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Very Good!!!

dao bao linh

I have ordered a number of times from iStyles and have always been satisfied with what I got. Delivery is usually within 2 weeks from time of despatch (I live in Perth, Australia).

What I really want to comment on is the efficiency and professionalism that was shown when the wrong product was sent on my last order.

Upon confirmation of the mistake, the correct item was sent out with no additional out of pocket expense from me, I got to keep the incorrect product too!

I was and am impressed coz I was prepared to send the wrong item back or keep it and not expect the correct one being sent out! Anyway, I love both designs now.

My Ipod is only accessorised by iStyles. :)

I bought this skin some months ago now. It fits well and looks wonderful, it even has the extended hex background pattern that the movie spidey has. I'm writing this review as I'm returning to buy another. I dropped my Ipod badly, as a result the case should have been damaged but the skin took 99% of the impact. The result is paying out £5 for a new skin instead of £100 for a new Ipod. These skins are the business!

well....i havent gotten mine yet since i had just recently ordered it about 2 days ago but im expecting it to be worth it all and a least cover up all the scratches and make it unnoticeable....frum the picture...i think its soo pretty and at least would be able to match wif all my clothes and be fashionable or nice and sleek once i get to school =]...nd i also think its gonna be a good product becuz of the other reviews of this product...[not the skinz]..even frum ipod nano or video....they stated it wuz a great product so i cant wait til i get mine! =]

it looks awesome....

i'm currently using this skin for my nano.

simply lovely. :D

this is a wonderful skin.

i bought it for a friend and presented it to her as a birthday gift, and she loves it! she's currently using it.

i personally like it too. :)

Excellent product. Fits perfectly and protects as you would expect.

Great product, price was amazing compared with what I saw in local stores. Shipping was not so swift but oh well, it only cost $3.66! Will buy from here again, as long as I don't need something right away.

okay- I don't have an ipod so not fussed

It is to colorful too fruity and make it like fruty buy matchy

It makes you feel warm and cozy. You just want to run outside and feel the warm sunshine gleaming over your body and the warm wind skim across your face. It is a beautiful feeling and a nice vibrant color. I would definetly want to see this everytime I go play my spyro game on my game boy!!!!!!!!!



I like this skin becuase it very interesting to look at especially becuase It changes from the natural brown color to a darkish green color either in the sun or @ higher temps. I'd recommend It :-)

i don't know! i don't have one.

this skin is asum i love it p.s the south will rise agian

I really liked it!

It fits perfectly well and it's just how I had imagined it would be (no more no less).

Bad thing is it took almost 20 days to arrive here in Brazil and when you want to use it with a slim leather case, it is really hard to take it off.


i got my IPOD !!!!!! this is sooooooooooo cool with the skin. w00t!!

much better than the old blue flames skin

not what you expect...rips easily..hard to readjust

I buy one of these for circa 1 month ago. And i live in Swe so it take a little time but it's worth it. It looks awsome! it's the best 10/10 5/5 It's Great