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easy application and prompt shipping!
Shipping was prompt and application was simple on my chromebook 3!
Roy DeSimone, United States

Always an easy purchase with iStyles. Good quality product, shipping time and service. Highly recommend to you!
Mathew Winsor, Australia

Good prices and service.
Theresa Grayson, United States

I skin every device that I can when I get them and these are excellent with a huge variety to choose from. They are also a great value. Thank you for such fast service and a quality product. I also am very appreciative of the 25% discount on future orders because there will be quite a few of them. Thanks!!!
Sway La, United States

No what I expected
Avee Patel, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the product was not what you expected. The Skin that you ordered is an adhesive based protector that will style your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Were you looking for a controller? This has to be purchased elsewhere.

I've raised a return request for the Skin that you've purchased incorrectly. We'll send you an email with return instructions in 1 business day.

Hyeon Sik Mun, South Korea

Very good quality sticker, small cutouts for rounded parts allow a correct placement. My fpv glasses have awesome look! The team answers questions in a very short time. Thank's
Christophe Grandjean, Belgium

ida parrott, United States

Very great professional.
fournier jean luc, France

No issues, no hassle, delivered on time and in good quality!
Janae Soller, United States

Great 👍 I would definitely buy from again
Lynne Craig, United Kingdom

Fast shipping and nice product. I was pleased
Solveig Birgitte Wulff, Norway

Good quality and easy to install.
Ed Salerno, United States

Great product precision cut with great instructions . High quality materials my drone looks great!! Fast shipping as well!!
Corey Johnson, United States

Fast service
Good product
Yuri Prins, Netherlands

I ordered a skin with a picture and it came out perfect. I was amazed at how fast I got the skin. Great Quality.
Mark Ingham, United States

Skin looks fabulous and good fit all over.Thanks
Roman Idigov, Czech Republic

Received a marble decal for my iPad Pro 11” and it was the easiest install and looks fantastic on my device. Great value for the money and extremely swift delivery.

Thank you.
Terri Pollino, United States

Great experience with iStyles. Prompt delivery and item arrived in great shape. Instructions for application were easy and accurate. Application was a breeze. Will definitely purchase from here again.
Sue Maier, United States

Item arrived bent, I did get it on but has a bumpy area! They ask for photos but when you look at a photo it does not show you how it feels! And looks in real life!! I strongly agree it is a good product and would protect! But when companies stall In a replacement, it just delays the RIGHT of what should be. True wasn’t company fault as was marked “do not bend” but still was bent and material stretched! But I was treated like I should accept that and use anyway! Satisfaction was not given so satisfaction has not been felt!!
Steve Shelton, United States

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you are still unhappy with the outcome.

Thank you for your understanding that the damage to the package was caused by the postman, not us. It is amazing that he/she can still blatantly fold the envelope despite the cardboard packaging and very prominent "do not bend" sticker.

As per our email correspondence, we suggested applying the Skin as the Skin material itself is extremely resistant (and flexible), and any 'damage' on the Skin is just on the paper backing card and not on the Skin itself. Any ceases on the Skin can be easily smoothed out to perfection during application - the Skin is only properly damaged if it is cut or stretched.

If the Skin was badly damaged and this damage is still visible after application, we requested in our email correspondence that you send us photos. You do not have to return the damage product (as is the standard policy for any other company). You just have to send us photos and we will send you a replacement. As we did not hear from you, we assumed that all went well and that you managed to smooth out the Skin perfectly.

We're sorry to hear that all is still not well. I've approve your order for a reship and we'll send a new ACU Camo Dell XPS 15 9560 Skin to you. The replacement order is in the production queue and will ship in the next 1 to 2 business days when production is complete (estimated Monday). An email notification will be sent when the package goes out.

Please contact us at [email protected] should you have any further queries. We are here to help!