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This iPhone skin esta klaro...representing from 37129
Jorge Santana, United States

just received this today and looooooovee it!!! put it on with no problems and it looks great!!!!!

May have to buy one for the i-phone now!
Tasha Laker, United Kingdom

Loving the skin , Its been on my phone now for 6 months. I carry my phone in my pants pocket and its holding up well. I change my screen protector and put the front skin right back on with no problems. And my wife is loving her Istyles skin to and she you probably know carries her phone in her purse .
Cliff Butler, United States

I love it. It is so cute on this phone.
Erica Diaz, United States

This is a great product! It is high quality material, and it does stick and unstick many times. Although the skin deforms if you are no careful enough, but its not too much of a problem. I bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it. Just make sure that you poke all of those small cuts out before peeling it off. I had to remove one of the pieces because of it...

But it does look really good.

Note: my matching wallpaper is a little bit lighter in color than the skin, but its all good.
Irvin Mendez, United States

This product was good. It stayed on for the most part, but if you don't want the adhesive on the skin to take off the white paint that says "ipod," then you shouldn't get it. This happened within the first two days when I realized that the skin was on crooked. Lo and behold, the white paint on the back of the ipod had the criss-cross marks left behind where the paint should have been. Just make sure to cover that up with another skin, and it'll be fine.
karla karling, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what happened to the iPod paint on the back of your 2nd Gen shuffle but the paint appears to stay on fine for our other customers and in our tests.

The adhesive was designed to be removable and should not be strong enough to remove paint. The hex markings you see are part of the design of the adhesive that allows for removability and for trapped air to be pressed out easily. The Skins are of course adhesive based product where chemicals are involved, likewise for the paint, and when chemicals are put together, a chemical reaction may occur. Such a reaction can be further aggreviated when mixed with other solvents, such as perspiration or oil residues leftover on the device prior to the application.

The quality of the paint used by the device manufacturer plays the most important role because any contaminant will result in a paint that will not 'stick' as much as it should - it will probably wear out quickly from daily use as well.

As we've not had any other report or incident from any other customer, we can only assume that there was a problem with the paint used for your iPod shuffle or the problem was due to a variable (eg. 3rd party solvent).

I must say that the skin is much more impressive in person. The overall fit is great, once I finally got it on. But that's to be expected...just be patient and the skin will go on well. I would definitely recommend buying a skin for your ipod classic!
James Hall, United States

I was a bit skeptical at first, but the skin turned out to be pretty darn good. I just bought my phone and wanted to get something on it pretty quick, but I really don't like the look or bulk of the silicon skins. This was is basically a high quality vinyl sticker - but it looks really good (better than a silicon skin!). And the wallpaper download really is that added touch that makes it GREAT. It was took me less than five minutes to line it up properly and put it on too. I'm already debating getting a second one....
Natalie Wojcik, United States

I like this skins phones i have one LG Dare i wish put on my phone what call of skin Rock Out i love that one.
Ethan Matthew, United States

This one is really cool and made my scratched iPod video look %500 better :)

High quality and look awesome on black iPods.

Easy to apply and easier to re-apply in case you need to move it a bit here and there!

Great quality.
Saeed Hosseini, Canada

This look much nicer on a white iPod rather than the black.

Bought this one for my daughter and she loves it.

Improvement needed: It would have been nice to have the wheel text labels too. You know the "menu" and the play/pause signs etc.

really easy to apply and great quality.
Saeed Hosseini, Canada

I love this design and looks awesome on my iPod Touch!

the only thing that probably could be better is the little circle cut on the top front! and its not even in the center!

The wallpaper is highly recommended with this.
Saeed Hosseini, Canada

Its good for when you are traveling to far away places because Canadiens are known for peace no war.
Mark Cruickshank, Canada

they r asking for a good price & it is pretty ! :)
vanessa cavazos, United States

I haven't bought this yet but i am for sure its so cool its so hip people will be enving for ur cover not just the env2 lols
Nora Coppers, United States

I think that this laptop skin would look great on any laptop for a person who is just so creative and very artistic. I would even think that a goth would love something this... well really nice and totaly ausome.
gabrielle christman, United States

This Is So Sexy ! x
Wilma Troop, United Kingdom

ricki payne, United States

Just got my skin about a week ago and I am loving it. It looks great on the phone and it really gives it a distinct look. Also, it turns out my friend just got a new phone and it turns out it's the same phone I have, so it's great because there won't be any mistaking which phone is which when we hang out. Lol.
Erika Gutierrez, United States

Quick ship, awesome looking skin. HOWEVER, the dots on the front layer, are impossible to remove so your light and proximity sensors aren't blocked. Trying to remove them caused the corners to turn up, so now it doesn't lie smooth and flat. Not sure if I will purchase another one. I can't deal with using miniscule razors to remove something that shouldn't be there in the first place. Ugh.
Sarah Hiller, United States

iStyles responded:

We're glad that you like the design. There should not be any need to cut the Skin with a razor.

The cutters may not always cut all the way through for circular cuts due to the expansion and contraction of the material during the process (heat) but this only affects the circular cuts and should not pose any problems whatsoever as the leftovers are very minute (<1/2mm), if any at all.

If there is a small uncut residue on any circular cut, just pull it straight out, with fingers holding both ends of the cutting to ensure that the rest of the Skin does not stretch. If it's ripped off too quickly or at the wrong angle, the force may spoil the Skin as you've experienced, but if it's done carefully, there will be no problems whatsoever.

We will be sending you another Skin to see if it works better for you.