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Kobo Skins

4.9/5 rating - 7 Reviews


Very good an quick delivery, excellent information and outstanding service! Thankz 👍

The skin is beautiful. Ordering from Canada was made easy, and it arrived on time.

Great company to deal with. Product arrived safely and correspondence with the company was amazing and fast. I would certainly recommend them and would definitely do business with them in the near future.

Always good quality

For many years and for many different devices we order our skins at istyles and the quality is always good! We received the package within a week (From USA to Holland), which was very fast!

The iPhone 6s and ipad air skins were perfect, only the kobo glo HD skin was a bit too large.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skins and that your package got to you quickly.

We're sorry to hear about the sizing issue with the Kobo Glo Skin. The Skin that you purchased was for the older "Kobo Glo" and will not fit the "Kobo Glo HD". Skins are not available for the Kobo Glo HD - we will send you an email should these Skins become available in the future.

We will contact you privately regarding the return of the Kobo Glo Skin.

I ordered the aurora skin for my kobo glo in the matte finish, and it looks awesome. It did not take long for my order to arrive in Canada , I was shocked to find it in my mailbox so soon.
The matte is great so as not to be too distracting while reading.
Definitely worth the money!

I ordered a skin for my Kobo, and one for my phone. Packaged very well, not bent or folded, shipped quickly to Canada. Very easy to apply. Great colours and finishes. Fits perfectly on my devices. I love the custom look I get for my devices, especially my Kobo! I would probably order again if I need a change in design, or as a gift for someone else.

Fantastic products, loads of choice, took ages for me to decide but am very happy with quality of the product (Kobo e-reader skin) will be recommending to everyone! many thanks