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Which Microsoft Surface do I have?

Microsoft Surface lookup - Identify Microsoft Surface model


The Microsoft Surface is a series of laptop and hybrid laptop/tablet models made by Microsoft. The first generation Surface was released in 2012; it was the first personal computer developed by Microsoft and was initially created to compete with the Apple iPad. The Surface series has since matured into three distinct line-ups. Identifying your Microsoft Surface model is an important step in the determination of which Skin or case it is compatible with.


The baseline Surface was where it all started. These are portable personal computers that also function as tablets. They have a kickstand, optional detachable keyboard and work with a digital pen. The latest iterations are in the form of the Surface Go series, which are considered affordable and more portable versions of their Surface Pro counterparts.

Surface Pro

Like the Surface, the Surface Pro series is made up of portable personal computers that also function as tablets. They have a kickstand, optional detachable keyboard and work with a digital pen. The Surface Pro devices are larger and more powerful.

Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptops are Microsoft designed laptops that have non-detachable keyboards. These were initially marketed as student friendly alternatives to the Surface and Surface Pro, but the line-up has now evolved into two subcategories: the more affordable "Surface Laptop Go" series and the standard "Surface Laptop".

Surface Laptop Studio

In 2021, Microsoft launched the "Surface Laptop Studio", which was the successor to the "Surface Book" line-up. This laptop model features a non-detachable keyboard like the other Surface Laptops, but has a kickstand like hinge that allows the screen to flip into tablet mode.

Surface Book

A Surface Book was a Microsoft laptop that had a full-sized detachable keyboard; the keyboard contained a secondary battery, ports, an optional discrete graphics card, and featured a fulcrum hinge that expanded when it opened. Surface Books were sold from 2015 to 2021. The successor of the Surface Book is the Surface Laptop Studio.

Surface Go vs Surface Laptop Go

There may be confusion over the difference between a "Surface Go" and a "Surface Laptop Go" because of the similarities in the name; Microsoft calls a device "Go" when they are positioning it as an affordable alternative to the standard models but these devices are very different.

The "Surface Go" is a hybrid personal computer that functions as a tablet, features a kickstand and has a detachable keyboard. The "Surface Laptop Go" is a laptop that cannot be separated from the keyboard.

Determine your Microsoft Surface model

Identifying your Microsoft Surface model correctly is a simple task if you know where to look.

Using the Surface app

Open Surface App

If clicking on this button does nothing, it means that the Surface app is not installed.

  1. Open Surface (app)
  2. Device Information
  3. Surface model

Using the System Information app

  1. Open System Information (app)
  2. System Summary
  3. System Model

Using the Settings app in Windows 11

Open Settings About
  1. Open Settings (app)
  2. System
  3. About

Surface database

Surface seriesMicrosoft Surface modelYear
Surface LaptopSurface Laptop Go 32023
Surface Laptop Studio 22023
Surface Laptop 5 13.5-inch2022
Surface Laptop 5 13.5-inch for Business2022
Surface Laptop 5 15-inch2022
Surface Laptop 5 15-inch for Business2022
Surface Laptop Go 22022
Surface Laptop 4 13.5-inch AMD2021
Surface Laptop 4 13.5-inch Intel2021
Surface Laptop 4 15-inch AMD2021
Surface Laptop 4 15-inch Intel2021
Surface Laptop SE2021
Surface Laptop Studio (1st Gen)2021
Surface Laptop Go (1st Gen)2020
Surface Laptop 3 13.5-inch2019
Surface Laptop 3 15-inch AMD2019
Surface Laptop 22018
Surface Laptop 2 for Business2018
Surface Laptop (1st Gen)2017
Surface BookSurface Book 3 13.5-inch Core i52020
Surface Book 3 13.5-inch Core i72020
Surface Book 3 15-inch2020
Surface Book 2 13.5-inch Core i52017
Surface Book 2 13.5-inch Core i72017
Surface Book 2 15-inch2017
Surface Book (1st Gen)2015
Surface ProSurface Pro 92022
Surface Pro 9 for Business2022
Surface Pro 9 SQ 32022
Surface Pro 7+2021
Surface Pro 7+ LTE2021
Surface Pro 82021
Surface Pro 8 for Business2021
Surface Pro 8 LTE2021
Surface Pro 72019
Surface Pro X2019
Surface Pro X LTE2019
Surface Pro 62018
Surface Pro 6 for Business2018
Surface Pro 52017
Surface Pro 5 LTE2017
Surface Pro 42015
Surface Pro 32014
Surface Pro (1st Gen)2013
Surface Pro 22013
SurfaceSurface Go 32021
Surface Go 3 for Business2021
Surface Go 3 LTE2021
Surface Go 22020
Surface Go 2 for Business2020
Surface Go 2 LTE2020
Surface Go (1st Gen)2018
Surface Go (1st Gen) for Business2018
Surface Go (1st Gen) LTE2018
Surface 32015
Surface 3 LTE2015
Surface 22013
Surface RT2012

Updated on 16 January 2024