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Super fast shipping, I placed my order and 2 days later the skin was in! High quality print and thick skin help make my goggles look great, but also offer good abrasion protection. It's a no brainer after spending so much money on the goggles

Excellent service and speed of delivery.
And of course the large choice of skins for drones, perfect. Will definitely come back for more.

Love my Skin! It is really beautiful...The Gadsden Flag never looked better... very smooth, nice and bright, gives my little Kindle a whole new look...

Thank you very much My order arrived & I’m very pleased with the quality & fit.

The order was perfect!

Thank you.

stickers incroyable tien parfaitement
juste vérifier 2 - 3 fois les cote complique et après plus de problème

Thank you, excellent service.

Pretty much useless decals. While the looks are there, the adhesive is far from being sufficient to keep them in place. After only couple of days the decals are coming loose even from a flat surface. And no, it's not due to not having clean surface or anything. I can't recommend buying these.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what happened to your Skin. These Skins will stick and generally outlast the lifespan of the device but this depends on the environmental factors that they're subjected to and how well they were applied.

Our Skins come with a balanced adhesive that allows for easy application and goo-free removal. It is important that the Skin stays down and it is just as important that the Skin can be subsequently removed without damage to the device. For example, if the Skin was "super glued" to the device, it will stick well no matter the condition of the surface but it will not be removable.

The Skin adhesive does stick properly, as evident by the other positive reviews, but it is important to clean the device surface properly prior to Skin application. Drones in particular have to be cleaned well prior to Skin application because the surface can be dusty and oily, and this will adversely affect the ability of the Skin to stick properly.

Likewise, environmental factors, such as constant abrasion against the edge of the Skin, which is a similar action to peeling the Skin, and drone crashes, will inevitably result in the edge lifting. In addition, incorrect Skin positioning such that an edge overhangs the device edge will make these edges more vulnerable to peeling or damage. It's also possible the Skin adhesive might have been damaged during the Skin application process if you reapplied the Skin (peeling off and sticking again) too many times when positioning a piece.

We can get another Cybernetik DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin made for you so that you can give this another go, and you just have to cover the ship cost to get the new package to you. If you would like to go for this replacement, please reply to the email that we just sent you and we'll set up the replacement order for you.

Great instructions, great pattern for my drone. Looks fantastic. A plus thank you

Really happy with my winter green marble skin for ipad smart keyboard and apple pencil

Really simple to attach. The pencil too a few goes but got there eventually.

Delivery was affordable and arrived within 7-10 days

Great product and service! Excellent communication and quick shipping! Xx

Very high class materials! Fast delivery, even to germany. The stickers fit perfectly. I am very pleased! Can't wait to let it fly!

first off shipping was fast and the quality of the stickers was much better than what i expected. Great product

topnotch customer service,order recieved on time,thanks

I had a custom skin made for my Motorola z3. The skin was very easy to apply, fit the phone perfectly, the quality is great. They were quick turn around.

Very pleased!

I ordered the skins for my drone (and for a friend of mine). They had to be shipped to the Netherlands, but delivery was quite fast (2.5 weeks). Only downside was the extra customs fee I had to pay, but the amount wasn't that high.

The quality is great. Very nice prints and almost every part of the drone is covered. Sticks very well to the drone and easy to apply although you need a little patience with some of the decals.

The end result is absolutely pleasing and looks exactly like the picture shown in the webshop.

Extremely happy with the received DJi mini2 EVAC skin.
Quality is 5* !

Just to tell you the skin applied even easier than they have in the past.

I was hoping for one more whimsical, but this one looks great on. I only use the case when I'm on the go, so the colorful is nice to have at home.

Drone skin was precisely what I'd expected. The matte finish is a nice touch. Quick shipping to!


I just finished installing most of these decals. Good fit, and manageable die cuts / sectioning.
(...and by a happy coincidence, we have 4 batteries for our Karma. How did you know?? 😉)