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Colis reçu dans les temps et bien emballé

Skin facile à installer, très bonne qualité et très bon rendu


Translated: Parcel received on time and well packaged

Skin easy to install, very good quality and very good rendering


This is the 4th decal I've ordered from them. And everytime the decal is easy to apply and looks wonderful.

Great skins, easy to apply, look fantastic!

I'm blown away by the quality of the skins! So easy to install, even if you have to lift & try again a few times. And so easy to get out any bubbles~ The matte finish is so satisfying to touch! I loved it so much, that I went right onto to try to buy more!~ :D

In multiple interactions with Michael, he has consistently been very helpful and attentive to respond to my inquiries timely, professionally and cordially.

The material it is made of is good.
But, the areas that are exposed are too many. The stickers are cut with too much margin and that makes them not fit very well. If you look from a distance everything seems correct, but if you look closely you see small bad details such as the corners lifting and peeling off, the areas where the sticker has to adapt to a curve do not fit and peel off. Also comment that there are several areas of the drone that are left without a sticker and it is ugly (the back legs, the loading area and sd card, the parts of the legs below.
In short, it could be a great product, but since it is not well adjusted, it is average to mediocre.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the feedback. We're happy that you like the Skin material but sorry to hear that your Skin started to peel.

These Skins will stick and generally outlast the lifespan of the device but this depends on the environmental factors that they're subjected to and how they were applied. Almost all (50 out of 52) of our Mini 2 Skin reviews were rated 5 stars; these customers would not have been happy if their Skin was peeling.

Our Skins come with a balanced adhesive that allows for easy application and goo-free removal. It is important that the Skin stays down and it is just as important that the Skin can be subsequently removed without damage to the drone. For example, if the Skin was "super glued" to the drone, it will stick well no matter the condition of the surface but it will not be removable.

The Skin adhesive does stick properly based on feedback from our other customers, but it is important to clean the device surface properly prior to Skin application. Drones in particular have to be cleaned well prior to Skin application because the surface can be dusty and oily, and this will adversely affect the ability of the Skin to stick properly.

Likewise, environmental factors, such as constant abrasion against the edge of the Skin, which is a similar action to peeling the Skin, and drone crashes, will inevitably result in the edge lifting. In addition, incorrect Skin positioning such that an edge overhangs the device edge will make these edges more vulnerable to peeling or damage. It's also possible the Skin adhesive might have been damaged during the Skin application process if you reapplied the Skin (peeling off and sticking again) too many times when positioning a piece.

The Skin was designed not to touch the surface edge on purpose as this ensures the longitivtiy of the Skin. Skins that are cut such that they reach the edges are much harder to apply as there is no margin for error and they may not stay on properly for long - such Skin edges will overhang if not applied with absolute robotic precision, will get caught up with use over time and are more likely to get lifted. This damages the Skin and will result in "corners lifting and peeling off".

There is supposed to be a very tiny gap between each Skin piece and the edge of the surface as shown on the product photo; the Skin is to be applied such that the "gap" is equal all around the Skin piece (Skin centered on the surface). If you pasted a Skin piece such that it is flush against one edge, this will result in more vulnerability at this Skin edge and a larger gap at the opposing edge.

Skin application on a drone can be complicated because of the extensive coverage and complex surfaces, especially so on curved surfaces. The Skin material is flexible and can adapt to curves, but it is very important that the surface is cleaned properly prior to application and the piece on the curved surface has to be pressed down hard.

We can get a complimentary Hot Rod DJI Mini 2 Skin made for you so that you can give this another go, and you just have to cover the ship cost to get the new package to you. If you would like to go for this replacement, please reply to the email that we sent to you and we'll set this up!

Perfect no problem

Horrible, im so disappointed. The measurements off and it doesn’t cover it properly! I spend over 50$ Canadian to get this crab!!!

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin set did not fit. The custom Skin that you ordered is for the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go (released in October 2020) and will only fit this model. Is yours a Surface Laptop Go 2 or any other Microsoft Surface model?

You can check your Surface model by following the instructions at

Please reply to the email that we've just sent to you so that we can help you sort this out!

It's wonderful easy to apply just take your time. Showed up and fantastic condition package very well and looks amazing!

I absolutely love the skin I got for my kindle Oasis it looks. and fits perfect.

It was excellent. Exceeded expectations.

it s perfect , no problème , thanks you

Muerte Xbox Series X Skin
Muerte Xbox Series X Skin

Great product and great shipping times. Will buy again.


It was easy to order from the website, and I ended up ordering two different skins for my iPad Magic Keyboard. Delivery was quick and I love my new skin!

Skins look great

Fast delivery and good quality decal, eaasy company to work with!

Wonderful graphics and quality. Exactly what I was looking for to dress up the drone. H

I wanted the skin to provide a better grip than the iPad normally has…. and it worked.
And it looks great, too.

Hello istyle team ! I confirm that i have received my order and with fast shipping , thank you very much ! I am very pleased with your product .

Absolutely amazing! The Donut Skin for my Nintendo Switch Lite is fantastic - it’s made me so happy! The best skin, easy to apply, fast delivery - I love iStyles! Thank you so much! xx