on the drone and the instructions are terrible.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. Drone Skins such as these Mavic Air 2 Skins are a little more difficult to apply indeed because of the comprehensive Skin coverage and the complexity of the drone surfaces to be covered, but when applied properly, the result will be well worth the effort.

It is important to clean the drone surface properly prior to Skin application as any residue solvents or dirt (and drones can get rather messy from use) will affect the ability of the Skin to stick.

The Skin pieces are positioned on the Skin backing card in the same way that they go on the drone and we do hope to improve the instructions and/or layout to make the process more intuitive. If you require assistance with the positioning of any Skin piece, please reach out to us at [email protected] - we'll be happy to help!

The cut of this Solid State Lime DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin set is correct. Drone Skin sets are cut such that the pieces do not meet or touch the edge to ensure the longitivtiy of the Skin set. These tiny gaps are shown on the product images.

Skins that reach the edges do not stay on for long on drones. Such edges will get caught up as the drone is used (for example, when folded or when inserting/removing from a bag) and are more likely to get lifted. This damages the Skin. Imagine a perfectly fitting Skin with corners/edges that are slightly lifted and has a whole bunch of lint and hair sticking to it.

Our drone Skins are cut as such to ensure that the edges stay on well. It is important to apply the Skin pieces such that the Skin is centered on the surface that they go on, with equal distance/gaps between the Skin and the edges all around. If you're aligning the pieces such that they're flush against one edge, it will result in a huge gap on the other end of the Skin piece. The pieces have to be centered with an equal gap all around, equal distance from the edge all around.

I hope these explanations help. Please let us know at [email protected] if you have any further queries or need assistance.

Excellent product! Easy to use and looks amazing! Fast shipment too! Thank you!

Great product

The product is as described and easy to install.

Very nice quality, and arrived earlier than expected

Great product!! Feels smooth and easy to apply . Shipped quickly to Australia

Really good!

My delivery worked great and came just on time in a nice near package. The oculus decals have a nice texture and look great.

Poor Experience, does not fit.

iStyles responded:

The Solid State Black Google Home Hub Skin that you purchased is for the Google Home Hub.

Is this the Google Home product that you're trying to put this on or are you using a Google Home Hub Max?

In what way was it not fitting?

We've sent you an email so that we can communicate further to see what went wrong.

Fantastic product and service

I got great, personalized help with my order. Fantastic, immediate service. I love what I ordered!

Perfect fit! ... top notch design and quick turnaround. Thanks

Really pleased with this product. Arrived promptly (ordered from UK). Really good quality product, simple instructions and really easy to apply!

Would certainly recommend and looking forward to ordering again from you in the future. Thanks again.

Awesome. Recieved my skin few days ago and followed the directions. It looks awesome thanks again. I have some friends that will be ordering also. I for sure will be placing another order just to change it up . Plus I know they want last forever so I'll be ready .

Thanks again
Brian Gill
P.O # 200787

My skins are awesome; the design is sick and the high gloss is *chef’s kiss*. I also got a sleeve which is also good but smelled a little weird at first.

We got the stickers for the Mavic air 2 which they did not have pre printed yet so we got them customized. They came within 1 week and they are perfect!! They are also very sturdy and great quality.
Very happy, thank you istyles!!