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I bought this skin a few months ago. When you get it you dont think it will be worth it because yout hink its going to smudge, and all of that. BUT YOUR WRONG. My psp looks hot now!!!! When everyone sees it they want to know where to get it form so i say PSPStyles. This skin looks really good in the picture, but it is even better when you have it stuck onto your psp.......10/10 rating from me!!!!
Saajid Umarji, United Kingdom

I am thrilled with the quality of this product. I have gotten so many compliments on it! It actually looks like the gum wrapper and is very HIGH quality. Thank you from a very satisfied customer. :-)
Christopher Klingler, United States

this skin looks tight fits nice and the design is amazing. i dont have any money to get it this week but next week its mine and then some.the way that it is designed customizes your psp to the fulliest.
dominic mason, United States

I like it because it's simple. I didn't want any kind of a loop for some kind of lanyard. I just wanted a case to protect the Shuffle. And the price was definitely right.

The fit is snug and the feel of the material is a little different from most iPod cases.

My only complaint is that the case covers the switch on the back. It's hard enough to turn the thing on and off without a case, and having it covered by rubber doesn't help. But, you usually turn it on and let it go anyway. Maybe it will get better over time. But it's a small complaint about a good, inexpensive product.
Randall Ainsworth, United States

Very poor print quality.
Victor Styles, United States

Took an hour to get it on strait, just to realize it made my iPod look like some cheep piece of junk . Peeled it off and threw it away. Waste of money.
Victor Styles, United States

This skin is awesome. Maybe its just because im a redneck lol
Chad taylor, United States

i love the way it looks on the net byt mine hasnt came yet and its been like a month or two imean come on i hane been waitin forever
zachary wallace, United States

@narchy!!! its ok, I mean I would buy it cuz there arent any decsent i-skins out there. But I dont reely like the camoflauge thing going on it dosent match with anarchy!!
Nicole Gray, United States

Very disappointed with this item.

The clear plastic was clearly visible on my Ipod Video, so much so that it distorted the screen. I followed the instructions, made sure my ipod was clean, pushed out any air bubbles but it still looked awful. My only conclusion was that the adhesive doesn't seem to evenly stick.

Other items i have purchased from this site have been great, but this particular item was a let down.
Daniel Bater, United Kingdom

yeah theses r great 2 bad it doesnt say there stickers unitl u buy them
pawel pawlowski, United States

hey, i just got mine and its super cute, nice and durable, and easy to put on, but theres an extra sticker and i cant seem to find a place to put it!! also, the sticker doesnt exactly cover ALL of the shuffle, like it seems like in the picture. the skin is a little small around the edges, and the sides, bottom, and top arent covered.
kelsey shaw, United States

I love my new skin. One thing that wasn't explained very well was actually how much of the ipod the skin covers.

It covers most of the front and sides. The side tabs wrap around the back and frame the iPod logo on the back of the iPod. The top and bottom tabs cover the white area but do not cover the silver back of the iPod.

I also ordered the screen protector. I applied it first and then added my skin. The skin helps hold down the edges of the screen protector, so that is good.

I also ordered the pink funky earphone pads. They match real well and look good together with my pink flames skin.

Overall, I am very happy so far with my purchases.
Bethany Senn, United States

i think its realy awsome, only problem is it doesnt match up where it rolls over so it looks a little aqward at one spot. otherwise though a good product worth the 7$ to have your ipod stand out from everyone elses.
Justin Lussier, Canada

Just recieved my skin, a week after being ordered. Great buy as it prevents any bumps or scrapes. Well worth it!!!
Fraser Clark, United Kingdom

Amazing quality! I love this skin! This has got to be my favourite amongst the designs I bought from you guys, and I love the fact that I can easily interchange the skins to the pattern I feel like wearing for the day.
Sarah Jessy, United States

The clarity of the printing was disturbingly below the standard that the picture on this site suggests. Plus the cutting of the decal was uneven at parts.

Otherwise, it's pretty cute.
Samantha Ooi, Singapore

This iPod skin rocks! Trust me, it looks a lot cooler than you think. The skin makes me want to listen to my iPod more. I definitely recommend getting this one!
aaron wahl, United States

The review is more about the website and the ordering process since it appears that the two skins I ordered won't be here for a while. First thing is paying a bit extra for tracking information (not the money here but the point). After checking both says after getting the tracking information, I sent a note to the company and was told that they don't post for two days after the order is placed. Might just be me but shouldn't that be on the website somewhere? I was also told that my order will be delivered soemwhere between 'one week and three weeks'. Huh? I paird more for shipping than I did for product so am not sure about 1.) why so long and 2.) why its so hard to tell when the thing will be delivered.

Thanks for listening!
W. David Barnes, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for your comments David. As we have responded to you via e-mail, the Singapore postal company takes 2 days to post tracking information into their database. We have no control over how soon the post office updates their database

As for the delivery times, from experience, shipment to various states in the USA can be as quick as one week, but it can also take as long as 3 weeks. We thus tell our customers that the average delivery time is 2 weeks. We ship orders and providing tracking numbers asap (usually within a day), but we hope you understand that the postal system, airlines, and delivery schedules of the various countries are beyond our control.

Based on the feedback from you and a few other customers, we have improved the display of our shipping information and have also added expedited delivery shipping options for customers who want their goods more quickly. Thank you and please feel free to provide more feedback to us. We love to hear from you guys as it helps us to improve.