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Quality was way beyond my expectations. Will be getting more in the future no doubt.

I ordered 2 sets of Skins for my Mavic Mini. Bearing in mind the disruption with Covid 19, they were delivered 7 days from placing my order to the UK. On opening the package, it is obvious to see they are of extremely high quality and come with full detailed installation instructions. I have never installed skins before and if you take your time you will get a fantastic result. I am incredibly happy with them and would be happy to purchase again. Highly recommended. Great product and customer service.

Good quality!

The sticker was easy to apply and flexible to mold around my nunchuks. Looks beautiful!

Good looking product and shipped quickly. I would definitely recommend!

Love it!

I bought this as a gift. He loves it! Perfect size!

Hello there my mavic mini skin arrived this afternoon and I would just like to say thank you. Its a brilliant product the best skin I've ever bought by Miles. You can feel and see the quality of it so thank you very much and thanks for all your help on fitting it. It went on like a dream.

I really loved the decal skin for my tablet. And I'm especially impressed that you made the design for it even though that pattern was not available for the Kindle Fire 10 HD. (...and at no extra cost!!)

I'd be happy to recommend your company to my family and friends.

Thanks again!

Got it for my 12 year old. Easy enough instructions for her to apply it herself and she loves it.

Michael has been absolutely fantastic in supporting me with the missing package situation. Very prompt responses and thorough information. Couldn't ask for better service. I am one happy UK customer, despite the UK postal service loosing the original shipment :)

Good, I'm satisfied isn't even close to a strong enough sentiment! I didn't even know I needed customer support. They figured it out on their own and reached out to me. Who does that? They are the most honorable company I've ever dealt with!

So far support has been exceptional ! Thanks to Michael

I had some questions and through email they were ver fast to respond even after hours. Also with the Cover 19 going on I can not stress how fast and helpful they were thank you for helping me.

The product is good for the price. It is not the most precise, and the finish of the product isn't what I expected, but I'm satisfied with the product.

The sticker came out so perfect, my boyfriend loved it thank you so much. Perfect birthday gift. Oh & super fast shipping

I received my order right on time and everything inside the package was nice and neat and nothing was missing. I just purchased and Acer and wanted to do some customizing to it and decided to order from istyles and found that this was the best choice for my laptop since I have been looking in other websites and comparing prices. I also read that people were purchasing similar skins for their laptops and they found that although they fit there needed to be some adjustments to them since they needed to cut some of it to make it fit. I installed the skin on my Chromebook and everything was so easy and the skin was very pretty, it fit perfectly and it is so colorful not pale and it made my Chromebook look really nice.

26 March 2020. Shipped 24 April 2020 Had I known it would take 4 weeks to ship I would have looked elsewhere. No clue or update as to the quality or even if it will arrive so asking for feedback on a product that you shipped but customers haven't seen yet is a bit pointless.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your package has not arrived yet. Such feedback requests are not pointless because it tells us when something went wrong so that we can check and help!

Your order was received on 26 March and shipped on 27 March. During normal times, while USA to UK deliveries can happen in just 1+ week, it usually takes between 1 to 3 weeks and can sometimes take as long as 4 to 6 weeks in rare cases when there are delays in the postal services. We wish we can make the delivery happen more quickly but the actual delivery time very much depends on how quickly the postal services route the package.

These days are however not normal times. Postal services and international flights are operating at reduced capacity because of covid-19 and this may affect the delivery time. International postal mails ride on commercial flights and because most of these were grounded, it takes longer than usual for shipment to the destination country as every package/mail has to squeeze onto whatever few flights there are left.

According to the package tracking, your package left the USA on 28 March as it went through the international distribution centre. We noticed that there were severe delays for UK shipments that were shipped in the later half of March. These packages were routed through other countries because of the limited flights available and were taking longer than usual to arrive.

Shipments after in April appear to be fine - a recent review was posted by another British customer who received his package in just 3 business days (shipped 17 April, delivered 22 April).

It's also possible that Royal Mail attempted to deliver your package:

1) Please check your account page to ensure that your delivery address is correct. If you're not certain, please send us an email at [email protected] to check.

2) Try checking at the nearby post office. Your package will be rather large as it contains a MacBook Skin and it is likely that the postman could not fit it into your mailbox. He should have left a note for the collection of this package from the nearby post office but this note is sometimes misplaced. Please drop by the post office that services your area, quote USPS delivery id LJ594392315US and ask if they have a package for you. Explain that it will be a large and flat cardboard envelope that might not have fitted in your mailbox. Post offices usually keep such mails in a 'undeliverable drawer'.

If your package is not there, it means that they have not finished routing the mail to you. Such deliveries usually happen within 1 to 3 weeks but it can take longer because of covid-19 disruptions.

Please send us an email at [email protected] if you do not receive this package by 15 May. We will ship another package to you if it does not arrive by this date.

Update: Package delivered by Royal Mail on 2 May

My skin arrived it was perfect thank you :)

Amazing product, professional team

Extremely, superfast delivery under lockdown Covid-19, and amazing product. Thank you guys

Had low expectations of the product, but quite surprised the skin is not some flimsy sticker skin & feels substantial. The application of the skin was easy to follow and thankfully designed with the correct holes for the various mics and cameras of my surface pro 7. I would definitely use this product again for other devices. Also the skin shipped really quick & arrived 3 business days after ordering.

Really good quality skin, a few millimeters small but can be fixed by stretching the skin a bit. Overall, a great buy!

I recently ordered this for my Wii from alongside couple other skins for my other consoles from dbrand. dbrand don't sell Wii skins, which prompted me to look elsewhere and that's how I came across Honestly, I was quite skeptical initially because I had never heard of it and I didn't want to get a lower quality decal for my Wii which I intend to keep in my collection. But I did give it a try anyway because of other reviews that were mostly positive.

I have put on the skin and it has been very good so far. My Wii was wearing off over the years with scratches all over it, and I thought this might a good alternative to hide those while retaining a clean aesthetic on my Wii. The packaging was nothing fancy, but it was clean and well-packaged. No micro-fiber cloth pieces for cleaning though.

The only complaint I have is the skin was slightly smaller than expected, so I had to stretch it a few millimeters from certain places to be able to cover all of the surface of the Wii. Still has some weird gaps, but it works for me because of the print I ordered kinda camouflages them (My Wii is white and the print is gray digital camo).

Also, it would have been nice to have button icons printed on the "button" pieces of the skin which would stick on the Wii's buttons. I haven't put those pieces, and again it works for me, but if I were to order a more pronounced print (e.g. flat red), then the white buttons would be quite prominent - which is what I wanted to avoid.

Nonetheless, the quality and surface finish of the skin itself is really nice. And it's great to see that iStyles have a much bigger variety - both in terms of the skin collections, as well devices that they provide the skins for.

Overall, it looks great and it doesn't come off from anywhere - which is what's most important. Will be continuing to see how it lasts.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the detailed review. We're happy to hear that you like the Digital Urban Camo Wii Skin.

Our large Skin pieces are usually cut very slightly smaller on purpose so that they're more "forgiving" and easier to apply for everyone. If they're cut precisely to the dimensions of the surface, these large pieces usually end up overhanging at one or more edges if the user is not careful. The trick in ensuring that the Skin stays down at an edge is in not letting the Skin reach that edge. In terms of product durability, this helps to ensure that our Skins outlast the lifespan of the device. Of course, more advanced users like yourself can stretch these out very slightly for a better fit.

Thank you once again for the review and feedback!