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 Skin design of Black, Darkness, White, Sky, Light, Red, Text, Brown, Font, Atmosphere, with black colors

Solid State Black PlayStation 4 Controller Skin

4.6/5 rating - 14 reviews

Fits: Sony PlayStation 4 Controller - change device

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Solid State Black PlayStation 4 Controller Skin

List Price: 9.99
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In Stock - Worldwide Shipping

  • Styles and protects your PlayStation 4 Controller
  • Includes controller front Skins, light bar Skin, control stick housing Skins
  • Vibrant, art-quality digital print
  • Premium grade cast vinyl, UV resistant ink
  • Artwork laminated for long-lasting protection
  • Adds no bulk, provides scratch protection
  • Easy to apply (repositionable), goo-free removal
  • Made in USA

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Skins are premium grade decals that feature stunning, vibrant graphics printed on high quality cast vinyl.

Each Skin covers your PlayStation 4 Controller, provides low profile protection with no bulk and helps protect from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Wrap your PlayStation 4 Controller and make it uniquely yours.

iStyles Skin design of Black, Darkness, White, Sky, Light, Red, Text, Brown, Font, Atmosphere, with black colors, and tagged with solidcolors.

PlayStation 4 Controller not included. Colors shown may differ from actual color depending on screen calibration.

Model: PS4C-SS-BLK
Country of Origin: USA
Date Available: 21 November 2013


Awesome customer service & quality product

Awesome customer service. I had my order in less than a week. The quality of the PS4 decals I purchased is very good.

I'm very happy with the skins vinils I bought, very satisfied with the quality of the material, the fast international shipping and delivering, the overall experience. Already wanting to buy new decals. The only thing in urgent need of improvement is the shipping cost specifically to Brazil. It is now way above the shipping cost to any other country, and it doesn't reflect a reality. The post company in Brazil had improved a lot, cases of losing packages don't happen any more, thanks God. I had to have my package shipped to France and my Mother bring it to me in her way back to Brazil. Apart from that, very happy.

No issues, no hassle, delivered on time and in good quality!

Good quality and very good price fast deliver would give you 10 stars

Ordered Exo Pioneer for PS3 & controller (black & green hexagon), ps2 in black & ps4 controller skin in purple.

PS4 controller in purple really pops, looks fantastic. Put PS2 skin in black on a silver ps2 giving it a Raiders silver & black feel. Takes some patience putting the skin around front vents.

The Skins for the PS3 (console & controller) are not pictured. They were the Exo Pioneer. Looks better on the controller (smaller setting) than on the Console (large canvas). The green color is off. does not have that metallic green shine as pictured but rather a white green. This one just did not translate to post production.

It fit perfectly. A good purchase for sure

Loved buying from them. Great price, plus really quick delivery

Very good quality, very thick and very vivid.

No goods have not arrived yet because I have to pay over 20% on top for VAT before I can collect my goods from the post office.

Considering This site offers 'free' and 'world wide' shipping and avoids mentioning this will come with additional costs for places like the UK.

This is the first time I have encountered such an issue with any orders, from overseas or otherwise.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you had to pay an import fee. This charge is effectively "VAT" and is already factored into the pricing of any other product that you purchase within the UK.

Products that are sold on our web store do not include this charge. This VAT is for the "consumption of goods and services within a country" and is levied by the customs office of the country when the package is imported, if the package is above a certain value.

Given the size/weight of your package as the order was more than £60, the customs office probably took note and applied a charge. Your import VAT charge is £6.52 according to Royal Mail.

The UK is the only country that is checking postal mail imports to levy import tax and even then, we rarely receive feedback of taxes incurred from British customers as most packages fall below the minimum amount. We do state that prices quoted are before tax for UK destinations (at checkout).

You did indeed enjoy free shipping (worth $23.25) and a promotional discount (worth $27.48) on your order. Nobody likes taxes but just take it that part of these savings has now gone towards nation building.


No problem with any of the skins, the boys love them!

Great product- great ordering experience We received exactly what we expected by the description in a very timely manner. The product was extremely easy to apply (and very forgiving, I might add, as I am not the best at any adhesive application). The end result looks like a professional did it and, best of all, my kids love it! The price is great- so if my kids want to make a design change down the road, it won't cost a lot and, in fact, it is the perfect price for a birthday gift. We are extremely satisfied!

I've been a customer for about five years and I am extremely satisfied with every purchase I've made. Every time I get a new device I immediately purchase one of these skins. I've bought over a dozen of these over the years and I love them all. I've tried a few other companies but I never like it the way I like iStyles and I always end up regretting that I didn't buy it here. If there's ever a problem with an order you guys always fix it and I love all the different designs to choose from. These protect my devices from scratches and look really good doing it. I hate any added weight which is why hard cases never last long with me, I always go back to these skins. It took me a while to try matte but I'm really loving those now. A little warning, if you have a device like a phone that you might want to switch out the skin every once in a while be very careful getting the skin off. They leave no sticky residue which is one of my favourite things about them but they can warp if you aren't careful taking them off and then you won't be able to reuse them. My last purchase was for PS4 and PS4 controller skins that I know I'm getting, I just don't know when, and these skins are such a must-have for me that I went ahead and got them during this amazing 50% off Black Friday promotion. In all the years I've used iStyles I've never left any feedback, but I just wanted to finally say, you guys are amazing and I'm so glad I found this website.

I ordered a PS4 skin from iStyles and am extremely impressed by the quality of their product. Delivery was fast considering it was coming half way across the world. Application was simple and well explained and more than anything I appreciated the little easter egg offering 20% off that they throw in when searching for what you want.

All in all a great experience and great product. Will definitely be using again in future.

I always can rely on iStyles everytime I order, even though I live in Australia and order shipping takes some time, but still amazed at the quality of their products and how fast they can ship! Definitely recommend iStyles to my friends!!

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