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Good quality, delivered to Europe/Netherlands within two weeks as promised. Drone looks great with the fire rescue DJI Mavic Mini skin.

Product was super easy to apply and looks amazing! Really happy with that service

The product is wonderful!!! My husband loves it! And it was a perfect fit and sticks wonderfully. Thank you so much!!!!!

No grip and my iPad Pro keeps on sliding had to removed the bottom part. I hate it when i need to double press the physical button as my unit keep on sliding moving on the table. On a high side price compare to other well-known brands. Will not recommend this item.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the iPad Pro 12.9-inch Smart Keyboard Folio Skin. Skins were not designed to improve grip but they do protect the Folio case surface. The Folio case surface attract smudges easily and looks terrible fairly quickly with daily use. The Skin adds a protective layer over the folio and prevents such smudges.

The matte finish that you've selected has a little more grip compared to the gloss finish but it will still be less "grippy" compared to the rubber-like surface of the Smart Keyboard Folio.

If you want enhanced grip at the bottom of this keyboard, we will suggest pasting four small circular felt or rubber pads (those that were designed for the feet of chairs) near the four corners on this bottom Skin. These little pads will simulate the rubber feet under a laptop, like those on a MacBook, and will greatly enhance the stability of the entire structure when used on a slippery table top.

Michael was prompt and kind. He was even concerned about my safety. I really appreciate his great customer service, which really stands out !!! Thank you for everything!!!!

Great look and feel

Back cover arrived as described and it was easy to install. It's still on my phone despite temperature changes and daily wear. It has a high quality look and feel. I highly recommend this product.

Great fitment, On time delivery, hopefully you will have more designs to choose from in the near future.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're happy to hear that you like the Combustion DJI Mavic Air Skin! Thank you for your feedback about having more designs to choose from. There are currently 181 designs for the DJI Mavic Air and more are added progressively, but you can alternatively choose from any of the 2500+ designs in our collection and select "Drone->DJI Mavic Air" as the device.

Top company for skins

Excellent customer service and product arrived very quickly considering I'm in the UK! The skin fits my kindle perfectly and is of a high quality, very easy to apply. Thank you iStyles

Excellent quality

Excellent product. Fast shipping!

Excellent product. And delivered very quickly considering the international health crisis! Recommended!

Great experience

Quick shipment, beautiful product, and easy to install!

Did not fit my 14inch chrome book

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin did not fit. The product that you purchased was made specifically for the HP Chromebook 14-X010NR.

This Skin will only fit the 14-X010NR model and not any other 14" Chromebooks. What is the precise model of your Chromebook?

We'll be sending you an email shortly to help you out.

I've ordered two skins one Evac for my mavic pro and it is top quality fits perfectly and if you place it incorrectly you can remove and re fit very easily without it stretching and distorting.

Second skin is for my boys mavic mini Red Baron skin and I'm looking forward to helping him put it on. In a nutshell if you want great customer service and a fantastic skin look no further.

So far I’m very happy I was looking at skins and had them in cart when I was asked to play a game, mid game I got an email giving me a discount and after I ordered less than 12hrs they were shipped so thank you all for that

Best Customer Service Ever! Beautiful Products!

I ordered a few skins & sleeves and it somehow got lost for a while in the post & this company was with me the whole time to ensure i was a happy customer! BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED BY FAR!!!!!!! They arrived quickly the second time around (but the first problem was with the post office Not this company) and they are amazing! Just like pictured on their website and so easy to apply!! I messed up the first time I tried to apply my laptop skin & I just pulled it off, repositioned it & boom! Perfect!!! I will Definitely be ordering again & recommending them to my friends!!!! Thanks so much Michael, the customer service ninja, for making this experience the best online purchase I've ever had thus far. If only all companies were so thorough in their customer service!

One minor problem was responded to fast without any hassle, ive another 2 drones that need skins so will i buy again? Absolutely Many thanks Ian

Quality is top-notch.
Picture quality is also great. :)

Needs to be more clear on what you are getting.

Your site was not very clear that i was purchasing a sticker not a case.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin was not what you thought it was but this product that you purchased is a Skin that styles your existing case.

We're sad that you found this unclear because we tried really hard to make this as clear as possible on the product page:

1) Fits: LifeProof fre Case for Apple iPhone SE, 5s
2) Summary description: "Styles your existing LifeProof iPhone SE 1st Gen, 5s fre Case"
3) Alternative image illustrates the Skin and states: Lifeproof case not included
4) Full description: describes a product that feature stunning, high-resolution graphics printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl
5) When you click on "Add to Cart", a prominent pop-up appears stating "Please note: This is a Skin for your case. LifeProof case is not included" together with a huge image illustrating this by showing the Skin peeling off the case

Please have a look at the product page and let us know what you found unclear or if you have suggestions as to how this page can be improved.

I've raised a return request for your order. You can return the product for a refund if it was unused. Return instructions will be sent to you via email within the next business day.

iPhone SE 1st Gen cases are available here. We'll send you a discount code via email shortly so that you can get a replacement.

It arrived fast and the skins completely transformed my switch. It was an easy application. Very happy with how it turned out.