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I bought skins for mi ipad and my laptop and the skins are beautiful: brilliant colors and good material.

To put the skin on the device it was easy.
Jorge Luis Delgado Mendoza, Peru

I've ordered from this company for myself and for gifts many times and I've never been disappointed.

I love my new skin and that there is a matter option available. My only wish was that they were shipped with cardboard in the envelope to keep it from bending. My mailman does not read the "do not bend" on the packaging so it was stuffed and bend into my mailbox. The good news is that with a little heat and time I was able to smooth the product out perfectly again which is a testament to thelp quality.
Susan Wright, United States

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're sorry to hear about what your mailman did to your envelope but we're glad that the Skin was not damaged.

The Skins are indeed rather resistant indeed and can stand up to a fair amount of abuse. Even if the envelope is folded, the Skin itself is generally unaffected and from experience, a cardboard packaging is not going to come in the way of a determined postman and his ability to stuff mail into any mailbox, whether the mail fits or not.

The larger Skins come in a cardboard envelope. The vast majority of packages do not get damaged in the mail but the postal services can yield surprising results - should a product get damaged badly in the mail (eg, Skin torn), we will replace the product at no charge.

We're glad that you managed to smooth the Skin out perfectly and that you like the product.

Great Service-Quality Product

What I received in the mail is exactly what I expected when I ordered. The bonus to this is it was at a good price and it came very quickly. The email from iStyles said it would be 3 to 5 business days. It arrived in 2 business days. I cannot recommend this merchant high enough.
Jerry St.Onge, United States

Absolutely love my Chromebook skin! It was very easy to apply and the design looks even better in person then it did in pictures! I would order from this site again! Quick shipping as well!
Sarah White, United States

I bought the Funky Floratopia for my HP Chromebook 14. It came quicker than expected and is of outstanding quality. I've bought different skins from elsewhere and they do not compare in quality or beauty. Very happy customer!
Patricia Simons, Canada

No Problems

Everything came nicely as suspected. Only took 2 or 3 days to arrive with the free priority shipping promotion. Have been ordering from here from time to time for a few years now and only had one problem, which was resolved quickly.
Yong Blosser, United States

Super assortment and service

I was impressed with the large selection of cases and motives within each category. It took me a while to make my decision - finally I succeeded. I was very satisfied with the product (hybrid case) when received. Hence a week later, I ordered a sleeve for my iPad.

The shipments of the ordered products were spotless, therefore, I will definitely recommend iStyles Pte. Ltd. In addition, the web site clearly shows the motives exactly as they look/appears when you get the product 'in your hand'.

I dropped my iPhone shortly after - nothing happened. I also ordered another hybrid case with a different motive approx. 2 months later, so you can conclude that I am extremely satisfied.
Merete Soerensen, Denmark

I love the skins. However I am disappointed that there is no skin for the base of the Macbook Air. I messed up the skin for the keyboard and did not want to spoil the skin by pulling it out again. Wish it is easier to center it right and apply without bubbles.
Lawrence Liu, Hong Kong

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the MacBook Air 13-inch Skins but sorry to hear that you accidentally messed up the inner Skin for one of them.

Skin Application
The MacBook inner Skins are precision cut to cover the area around the keyboard - the complexity and large size of this surface does make Skin alignment a little more tricky but the final effect when it's done properly is well worth the effort. What we generally do during Skin application is to first align the Skin to the major physical cutouts, and in this case, that will be the trackpad area. Peel the whole inner Skin off and start with the bottom half; hold the Skin at both ends of the wrist rest area and gently position until it aligns perfectly to the trackpad. One trick will be to keep the top half (the thin stripes that go beside the keyboard) folded back over the bottom half such that the stripes do not get stuck on your MacBook when you're positioning the bottom half. Once you've aligned the trackpad, everything else will fall in place with a little guidance.

Do not press the Skin down until you are happy with the alignment - this makes it easier to reposition the Skin if the first alignment attempts fail.

When you're happy with the alignment, start pressing the Skin down firmly from the inside out so that bubbles will not get caught. Even if bubbles do get caught, they can be pressed out with a finger as the Skin comes with a special weaved adhesive that allows for air pockets to be "massaged" out.

Replacement Skin
We can get another replacement inner Skin made for you to give the Skin application another go at no charge and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get this new package to you.

