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so chineseful
yiming bao, China

This is an extremely high quality skin! The graphics look great and the skin is very thick.

It was easy to remove and reposition...and I had to do it a few times to get it lined up.

I purchased this for the iPod touch and the only things I didn't like were that the front skin was very thin on the sides, which is understandable since it is meant to go around the screen...but it was pretty hard to get it placed properly. It would have been nice if the skin could have had a clear screen cover built-in...and that it does not cover the sides of the iPod. I assume this is just because it is rounded and wouldn't be easy to smoothly cover.

I wish these fit my cell phone, I'd buy one in a minute!
Denise Myers, United States

Good quality. Just like they state. It was very thin compared to some you find in stores. You hardly notice its there in reguards to thickness. The adhesive is top quality. Sticks extremly well to the DS. Its is very flimsy. That makes it easy to manuver, but hard to control. It is quite a task getting it lined up right. It took me about 30 minutes total for all 3 pieces to get them lined up good. I had to pull back and restick many times, but the adhesive definatly held up. All in all it was worth the buy. I love the design. The detail is good. This is Top quality protection.
Tony Frankenberger, United States


slick and cool, easy install and real professional protection. Can't seem to get rid of the air bubbles though
Peter Boudreau, United States

High quality skins, lovely print, easy to apply, comes in perfect size to cover wrist pad for 14" notebook. Fast shipping great service, will definitely be back :)
Nirwati Yusoff, Singapore

Horrible skin. It was in no way shape or form a "ultra-high resolution design" as they called it. And you can't go 2 seconds without the edges peeling up...literally...not impressed. After all the hype on the website about how great the product is, i was very dissapointed...will be returning mine...
cody nordine, United States

iStyles responded:

I'm sorry to hear about your disappointment. The designs are always printed in high resolution but the final result is dependent on the original source artwork and the artistic direction of the designer. In this case, the artwork is a photograph of a lace on a yellow background, which achieves the artist's intended effects but probably not in the way you expected.

Skins are good for low profile protection and basic scratch protection without adding any bulk but there are some short falls as they will obviously not be as sturdy as a silicone case (or as fat). The edges do stay down under normal usage but if they were not pasted properly or placed in a position where they're constantly being 'rubbed' precisely at the edges by a foreign objects, the edges will start to peel off eventually.

Of course, if the skin is super glued to the device, the edges will never come off but neither will the skin. The adhesive is thus strong enough to withstand fair usage but still allow for the removal of the skin in the future.

This skin and the pink one are awesome!!! They're cute, attractive and hott! you should buy it!
Kay Collier, United States

included impurity content, slanting diffraction lines..

this problem demands attention !
Yury Sakarinen, Russian Federation

IT really good will for me because all my cloth shoe and other thing are from micheal jordon
Jimmy Aquino, United States


Amazing product! Before i ordered it, I was a little skeptical about it becuase I see how pretty it is on the monitor and I was unsure if it would look as good when it arrived in the mail. I can say with great confidence that it DOES look as good if not better. It's as shiny as it looks on the computer screen...amazing. I really have no compliants about the looks HOT! and I'm totally inlove with it!

I highly recommend this product to anyone who likes the combo of black and pink or purple. I dont think theres anything else out there that measure up to this.

I'm very happy with the results and I hope you get a chance to enjoy this product as I am right now!!
Charlotte Iginua, Canada

I really wish someone would contact me back on how to download the wallpaper to my i-phone. I purchased 7 skins. I am getting very frustrated. Thank you.
Mike Sagginario, United States

iStyles responded:

I checked your account and you made no purchase whatsoever. Did you place the order using another account?

The wallpaper code and download instructions are printed on the unused area of the Skin and you will be able to download them after you receive the products.

this is the coolest skin cover in America, because it's money h-e-l-l-o everybody luvs money and if they don't they is crazy.
poppy james, United States

i think this product sucks sorry peeps
NATE IRGENS, United States

The thing is mostly ok. Looks great and all... However i expected it to have separate pieces for the wheel & the central button as for example 'Leather iPod nano Skin' does. But the front part of this skin is solid. That should be indicated somehow in the product description.
Maryna Barsova, Ukraine

danae jennings, United States

iStyles responded:

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. I find this design ugly indeed but I'm sure that there're others who will like and buy it. Removal is easy. Just lift a corner and peel it off. The sticky residue that was left was probably a part of the skin that completely broke off when you tore off the skin. This chunk can simply be peeled off like the rest of the skin. As we did not receive further updates or photos regarding this matter, we assumed that you managed to resolve the issue (by peeling the chunk off).

My names is Margot, and I speak a very bad english. I'm French.
Margot Durand, France

I have been really happy with my skin. Initially I was disapointed because the bigger pink flowers aren't as crisp as they seem in the picture on the site and are somewhat blurry. But overall I really like the skin.
Kim Chapelle, Canada

veryy pretty
elizabeth a., United States

Looks great, but the cut is not as good. There is always white showing between the body and the clickwheel. This one is for anyone that likes burl, but does not care about tiny amounts of white showing.
Brian Terstenyak, United States