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AWESOME!!!!!!!! the only problem though is that it was a little hard to put on just right

To the beginning I was sceptical but I wrong. is perfect . beautiful

I like the war light wii skin because it gives your wii a better look that doesn't ruin your wii like other skins do


British rocks

costomiz are my review

I ordered this skin. It is really good looking, nice colors and the material is quality. But!!! The length of the front skin is longer than the back skin. So the back fits perfectly, but the front does not. There are some space on the top and bottom of the screen of my ipod touch and it really makes it bad looking. I am so dissappointed.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about your disappointment, but out of the thousands of iPod touch Skins sold, there has not been a single complaint about problems with the figment and we can only assume that you have not positioned the Skin correctly or that the Skin was damaged by accident (eg, the sides were stretched during the application process).

As per our conversation, we can suggest that you try repositioning the product, or in the very worst case, cut off the sides and leave just the top and bottom sections.

The front piece will be longer than the back because of the front of the iPod touch device is flat, the back is not and the Skin covers mainly the flat areas.

i really like the cases having a blackberry curve its hard to find covers/skins for it but this website has some great ones i just wish there were more of a varitey of them and i also wish you had zerba ones to that would be nice but other than that the covers are great

i will be happy if u can send me gameboy psp for my self to use

this is an upright bass, not a cello. the design is ok, though. just thought i'd clarify that.

Be warned! This is a total rip off!!!!!!!!! The skin warps fast ( I barely used the phone in the two weeks that I applied it and it is already showing wear.) Their description is totally an exaggeration. The skin does not even compensate for looking good. Plus, there is this extra cutting on the top that is totally unneeded. I spoke to an Apple representative and they said that the cut should not HAVE to be done because the proximity sensor will work well even if it is covered.

Another thing is this site has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL!!!! They will keep making excuses with you up to the point that you give up. They do this to tire you out so they don't have to rectify their issue with you. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED and will NEVER buy from this site EVER. Their low prices coincide with the low quality product and zero customer care.

iStyles responded:

We are sorry that you feel this way despite the great lengths that we went to in the explanation of the situation despite your purchase of just $6.99 (as you've repeatedly emphasised in your mails). Perhaps we are indeed charging too little and should sell them for $15 like other manufactures, while covering only the back or we are trying too hard to help as per the long explanations below, most of which were extracted from my e-mails to you.

While I do understand that you're disappointed with the "warp" and I'll assume that what you're referring to is the "wear" at the edges. Please understand that this wear will happen if you subject the edges to constant abrasion with an external object.

The product is made out of cast vinyl which has a lifespan of between 5 to 8 years, and a layer of laminate is then applied to further give the product strength and protect the artwork. This product will withstand fair usage but if the edges, for example, are constantly rubbed with a foreign object, they will start to peel over time.

Skins are not as durable as other cases, like silicone cases, but they can last a very long time if handled properly. We have customers who had Skins for years and we've also had customers who tore the Skin during the application process. The lifespan of a Skin depends on how it's handled.

With regards to other cases, do look around at products from other manufacturers, especially those of iPhone cases. You'll notice the massive opening they have just above the speaker - that's for the proximity sensor. Why is everyone cutting big holes in their products if it's not necessary, as claimed by your Apple representative?

Unless Apple updated the proximity sensor in the newer iPhones, the "Apple representative" does not know what he is talking about.

The proximity sensor is located above the speaker, where the second cutting appears. If this cutting is not made, your proximity sensor is blocked. When this happens, your screen will be completely disabled whenever you're in a call, as if the phone is place to your ear. As such, when you're in a call, you will not be able to end the call, mute the call, or do anything else other than to wait for the other party to end the call.

The complete disabling of the disabling of the phone features prompted us to cut an extra oval cutting to allow for the operation of the phone.

To better understanding the importance of this cutting, try calling a company that requires you to enter key presses in its menu selection (eg, "press 1 for english... press 1 for credit card, press 2 for banking"). You'll find that you will not be able to operate the screen as the phone still thinks that it's against your ear.

Try placing a call to someone as well. You'll not be able to "mute" or to "end call" if the cutting is blocked because the phone thinks that it's still against your ear.

