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I will always buy my phone skins from istyles. I am always happy,excited and very pleased with my covers. I love it when people comment on how cool my phone looks. Thanks istyles
Rosalee Wratislaw, Australia

Absolutely Happy. My order came when expected, and was exactly what I ordered. The material used is wonderful. I've had my IPhone Skin on for weeks now, and it still looks as though I JUST put it on.. So thrilled..
Breanne White, Canada

I ordered the crime scene matte finish and the shark with the gloss finish for my ps vita. I currently have the crime scene on my system the cut outs are very accurate and it looks very nice. I plan on ordering a skin for my note 4. Thank you.
Kayra Davis, United States

I like the design, but the screen is not protected. Backside and corners are covered as long as it falls in that are, but the screen I will be out of luck.
Angel Robledo jr, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. The Bumper Cases have superior impact protection that protects your screen from drops without hindering access to it.

The front edges of this case protrude slightly such that your screen will never touch the surface even if you place the phone face down. The thick TPU all around absorbs shock during impacts and the polycarbonate body adds rigidity to the structure.

The Bumper Cases will indeed not protect the phone from a blunt impact directly on the screen (eg, a hammer hitting the screen) but such things never happen in real life. A phone screen gets broken simply because the phone was dropped on the floor and the Bumper Cases cushion the blow of such impacts, effectively protecting the phone and the screen.

I love the product! Great quality product with easy application. Recieved in a timely matter. Absolutely love! Recommended to all my friends and family.
Jazmine Rodriguez, United States

Love my laptop skin!

I wanted to put a skin on my new computer to help reduce the chance that a stranger might pick it up and walk away with it by making it more obviously "Mine."

I loved the great assortment of offerings, and was finally able to choose something that really fit my lifestyle. It arrived quickly, was packaged very well, and was easy to apply to my computer.

I would definitely recommend iStyles skins to other users.
Brandy Schaffels, United States

Great Product! Already referred friends! Love the skin, it fits perfectly... If you take the time to make it fit perfectly lol
David Fleeger, United States

Awesome experience.

The hardest part of the whole experience was choosing the skin for my device.

Placing the order was a breeze, and I received my skin within the timeframe that was quoted me when I bought the skin.

The skin came with easy to follow instruction and was a cinch to install.

My order also came with a wallpaper for my device and getting it installed was very easy as well.
Christian Thibodeau, Canada

Loved the skin I got for my Mac it was easy to put on and looks amazing!
Bianca Garcia, United States

The quality of the skin is absolutely amazing. However, when I applied it to my iPod little bubbles formed over the hours. They're in various places of the skin, so unpeeling the skin and reapplying it would not help. However this is probably my fault as I got excited when applying it. Next time I'll go slower and try to smooth it out as I apply it.
Cindy Shultz, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skin quality.

A Skin can be applied with no bubbles forming by pressing down from the centre out after positioning the Skin. There is no need to unpeel the Skin to remove these bubbles after application - the Skins come with a special weaved adhesive that allows for air to flow through, so you can literally press these bubbles out with your finger. Just use your finger and gently push the bubbles towards the edges.

Fantastic service.

The products are second to none !
Daniel Hart-holyoak, United Kingdom


I have ordered from istyles before and have never had any issues with the ordering process or the delivery. When you receive your skins there are clear instructions as to how to apply, I had no issues in applying my new skins and will order more for other products when I see something that grabs my interest again.
Joanne MacRae, United Kingdom

The product is awesome. People have no problem understanding how much I LOVE leopard print. If someone tries to take it, there will be no problem identifying my computer. The iStyles leopard print has glammed it up like no other!
Jacquie Jeffers, United States

5 stars + 5 main reasons = overall as a Top A rating of a 10!

First off I would like to apologize on my behalf to both Ebay and most importantly to this seller for Not responding quickly enough on the feedback and rating of this company; due to the fact that I was recently in the hospital only just shortly after receiving my purchase. But, although I am always looking for great deals and just specific items at given times only in my life, overall I would like to point out that in my personal experience as a buyer on Ebay over the years; which has only been short lived; as I rarely make purchases online. I believe that 5 stars may not be enough to many of the companies/sellers here in some cases; as with this particular one. With high regards to this seller I am giving 5 stars most importantly for these 5 main reasons:
*The detailed quality of the purchased product
*The quality of the packaging
*The promptness of shipping
*The seller’s professionalism
*The level of communication
Not necessarily in this order; although I am very pleased with my purchase overall I would recommend this company to anyone for reasons other than just the above. I fully approve this seller for their overall professionalism at most and for the product I had purchased - My (Three Wolves Laptop Skin). I absolutely LOVE IT! And I am looking forward to doing future business with this company. I believe 5 stars are simply Not enough for this seller so, add everything up into one final score. I give this seller 5 Stars + 5 main reasons = overall as a Top A rating of a 10!
Patricia Hartmann, United States

My sons both loved their x box one skins. However my younger son likes to fish so I purchased the skin with bass on it. He placed it onto controller and the head of the fish was the punch out, now he has a headless fish. Regardless he still liked it.
Michele Treacy, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that your son likes the Skin but sorry to hear about what happened to one of the fishes in the design.

The Xbox Controller Skin requires many "holes" but we try to position the design of Striped Bass Microsoft Xbox One Controller Skin in the best possible way. Most of the fishes in this design kept their heads.

Does the layout of the Skin you received differ from the image shown on the web page? Can you send us an email with a photo of your Skin?

The vinyl cover for my phone arrived extrememly quickly seeing as it was shipped to me (outside the UK), application was easy with good instuctions provided and overall a great customer experience
Hasnain Jahangir, United Kingdom

First time user. This review is actually about the website and not the skins.
I have never experienced such a smooth, fast, easy, likeable website before. Just loved the browsing, the selecting, the filtering. Loved the whole process from browsing, over the purchasing to the comfirmation email. Makes you feel good and in safe hands :o)
My biggest compliment to those who made this website and makes sure it works. The rest of the company can get a similar compliment on another time. I'm sure they will be at the same quality as well. :o)
Best regards,
Harry Jensen, Denmark
Harry Jensen, Denmark

I was a first time user and very pleasantly surprised at the timely, courteous and personalized customer service!

I started out with a possible order at their posted price, but then hesitated to complete the transaction when I discovered it was in US funds since it put the cost above my budget. I received a quick inquiry from iStyles customer service to ask if there was anything they could do to help, and then offered me a discount which more than covered the exchange rate. I was very pleased and confirmed the order. I placed the order way too close to expect it to arrive for Christmas, and was very impressed when the item actually arrived several days later and in time to be under the tree! I would not hesitate to use and recommend iStyles to anyone!
Lori McLaughlin, Canada

First time buyer. The product selection was awesome and the ordering process was easy. The communication was very good before and during the transaction. I will Definately buy from you again.
tim pollard, United States

Fun patterns & options available. Posted promptly so I had them in good time to give as Christmas presents. Price was good. Quality seemed good - they're at my brother's house for my nephews to use on their PS3 controllers so I can't comment on how easily they went into the controllers.
Would happily return to buy more from this company.
Sue Kaliszewska, United Kingdom