About iStyles


iStyles is a fashion accessories provider for consumer electronics such as the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S, Kindle, MacBook, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, ebook readers and more. With 195534 different and quintessentially unique fashion accessories, iStyles is the global one-stop brand that people turn to when they want to dress up their gadgets, to differentiate themselves from the crowd and to be stylish.

Headquartered in Singapore and logistically based in USA and Europe, iStyles works with designers and consultants in Paris, Italy, Germany, UK and USA for the design of new products and collaborates with factories in China and the USA for the manufacturing process.

iStyles customers come from all over the world - USA, UK, Singapore, France, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil and many others.


iStyles' humble beginnings did not start off in fashion or accessories. The company started life as ObjectsFusion, a web development firm that was founded in 1997 and created web services, applications and e-commerce infrastructure for global companies. It worked at the leading edge of web technology in a fast and ever changing landscape. The technical expertise acquired became the foundation that helped to create the original iStyles infrastructure.

In 2004, the company formed two business divisions - a web hosting arm and an online iPod accessories web store. The iPod accessories business began life on pdatrends.com and was rebranded as iPodStyles.com in January 2005. The hard work paid off as traffic and sales skyrocketed, propelling the entire company forward. Things happened quickly as the company keep up with the burgeoning sales volume by building better infrastructure, using technology to automate processes and refining business procedures. The web hosting division was dissolved eventually to better support the technical requirements of the online store.

The branding "iStyles" was acquired in August 2005 after a dispute with Apple Inc over the usage of the word "iPod" in "iPodStyles". "iStyles" become a much stronger brand (vs "iPodStyles") and allowed the company to grow beyond iPod related products.

In early 2006, the company was incorporated as iStyles Pte. Ltd. This marked the next milestone in the company's expansion plans, preparing it for greater expansion and style innovation. Despite a fiercely competitive fashion accessories market, the company continues to grow consistently and differentiate itself from its competitors as the leading fashion accessories provider.

The Future

iStyles continues to grow from strength to strength with the five pillars that customers have long associated with the iStyles products - Quality, Innovative, Functional, Stylish and Affordable. Top that off with an exceptional customer service team, iStyles is poised for greater challenges ahead.

Corporate Information

Legal Name of Company: iStyles Pte. Ltd.
Company Registration: 200602110Z (Singapore Private Limited Company)
Corporate Address: 9 Temasek Boulevard, #09-01 Suntec Tower Two, Singapore 038989
Warehouses: Singapore and USA (Milton, Delaware) depending on product availability - Worldwide shipping from both
Customer Care: [email protected]

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