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The item has arrived, its perfect! Thanks.

Got my package very fast.

The stickers are high quality and you can tell hard work have been put in the designs and cutout sheets.

5 stars !!!

Updated 5 star review, 26 September 2020:

Can’t thank IStyles enough
There sending me a replacement full decal free of charge For my Mavic Air 2 , to replace a set which may have been applied in the wrong temperature.
This company has really shown there loyalty with customer services.
Harvey Davies

Previous 2 star review:

I purchased a full set for my Mavic Air 2 skins
I followed all the applying recommendations thoroughly.
After only a week there not good in my view
Air bubbles keep returning and peeling here and there.
???? Regards
Harvey Davies

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what happened to your Skin. These Skins will stick and generally outlast the lifespan of the device but this depends on the environmental factors that they're subjected to and how well they were applied.

Our Skins come with a balanced adhesive that allows for easy application and goo-free removal. It is important that the Skin stays down and it is just as important that the Skin can be subsequently removed without damage to the device. For example, if it's "super glued" to the device, it will stick well no matter the condition of the surface but it will not be removable.

The Skin adhesive will stick and generally outlasts the lifespan of the device, but it is important to clean the device surface properly prior to Skin application. Dones have to be cleaned well prior to Skin application because the surface can be fairly dirty (as it lands on different places, such as on the soil) and this will adversely affect the ability of the Skin to stick well.

Likewise, environmental factors, such as constant abrasion against the edge of the Skin, will inevitably result in the edge lifting. In addition, incorrect Skin positioning such that an edge overhangs the device edge will make these edges more vulnerable to peeling or damage. It's also possible the Skin adhesive might have been damaged during the Skin application process if you reapplied the Skin (peeling off and sticking again) too many times.

Bubbles under the Skin do not "keep returning" by themselves. If the Skin is sticking properly to the surface, it is impossible for air to enter. What probably happened was that you left air bubbles under the Skin during the Skin application and when the device is in use, the heat expands these bubbles and they "grow".

When applying the Skin, air bubbles will not get caught if the piece is pressed down from inside out, but if they do, it is important to press out all bubbles. These bubbles can be gently massaged out during Skin application thanks to the special weaved adhesive on the Skin. These bubbles have to be pushed to the edge such that the air escapes out of the Skin. It is not enough to simply press them down as that only compresses the air (the air is still there).

Our Mavic Air 2 Skin customers have always been delighted with their Skins and the reviews were always 5 stars - we think that you'll like the Skin set better if you give it another go. We can get another Skin made for you at no cost to replace the piece that's peeling, and you just have to cover the ship cost to get the new package to you. We've sent you an email with details about how to get this complimentary replacement.

No goods have not arrived yet because I have to pay over 20% on top for VAT before I can collect my goods from the post office.

Considering This site offers 'free' and 'world wide' shipping and avoids mentioning this will come with additional costs for places like the UK.

This is the first time I have encountered such an issue with any orders, from overseas or otherwise.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that you had to pay an import fee. This charge is effectively "VAT" and is already factored into the pricing of any other product that you purchase within the UK.

Products that are sold on our web store do not include this charge. This VAT is for the "consumption of goods and services within a country" and is levied by the customs office of the country when the package is imported, if the package is above a certain value.

Given the size/weight of your package as the order was more than £60, the customs office probably took note and applied a charge. Your import VAT charge is £6.52 according to Royal Mail.

The UK is the only country that is checking postal mail imports to levy import tax and even then, we rarely receive feedback of taxes incurred from British customers as most packages fall below the minimum amount. We do state that prices quoted are before tax for UK destinations (at checkout).

You did indeed enjoy free shipping (worth $23.25) and a promotional discount (worth $27.48) on your order. Nobody likes taxes but just take it that part of these savings has now gone towards nation building.

Awesome but a tiny bit confusing

I got a livery for my dji mavic mini. All pieces looked fantastic and fit perfectly. The only complaint I have is that there were very few instructions and it took me awhile to find out where on the drone certain pieces were supposed to go.

Second time ordering. Shipping is quick and skins are very nice quality. Will surely be back and recommend to anybody looking for quality skins

The mavic air 2 skin fulfills all of my expectations and fits perfectly with the body of the drone. It doesn't add weight to it and the drone fly as you expect.

The quality of the skin is superb, good colors an designs and the delivery was right on time.


I was so excited to finally find a Folio case for an iPhone 11 Pro Max and this is a quality case.

Everything great. Order, delivery and quality are right.

Great Service

I had a great experience with iStyles. Customer Service was very helpful when I purchased two skins instead of one. Delivery was quick. I look forward to customizing more items. :) I Highly recommend this place.

Ordering was smooth, progress reporting accurate and the delivery was timely and uneventful; just what I needed. And on top of all that, the product is great too. All much appreciated.

It arrived totally fine and even before the date said it was going to arrive! Thank you for your kind service!

I ordered once then placed a second new order

All products ordered and delivered promptly. After my first order for a skin I ordered a second time for a matching skin for the gaming unit. I would happily order from them again

Great service and high quality skins for my mavic, post office was slow but that's not iStyles fault.

Great product. Looks like what was ordered and fits well. Problem with mail and arrived very late but customer service was very good.

iStyles responded:

Thank you for your understanding despite the delayed delivery of this USPS Priority mail package. USPS usually works well but unfortunately messes up at times. We're happy to hear that your package arrived safely in the end and that you like the Bookshelf HP Chromebook 14 G5 Skin!

Another happy landing

This is my third haul with iStyles, and I am as pleased with round 3 as I was with my first. As one of those "Ooo shiny things!" people, having my tech looking shiny and pretty is a nice touch to stuff that is otherwise pretty boring.

The designs are always impressive, the quality always sharp and clear, the adhesive always strong and allows a degree of re-fixability. Correspondence is friendly and professional and I particularly like the returning customer discount! (Which will be seeing use)

For all you fellow perfectionists in particular, be warned that once in place it is fairly final...trying to remove and re-apply skins once secured down just ruins them, so make sure you're completely happy with positioning before going for the final push so to speak!

But once in place, these skins are a wonderful touch-up and their durability/longevity makes them well worth the patience of perfect application. I'm still using skins from my first run back around 2012 and they're still just like new! Fab stuff *thumbs up*

Fantastic quality skins for my Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini, also very fast delivery to the UK.

Great skin super could not be better

Pacco arrivato tutto ok

Outstanding. I screwed up the order process twice; both times, customer service alerted me within minutes, told me how to fix it, and fixed my double payment error, practically in real time. This would have been exceptional in ordinary times; now, it's borderline incredible.