Based on your explanation, you expect the screen to turn off in a call. This is complete incorrect as I tried to explain that the screen should only turn off when the phone is placed to your ear, not when it's in a call. There is a huge difference.

If the proximity sensor is still working even when you cover the opening, it just means that you either have an abnormally powerful proximity sensor or you have not covered the opening properly or you simply do not use the functions of the phone when you're in a call. The Skin is opaque and will completely block the sensor if the opening is not present.

In fact, we made the mistake of not cutting that opening for the proximity sensor when we first launched the product and it resulted in lots of problems with customers. This was subsequently corrected with the cutting as per the product you received.

I'm sorry to hear that my response was somehow perceived as 'excuses' but they are in fact explanations as to why we made a cutting for the proximity sensor. You'll find that whatever that's written above was taken directly from my mails to you. I hope that you actually tried covering the opening as you claimed in your mail instead of relying on the "wise" advise of this Apple representative.

I do apologize if the 'tone' of my e-mails might have sounded a little tense in the later e-mails as I re-explained everything. I always try to be impartial and respond professionally with sincere help, as almost everyone else who had communicated with me can testify to, but it is extremely frustrating to try so hard to help by explaining a situation only to be met with obnoxious, condescending and rude replies.

In any case, I hope that you re-read my explanations about the sensor and the wearing and we wish you all the best in your endeavors elsewhere.

On the internet this skin looks like it has yellow, orange, white, and pink colors on it. In actuality, the pink is red. Then when I downloaded the backgroud, its hot pink; the background doesnt match the skin. I was not to excited about that.

totally cute!!

I got this skin about 2 years ago (its now 2008)... well maybe 3 years. Anyway, the functionality was as described. It did strech out a bit when I tried to apply it, but that was probably my fault for not putting it on right. So DONT STRETCH IT. :)

As far as they style. I got TONS of compliments. Everyone asked if it was an iPod and where I got it. Of course I told them it was a skin. Plus it matches the interior of my car (blue) so I got kuddos on that too.

Definately a good skin if you don't know where to start, or if you're looking for something original but not too funky.

It looked a lot more red in the picture, but when it arrived, I was very disappointed that it looked black. If you put it under direct like it almost looks like it does in the photo, and it isn't worth it to send it back to Singapore.

I got this skin thinking that it would look more like it did on the computer. The actual skin is great, but the pattern colors look a bit different. There isn't as much of a contrast between the blues, and unless you look closely, it looks more like it's just navy blue and white. Even the dark blue in the back is darker. Other than the difference in the colors on the website, I'm overall satisfied with this product, but if you are thinking of getting it, you might want to think about the colors.

Absolutely Stunning! Definately worth the wait and price shipping it to the UK as you don't get anything like it where I am. The Wallpaper supplied just finishes it off perfectly. Good job iStyles, i'll definately consider buying more from this site!

Horrible skin. It was in no way shape or form a "ultra-high resolution design" as they called it. And you can't go 2 seconds without the edges peeling up...literally...not impressed. After all the hype on the website about how great the product is, i was very dissapointed...will be returning mine...

iStyles responded:

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment. The designs are always printed in high resolution but the final result is dependent on the original source artwork and the artistic direction of the designer. In this case, the artwork is a photograph of a lace on a yellow background, which achieves the artist's intended effects but probably not in the way you expected.

Skins are good for low profile protection and basic scratch protection without adding any bulk but there are some short falls as they will obviously not be as sturdy as a silicone case (or as fat). The edges do stay down under normal usage but if they were not pasted properly or placed in a position where they're constantly being 'rubbed' precisely at the edges by a foreign objects, the edges will start to peel off eventually.

Of course, if the skin is super glued to the device, the edges will never come off but neither will the skin. The adhesive is thus strong enough to withstand fair usage but still allow for the removal of the skin in the future.

I really wish someone would contact me back on how to download the wallpaper to my i-phone. I purchased 7 skins. I am getting very frustrated. Thank you.

iStyles responded:

I checked your account and you made no purchase whatsoever. Did you place the order using another account?

The wallpaper code and download instructions are printed on the unused area of the Skin and you will be able to download them after you receive the products.

I have been really happy with my skin. Initially I was disapointed because the bigger pink flowers aren't as crisp as they seem in the picture on the site and are somewhat blurry. But overall I really like the skin.