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Happy return customer

This is the second time I have ordered from iStyles and I have been very happy each time. The orders arrived in a timely manner and were as described. I will definitely order again.
Krista Paradowski, Canada

Thank you for Wrap it was excellent!!!
Santiago Javier, United States


Item arrived before expected delivery date! Product was simple and easy to apply! No complaints and one happy customer! :)
Andrew Fennell, United Kingdom

5 stars. great customer service and experience! I love my customized skin!
Ruby Freeman, United States

I love your delivery and the quality product i ordered is fantastic! Definitely recommending this to my friends.
Jurgis Ievins, Latvia

Thanks, for this beautiful and awesome Mavic Paint-Structure Paint and the Iphone 5 Rose Cover.

The Iphone 5 cover for my Girlfriend and he love it. He say very sweet Rose and beautifull Painting on Paper :-)

My Mavic Pro Manual Skin, perfectet prevent-structure to the Drohne, and passing good on Mavic, i very happy. My Drohne looks awesome.

The Travel-Time are good, the price are acteptable...

Thank you and see you next...

Greez from Switzerland Lucerne
Alan Balmer

PS:Sry for me English, is 1 years learn at school ;-(
Alan Balmer, Switzerland

Flawless transaction. The product was exactly as it was advertised. Delivery was as promised. The value of the product was great.
Christy Long, United States

Not 100% what I expected.

I was disappointed that the trackpad wasn't covered with a decal. Also I must have misread the description of the keyboard cover, I didn't realize that they were individual stickers.
Jens Holmboe, United States

Just perfect! Fast delivery & awesome product... :)
Kamil Kwiatkowski, Poland

So I've finally received my Matte solid state olive drab blackberry passport skin and I do love the texture and feel of it. Very simple to apply. However I received my skin with 2 very noticeable nicks on the back of my skin. Not happy with that all all!!! Second, I feel that this skin is only for the blackberry passport for at&t model which has rounded edges. It barely fits my passport which is not a at&t model. I also believe that the Sim card and memory card slot compartment was not in thought process while this skin was in the making. The back skin for said phone is one piece when it should 2 seperate pieces, unless the customer is supposed to cut the skin in order to fit perfectly but I highly doubt that as that would totally destroy the skin. I would love to order from this site again but now I'm not so sure.
Mikhail Anderson, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about the compatibility issue you had with the Skin. The Solid State Olive Drab BlackBerry Passport Skin that you purchased was indeed for the AT&T model only - this model has rounded corners as shown on the product photo. This Skin will not fit the "square" BlackBerry Passport.

Your package arrived rather quickly. The package was shipped on 21 April and delivered on 24 April, which is probably a new record for a USPS First-class mail as our quoted estimated delivery time for this delivery option is 1 to 3 weeks.

The "nicks" on the Skin are absolutely not normal. Was the exterior package damaged when you received it?

Either way, given the damage on the Skin and the incompatibility with your phone, we've processed a full refund for your order. We hope that this is a satisfactory resolution.

We're glad that you liked the Skin otherwise even though it did not fit. Unfortunately, Skins for non-AT&T BlackBerry Passports are not available but we have Skins for many other devices and there's probably something else that you might want to Skin.

Excellent product quality and design. Perform a test by removing it and leaves no residue or extract the painting as it said
Rodolfo Rodriguez Henriquez, Spain

This is the second skin I have purchased ,this was for the Mavic Pro It was of good quality and easy to apply .One word of warning ,when fitting it around engine mounts be carefull that none of the skin sticks on the rotating motors even the tinyest bit can stop the motors rotating resulting in failure of the motor
Paul Davies, United Kingdom

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're glad that you like the Mavic Pro Skin.

No worries about the Skin affecting the motor in any way - the leg Skins have to be pasted way off before they touch the motor. The Skin is not going to touch the motor even if it's slightly misaligned.

I love customize character on my drone skin, super!!!
Jeff Chien, Taiwan

I love it I play on it everyday all day this was a great idea and am glad I invested in it thanks for making my gaming experience much better
juan baez, United States

Good Product
pakorn nugerum, Thailand

beautiful stickers, Very fast delivery time to the Czech Republic, trade recommends
Jitka Fojtikova, Czech Republic

Great quality skins! Some were a little shy of the mark but, you can't tell. It may be my fault. Are you supposed to stetch them? Either way still very happy with my purchase. Delivery and packaging were spot on. I will be buying more. Fun and easy to be able to change if you want something different. Fits my Mavic nicely!
Jim Campbell, United States

I ordered a couple of skins from iStyles and not only was the price right the order was delivered right on time as well. Very pleased with my order and will return for more without hesitation.

Great place to shop, I'll be back
sidney mallet, United States

Purchased skin's for wireless beats and when taking the skins off the paper to place on the beats headphones? they tore and stretched beyond using. Not happy with this product in the least.
Theresa Hausmann, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that your Baseball Beats Solo 2 Wireless Skin was stretched during the Skin removal.

Our Skins are made of premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl, then sealed with a matte or gloss laminate for long-lasting protection. Cast vinyl is of notably higher quality and cost roughly 2.5 times as much as the usual calendared vinyl used elsewhere. Unlike calendared vinyl, cast vinyl does not discolour, is much less prone to shrinkage over time, much thinner, and can conform easily to just about any curve.

Cast vinyl is sturdy and will generally outlast the lifespan of the device but the material can stretch if pulled hard and this was probably what happened when you removed the Skin. We're not sure how you tore the Skin as that will require a fair amount of force - Skins have to be peeled off gently and then pasted on carefully. These are not exactly the rip off and slap on type. Care must be taken during the application process and the result will be well worth the effort.

We can make a replacement Baseball Beats Solo 2 Wireless Skin for you at no charge so that you can give it another go, and you just have to cover the shipping cost to get the new package to you. We've sent you an email regarding this replacement Skin.

Excellent service and the skin itself fitted perfectly, offering both protection and style to the XPS 13. It has drawn several admiring comments. Great product, highly recommended.
Donald Crowther, United Kingdom