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took a little longer than usual, but not a problem of shipping, it got stuck in customs. Thankfully, the included tracking number kept my my mind at ease.
Pedro Marques, Portugal

Staff was very helpful; high quality product and items arrived on time for Christmas.
Bill Carothers, United States

Even more satisfied with this hybrid case.
I have dropped my iPhone at least 4 times on hard surface, but the last time the outer case was broken, however, my phone survived undamaged. The new outer case is more smooth than the damaged one, so I am, indeed, more satisfied with this new hybrid case. And I am so happy that I could order the same image.
Merete Soerensen, Denmark

I highly reccomend istyles. I ordered a skin of a photo I had taken for my surface pro 4 and I love it. It turned out awesome. It is so easy to apply as well and it made very durable. I will definitely order from them again in the future!!
Paulet Lang, United States

Very good Tanks
Mohammed Mohawesh, Sweden

The quality of the decals is first class. They are a perfect fit and easy to reposition if necessary. I use a battery clip on my Spark and even had some left over bits to cover that also. I am hoping that the decals can be taken off and re applied as my Spark has developed a fault and is going back to DJI for repairs. If not I will have to take up the offer of a second order with discount. Thoroughly recommended if you want to pimp your Drone.
Patrick White, United Kingdom

KIMBERLY DYER, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the Mermaid Tails Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Skin. The Skin is not going to look good indeed if it's not the right one for your phone.

Was the Skin for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? If not, please send us an email and we'll have it sorted out for you.

Or are you using a phone other than the Galaxy S9+? What is your phone model?

Came super quick and really fab design. Looks brilliant.
Debbie Martin-Lawson, United Kingdom

Very attentive customer service, positive and helpful. Ordered a custom skin. Love the finished quality and the fit - would definitely recommend and order from iStyles again.
Ruedi Hofmann, United States

very fast service
Rajendra Kumar, Singapore

Best case ever!
Fast service, quick turnaround, zero issues. Only downside is I didn’t know about the site sooner!
Mark Collins Jr, United States

The skin was a little too big for the laptop, didn't fit perfectly had to cut it but the color was great.
leisly castillo, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin did not fit - the product that you purchased is for the Samsung Chromebook Plus XE513C24 that was released last year.

Are you using the newer Samsung Chromebook Plus XE521QAB that was released this year? The correct Skin for this model should be the one here.

We're glad to hear that you managed to modify the Skin to work.

The product arrived damaged. Waste of money!
Matt Irwin, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what the postal service did to your package.

Can you send photos showing the damaged package and Skin to [email protected]? We will get a replacement AirPods Skin set sent out upon the verification of these photos.

Yeah it's nice. It's made out of 3Ms controltac so applying was a breeze. Print resolution is pretty good. Corner radius is slightly off but its barely noticeable.
Inje Kim, South Korea

Sent the wrong product. I ordered a skin with a picture on it, and received two solid colored skins.
brianah steers, United States

iStyles responded:

The custom Skins that you made were solid red. There were no pictures on them, which probably means that you did not saved these pictures or add them properly if you intended to add pictures. For example, if you added pictures first and added a solid red background after, the background will be "on top" of the pictures and these pictures will not be visible.

The preview image of your custom Skin shows a single tone sold red artwork.

Did you receive a solid red tone Skin or was the Skin that you received of another color?

Can you send us digital photos at [email protected] showing the Skin that you received?

I Love it. It Looks great. I will definitely come back and buy something from here. And I would definitely recommend iStyles to someone. Great Job iStlyes. ?????????
Tarsus Ross, United States

Wonderful company! Five stars!

I accidentally ordered the wrong sized skin and customer service was absolutely wonderful! They allowed me to return the incorrect skin for a full refund. I then ordered the correct one one the shipping was remarkably fast I got my item within 3 days! I would absolutely recommend this for all your skinning needs!
Juliane Womer, United States

I ordered a skin for my phone, but I didn't have my card set up for online usage, ok I understand that. I go back and set the card up for online transactions, wait an hour or two for it to verify, and when I go back and try using the same card again (after it's been set up for the transaction), and i get declined again. I just want my phone skin, and am willing to pay for it if I am able to use the same card to pay for it
Logan Compau, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your prepaid card payment was declined again but this is unfortunately because of an issue with your card. Payments can get declined because of one of many reasons and your bank will be in the best position to tell you what went wrong as they declined the payment.

Perhaps, give the "PayPal" payment option on our store a go as this payment method works better with prepaid and debit cards. If the payment gets declined here, you need to talk to your bank to see what went wrong.

quick delivery, well packaged, flawless product — beautiful.
Thank you ;)
prisca schmarsow, United Kingdom

Exceptional product and customer service! You truly couldn't ask for anything more!
Karen Quinlan, United States