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Very good quality, very thick and very vivid.
Joshua Lopez, United States

shipping was super fast, the application could not have been easier, I was happily surprised to find stickers that go all the way around the edge of the computer!
Emma Dzamko, United States

Works and looks awesome. Need to trim a bit, but even someone as inept as myself was able to do so.
Jay Jay, United States

After looking at many sites and eBay for the million and one similar decals for DJI Mavic Pro, l eventually found my way to and created a custom decal, mind blowing end product and support is fantastic and so was the time it took to get from the U.S to Australia, end result, my own individual design ...just the way l like it, fully recommend this website for any decals, not just DJI Mavic pro, cheers, Michael De Florio
Michael De Florio, Australia

I bought a MacBook Pro 13" NON-Retina skin for my late 2011 MacBook Pro 13". The skin description states that it would fit all 13" non-retina MacBook Pros. However, the skin did not fit edge to edge- it was too small. In fact, it left almost a centimeter of exposed case all around its perimeter. It looks awful that way- very ill fitted- so I just threw it out. In addition, I purchased the exterior only skin expecting both a top and bottom skin to cover the exterior of my MacBook, but instead i received only the top skin. The item descriptions seem extremely misleading.

Edit: I've increased my rating to 3 stars for the exceptional customer service. I wasn't expecting a response nor a refund, but both occurred promptly which I appreciate. Thank you to iStyles for taking the time to read and respond to my feedback as well as offering me a refund.
Maria Lau, Canada

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you were not happy with the Skin. The "Outer Skin only" (not "Skins") option for the White Marble MacBook Pro 13" Skin that you purchased only comes with the lid Skin. The bottom of the MacBook Pro 13" gets hot during operation and it is important to allow this surface to breath. This bottom area is rarely seen as it is against the table and it's protected from scratches by its rubber feet.

The large lid Skins are not cut to fit absolutely precisely with zero tolerance. There're cut very slightly smaller (1 to 2 mm all around) to allow for slight stretching during the application. The Skin has to be centered on the lid (around the Apple logo) and if applied without stretching, will result in a silver "frame" of the artwork. If the Skins are cut precisely to the lid size, most people will end up with Skin edges that overhang the edge. A slightly smaller cut allows for a more "forgiving" Skin application. In fact, if you're careful, you can very gently stretch the whole piece into place for a perfect fit during the Skin application, but it's easiest to simply centre it.

We want our customers to be happy with the products and we're sorry to hear that you were not. We've processed a full refund for your order. I hope that this is an acceptable resolution.

Great Flashy Product

A real eye pleaser and conversation starter!
William Berger, United States

This was my 1st experience with iStyles. I Love Thomas Kinkade so I bought the phone case for my Galaxy S7 and it's annoying how it barely protects my phone and doesn't protest the buttons on the phone! I didn't want to spend anymore money to return it. So, I'm stuck with it. It was too pricy for what you get.
Tara Spiess, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for your review. The Galaxy S7 Hybrid Cases were designed be slim cases but yet come with a slim layer of shock absorbing material to protect the phone during a fall.

It sounds like the Bumper Case version of the same design may work better for you as Bumper Cases come with much more shock absorbing material all around - they're also thicker.

The buttons are not covered as these are not fragile parts of the phone and it's not necessary to hinder their functionality. We've tested cases that cover buttons and never liked any of them because of how terrible they made these buttons feel.

I've raised a return request at the warehouse for your order anyway and you can choose to return it if you wish to. We'll send you an email with return instructions within the next business day.

The styles are very cute, they fit perfectly and were easy to apply. Very happy and plan to order more!
Meghan James, United States

I bought two controller skins, a Kinect skin and an Xbox one skin. They don't line up the way they're supposed to... On the controller the link button is covered and parts of the controller aren't covered. The same things for the Xbox and kinect. I paid good money for all of these for Christmas and they don't even fit like they're supposed to. It's really annoying.
Jennifer Chase, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you did not like the coverage of the Xbox One and Controller Skins. These Skins will fit but they will not completely enclose your Xbox and controllers. The Skin coverage is shown on our product photos (for example at Break-Up Xbox One Skin and Break-Up Xbox One Controller Skin).