If you would like to go for this replacement, please send us an email at to let us know which MacBook Air 13-inch Skin was spoil (you purchased two) and we'll set up the replacement order for you. Or if you would like to place an order for something else (matching cases for your phone? We also sent a discount via email), let us know the order number and we'll add the replacement inner Skin to it.

Bottom Skin
The Outer/Inner Combo MacBook Air 13" Skin sets will cover the lid and area around the keyboard on your MacBook but they will not include a bottom Skin. You can technically purchase another "Outer lid" Skin and make cuts manually for the rubber feet on the bottom of your MacBook but we will not recommend doing so. The unibody construction of the MacBook acts as a heat sink and helps to dissipate heat during operation. If the bottom area is covered, the MacBook will not be able to "breath" as well, resulting in higher operating temperatures that can cause reduced performance and shorten electronics lifespan.

We recommend using the Skin for styling and scratch protection - when you need to transport the MacBook, put it in a padded sleeve (like the one you purchased too) or bag. The bottom of the MacBook does not require a Skin as it's usually facing a surface (eg, on a table), it does not come into direct contact with this surface (will not get scratched) because of the rubber feet on the bottom and people rarely see this surface as it's either on the table or packed in a bag.

Awsome service and product

It arrived DAYS before anticipated will definitely be ordering again in the future
Francis Taylor, United States

Great product, fast shipping.

Beautiful design, quality product.
Lisa Hillesland, United States

Fast delivery, and great quality!

I ordered my skins on Monday and received my order on Thursday! The skins look great, better than the pictures they show on the website. Matte finish stickers are the best quality compared to the gloss but that can be a matter of preference. I will definitely be shopping through again!
Joseph Sanchez, United States

The package and installation was flawless!

The package was in a nice evenlope with carboard inside that was very stabe. I was worried about it getting bent in shipping but everything worked out great with no problems and definantly will be back to check the new products and purchase differnt things my different devices.

As far as the insallation part I bought a skin for my Microsoft surface three and it took less than 10 min to install and everything has stuck great no peeling in the 7 days i have had it on there (I am a full time student and i use this computer every i go and in these 7 days I cant count how many time it been thrown in the book bag) and everthing looks like I put it on yestday.

All and all i really recommend any of these products they are very high quality and made my laptop look brand new at a distace no one will ever know that it is jus a skin it fit really great everywherr will ease.

Thanks for reading
Justin Hallows, United States


No problem with any of the skins, the boys love them!
Wanda Fulton, United States

I messed this up

I thought it was the actual guitar so i was surprised when it was only the decal
Harlen Voechting, United States

iStyles responded:

Sorry to hear that. The Play Dead Guitar Hero II XBox 360 X-plorer Controller Skin that you purchased is a Skin for the Guitar Hero II XBox 360 X-plorer Controller.

You can buy Guitar Heros here.

You can return the Skin for a refund if you have not used it yet. I've raised a return request for you and we'll send you an email with return instructions in the next business day.

Nice colours, fits perfectly

Really looks like on screen, fits perfectly and was delivered soon!
Judit Zsakai, Hungary

Great skin with a nice animal on it

Skin in mate, perfect fit, looks great. Thanks
David Hoza, Germany

Very fast delivery: 7 days to get to the other side of the world. Thank you!

The sleeve I ordered fits well enough (15' laptop sleeve for a 14'5 Lenovo Yoga, smaller is too small). The colors are vibrant, the print very high-quality - no thermoglued impression but rather a fine print embedded in the fabric. It has been printed before sewing up the sleeve too, so there is no borders.The overall effect is excellent.

The sleeve is very thin; this won't protect against rough handling, it's only meant to protect the computer while in a bag. It came with a very, very strong smell of petrol - sitting at the window for a while should help.
Emmanuelle I., France

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review and 5 star rating. We're glad that you like the quality of the Sleeve!

There may be indeed a little smell on some products when the envelope is first opened because the products came directly from the production facility. Every product is freshly made at this facility in the USA and the smell will go away fairly quickly.

Looks great on my new Otterbox Commuter iPhone case!
Debra Murphy, United States

Amazing product I completely love it it was totally worth the money I might try another one
Amanda Lockhart, United States

I will always buy my phone skins from istyles. I am always happy,excited and very pleased with my covers. I love it when people comment on how cool my phone looks. Thanks istyles
Rosalee Wratislaw, Australia