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iStyles Reviews

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Excellent product. Fits perfectly and protects as you would expect.
Shaun Godfrey, United States

It is to colorful too fruity and make it like fruty buy matchy
philip prio, United States

It makes you feel warm and cozy. You just want to run outside and feel the warm sunshine gleaming over your body and the warm wind skim across your face. It is a beautiful feeling and a nice vibrant color. I would definetly want to see this everytime I go play my spyro game on my game boy!!!!!!!!!


Amanda Salerno, United States

I like this skin becuase it very interesting to look at especially becuase It changes from the natural brown color to a darkish green color either in the sun or @ higher temps. I'd recommend It :-)
Keino James, United States

i don't know! i don't have one.
Sheela landerdale, Australia

this skin is asum i love it p.s the south will rise agian
Michael Danielson, United States

Great product, price was amazing compared with what I saw in local stores. Shipping was not so swift but oh well, it only cost $3.66! Will buy from here again, as long as I don't need something right away.
Anna Johnson, Canada

I really liked it!

It fits perfectly well and it's just how I had imagined it would be (no more no less).

Bad thing is it took almost 20 days to arrive here in Brazil and when you want to use it with a slim leather case, it is really hard to take it off.
Ana Almeida, Brazil


i got my IPOD !!!!!! this is sooooooooooo cool with the skin. w00t!!

much better than the old blue flames skin
aaron wahl, United States

not what you expect...rips easily..hard to readjust
Tegan Potterton, United States

I buy one of these for circa 1 month ago. And i live in Swe so it take a little time but it's worth it. It looks awsome! it's the best 10/10 5/5 It's Great
Lars Becs, Sweden

I like the design I guess. It took me a few mins to put it on because it was off-set.

Make sure you clean off your iPod with some water and dry it off completely and wash your hands.

When your puting it on, start at one of the corners and lowly put the rest on.

I was satisfied in the end

Keino James, United States

okay- I don't have an ipod so not fussed
Michael Hartland, United Kingdom

Pros : a cheap and inexspensive way to preserve your ipod Video's screen. Since you might be watching videos on it, you might as well buy to prevent scratches

Cons: none really. The only thing is that after I put on the protector I found a small but noticable line going across the screen. It was hard to try to take it off and reapply it so I just let it on. It doesnt bother me mucj

Other Thoughts: This is really good if you just brought your iPod and you have a nice fresh scratch free serface and want to key it that way for a few months.

Keino James, United States

WOW this is really cool!

My iPod mini got overheated and broke, so I'm thinking about getting an iPod video.

I thought that it sure would be cool if they made a green flames skin.

What do u know?

they made this one.

I'm so getting this once i get a video iPod.

R.I.P. Jacky, the dead iPod mini.


(he will be replaced)
aaron wahl, United States

I bought this skin a few months ago. When you get it you dont think it will be worth it because yout hink its going to smudge, and all of that. BUT YOUR WRONG. My psp looks hot now!!!! When everyone sees it they want to know where to get it form so i say PSPStyles. This skin looks really good in the picture, but it is even better when you have it stuck onto your psp.......10/10 rating from me!!!!
Saajid Umarji, United Kingdom

i love the way it looks on the net byt mine hasnt came yet and its been like a month or two imean come on i hane been waitin forever
zachary wallace, United States

I am thrilled with the quality of this product. I have gotten so many compliments on it! It actually looks like the gum wrapper and is very HIGH quality. Thank you from a very satisfied customer. :-)
Christopher Klingler, United States

this skin looks tight fits nice and the design is amazing. i dont have any money to get it this week but next week its mine and then some.the way that it is designed customizes your psp to the fulliest.
dominic mason, United States

I like it because it's simple. I didn't want any kind of a loop for some kind of lanyard. I just wanted a case to protect the Shuffle. And the price was definitely right.

The fit is snug and the feel of the material is a little different from most iPod cases.

My only complaint is that the case covers the switch on the back. It's hard enough to turn the thing on and off without a case, and having it covered by rubber doesn't help. But, you usually turn it on and let it go anyway. Maybe it will get better over time. But it's a small complaint about a good, inexpensive product.
Randall Ainsworth, United States