More comprehensive coverage is available for some Skin sets depending on the physical layout of the device, but the Skin cannot wrap around the rounded corners of the controller and the air vents of the console cannot be covered for the console to function properly. The Xbox One and Controller Skin sets were designed to give the console and controller a distinctive style and we hope that the recipient was happy with his/her gift.

The top Skin for the controller should have a cutout for the link button, as shown on the template. Was this cutout not included on both of your controller Skins? Can you send digital photos showing this area (without the hole) to [email protected] ?

Great experience. Amazing quality, great price and it came quickly and before Christmas too. Thank you so much!
Alex Darwiche, Canada

received my order about 30 days

I just realised the item arrive in Australia....
Peter Mavrenski, Australia

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your package took so long to arrive.

The Skins are made in the USA and ship directly from the production facility. A delivery to an international address usually happens within 1 to 3 weeks but Australia Post in particular is overwhelmed at this time of the year as they are taking a very long time to route packages to some of our Australian customers. Your package was shipped on 6 December and took about 3 1/2 weeks to arrive. The huge volume of mails in their network and the year end holidays resulted in the delay in routing.

We wish we can make these deliveries happen more quickly but they're dependent on the postal services. We're glad that the package arrived safely in the end and we hope you like the World of Soap DJI Phantom 3 Standard Skin.

Great selection, impressive delivery, lovely quality. Really happy with my purchases.
Anne Bridges, New Zealand

I was sent the wrong skin, was told to contact someone else for a return, i did that, never heard back, said heck with it, would not use again.
Tommy Orndorf, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin was not what you wanted. The product that you purchased was a vibrant pink Skin for the DJI Phantom 3.

Why was the Skin wrong? Were you looking for a Skin for another DJI drone?

We never received your contact email. Who did you contact?

We have sent you an email regarding this issue as we would like to fix it for you.

Very pleased

I wasn't sure what to expect when ordering the skin for my DJI Inspire The product arrived promptly and was of excellent quality, better than other skins I have seen application was quick and easy, In all I am pleased with and would certainly buy another product from iStyles
Paul Davies, United Kingdom

Nothing like getting a completely blank cover!! Absolute GARBAGE!!! And to boot there isn't even a contact number to complain. Do NOT use this sight!!
Russell Justice, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your custom Skin was wrong. We're investigating why this happened. We will have the corrected Skin made and reshipped to you asap. You should get the replacement within the next week.

great customer service fast and very customer oriented on special request... great job
Jesus Lopez, United States

Excellent customer service and quick shipping

I had ordered a few skins for my nintendo 2ds and had mistakenly used the wrong shipping address; so I sent an email to correct my mistake and customer service was able to resolve all of my issues within a few hours. A couple of days later my package was at my doorstep. I would definitely recommend to friends and be a return customer.
Brian DeGrande, United States

Happy with my order

Always worried ordering off sites I don't know of but they did a good job delivering on time and the product is nice. Honestly couldn't be happier I ordered the white camo and looks nice and feels of good quality 5star
Cody Thomas, United States

Beautiful and perfect

Skins were beautiful and as expected. They were easy to apply. I would highly recommend them to everyone.
Nette Soerensen, Denmark

I was satified with my purchase and the price I paid, but was not happy when charged additional fee. I should have been aware of this!
Suzanne Propst, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Skins.

We're sorry to hear that your bank levied a transaction charge on your account. Most customers do not incur such extra charges, especially so when a credit card is used for payment, but your bank may have specific restrictions on your Mastercard debit card and probably bills you a small transaction charge every time you use the card online.

How much did they charge you? We just sent you an email about this - let us know via an email reply and we'll cover this charge for you by refunding that amount on your payment.