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Headphone Skins

3.9/5 rating - 7 Reviews

What are Headphone Skins?

Style your Headphone - iStyles it yours! Skins are premium grade decals that feature stunning, vibrant graphics printed on high quality cast vinyl.

Each Skin covers your Headphone, provides low profile protection with no bulk and helps protect from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Wrap your Headphone and make it uniquely yours.


Fast shipping and nice product. I was pleased

Horrible plastic texture had no idea this was what I was spending my money on !!!!!!!
My daughter made it for me in 60 seconds on her Laptop!!!!!! I’m definitely no putting this sticker on my $300 pair of Beats By Dre

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you were expecting something else. The product that you purchased is an adhesive based protector that styles your Beats Studio3 Wireless.

It feels "plastic" on the surface because the laminate applied over the artwork (for added protection) is plastic. The Beats Studio3 Wireless is made of plastic too.

Fans of certain branding may be used to the premium pricing associated with accessories, and a decently priced $10 "sticker" may appear unworthy of this $300 headset, but it's not really possible to make a more premium Skin. These Skins are made from high quality cast vinyl, premium 3M adhesive (that will not damage the surface), printed with UV resistant ink and protected with your choice of matte or gloss laminate. We can charge more if it makes anyone feel better. ;)

This Skin will not only style your headset, it'll also help protect the surfaces covered from scratches and other wear/tear of daily use.

If you do not plan to use the Skin, you can send it back to us for a refund. Please send us an email at [email protected] and we'll send you return instructions.

Fits great looks awesome

Purchased skin's for wireless beats and when taking the skins off the paper to place on the beats headphones? they tore and stretched beyond using. Not happy with this product in the least.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your Baseball Beats Solo 2 Wireless Skin was stretched during the Skin removal.

Our Skins are made of premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl, then sealed with a matte or gloss laminate for long-lasting protection. Cast vinyl is of notably higher quality and cost roughly 2.5 times as much as the usual calendared vinyl used elsewhere. Unlike calendared vinyl, cast vinyl does not discolour, is much less prone to shrinkage over time, much thinner, and can conform easily to just about any curve.

Cast vinyl is sturdy and will generally outlast the lifespan of the device but the material can stretch if pulled hard and this was probably what happened when you removed the Skin. We're not sure how you tore the Skin as that will require a fair amount of force - Skins have to be peeled off gently and then pasted on carefully. These are not exactly the rip off and slap on type. Care must be taken during the application process and the result will be well worth the effort.

We can make a replacement Baseball Beats Solo 2 Wireless Skin for you at no charge so that you can give it another go, and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get the new package to you. We've sent you an email regarding this replacement Skin.

Was not happy at first however the customer support, specifically Michael has been phenomenal from the beginning. Definitely owned the issue from start to end even though the problem didn’t originate with them.

I got it real quick and it fits very well

Great service

Stickers are awesome