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Looks good on my EVO, colors are hot and not too feminine for a dude. No problems with delivery and the application process was a cinch. I would recommend the hi-gloss finish. No need to pay $2 extra for a satin finish which provides a dull finish to the skin. Get hi-gloss!
Brandon Hoffman, United States

Looks hot on my EVO, a must have for a dude! These skins are addictive! Very easy to put on, just takes a little patience.
Brandon Hoffman, United States

Jonathan Perron
Jonathan Perron, Canada

Received my "skin" last night. Took literally 2 minutes to apply to my ACER netbook. It is a perfect fit, looks terrific and exactly what I wanted. Could not be happier with it. I am certain it will prevent scratches, it might even impress all the middle schoolers with whom I work every day!!

Thanks for the product....and I highly recommend it.

John Chick
Valdosta, Georgia
John Chick, United States

how i can get it, i in malaysia..

look so nice..
norbaizura mohd hatta, Malaysia

shipping time took an astonishing 4 days! i love the design, putting it on was a battle though, as the corner ends were a bit difficult. In the end, i got it on and it looks fantastic. One more satisfied customer here.
Sabrina syed, United States

I just received this skin, i bought it on the 4th of November and received it today, the 8th of November. I was absolutely shocked at the shipping time, 4 days! Amazing. However, I have unsteady hands so it did take a while to fit perfectly, but i got it. There are a few awkward maroon lines showing because I have the maroon version of the Lg Env2 and not the black as shown in the picture, but i am satisfied with the product overall. The sticker stays on securely, and i hope it will hold up. The skin design is amazing, and exactly like the picture minus the maroon lines if you have a maroon phone. I fully recommend this product however, it gives my phone flare.
Sabrina syed, United States

this skin is very beautiful and there are mutch skins
adriano pierazzo, Italy

Great product. Shipping time was fantastic, nothing like time stated in the ad. much faster. Would of liked option to have wallpaper sent to phone
Karen Bodnar, United States

I've been using this skin and the silicon screen protector on my iPod Classic since February 2008, and I have to say that they've held up perfectly. I hate having my iPod in a case and I needed some protection from scratches, and this was it. My iPod looks brand new under the skin and the screen is flawless. This was the best $15 I've spent on my iPod, without a doubt. The design is pretty cool too; I get comments on it all the time.
Nicholas Lester, United States

As I was cruising along on iStyles I was somewhat impressed by the skins they had. Suddenly, BANG!!!! I saw this skin and instantly fell in love. After I awoke from my 6 hour coma, I ordered this skin. When it arrived, I tore open the package and angels sang "Hotel California." I applied it to my phone and the second I did, I was called by the hottest girl in my school. She confessed her love for me and asked me out on a date. Since I received this skin, girls have LITERALLY been falling left and right infront of me. This skin is good for any music loving MACHO MAN like myself. It's str8 b*tchin.... Possibly even better than the 3-wolf shirt... possibly.
Geoffrey Price, United States

dabdoob 2009
ahood alshamsi, Qatar

This iPhone skin esta klaro...representing from 37129
Jorge Santana, United States

just received this today and looooooovee it!!! put it on with no problems and it looks great!!!!!

May have to buy one for the i-phone now!
Tasha Laker, United Kingdom

Loving the skin , Its been on my phone now for 6 months. I carry my phone in my pants pocket and its holding up well. I change my screen protector and put the front skin right back on with no problems. And my wife is loving her Istyles skin to and she you probably know carries her phone in her purse .
Cliff Butler, United States

I love it. It is so cute on this phone.
Erica Diaz, United States

This is a great product! It is high quality material, and it does stick and unstick many times. Although the skin deforms if you are no careful enough, but its not too much of a problem. I bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it. Just make sure that you poke all of those small cuts out before peeling it off. I had to remove one of the pieces because of it...

But it does look really good.

Note: my matching wallpaper is a little bit lighter in color than the skin, but its all good.
Irvin Mendez, United States

This product was good. It stayed on for the most part, but if you don't want the adhesive on the skin to take off the white paint that says "ipod," then you shouldn't get it. This happened within the first two days when I realized that the skin was on crooked. Lo and behold, the white paint on the back of the ipod had the criss-cross marks left behind where the paint should have been. Just make sure to cover that up with another skin, and it'll be fine.
karla karling, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what happened to the iPod paint on the back of your 2nd Gen shuffle but the paint appears to stay on fine for our other customers and in our tests.

The adhesive was designed to be removable and should not be strong enough to remove paint. The hex markings you see are part of the design of the adhesive that allows for removability and for trapped air to be pressed out easily. The Skins are of course adhesive based product where chemicals are involved, likewise for the paint, and when chemicals are put together, a chemical reaction may occur. Such a reaction can be further aggreviated when mixed with other solvents, such as perspiration or oil residues leftover on the device prior to the application.

The quality of the paint used by the device manufacturer plays the most important role because any contaminant will result in a paint that will not 'stick' as much as it should - it will probably wear out quickly from daily use as well.

As we've not had any other report or incident from any other customer, we can only assume that there was a problem with the paint used for your iPod shuffle or the problem was due to a variable (eg. 3rd party solvent).

I must say that the skin is much more impressive in person. The overall fit is great, once I finally got it on. But that's to be expected...just be patient and the skin will go on well. I would definitely recommend buying a skin for your ipod classic!
James Hall, United States

I was a bit skeptical at first, but the skin turned out to be pretty darn good. I just bought my phone and wanted to get something on it pretty quick, but I really don't like the look or bulk of the silicon skins. This was is basically a high quality vinyl sticker - but it looks really good (better than a silicon skin!). And the wallpaper download really is that added touch that makes it GREAT. It was took me less than five minutes to line it up properly and put it on too. I'm already debating getting a second one....
Natalie Wojcik, United States