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My experience ordering a skin for my Mayflash F500 was fantastic! It was easy to order navigating the website and the package arrived very quickly. The customer service was also fantastic and very approachable.

Very impressed. My skin arrived here in France sooner than predicted so well done US Mail and of course iStyles. Only my Smart controller this time but Im sure I'll be back for a drone wrap soon.Quality!

Love my new drone skin. Fits perfect , great cutouts , and great product. Thanks you

Beautiful drone skin
Ordered this drone skin,very very happy with it,looks amazing,very easy to apply,comes with leaflet,on how to apply it,very good service from start to finish,very happy with this company,will buy again.
5 star rating
Thank you again 👍

Fit was perfect. Shipping was fast.

My French bulldog took my mini 2 out one too many times so had to do a body swap so got a new wrap. LOVE THE GLOSS FINISH! Looking forward to this next wrap

Very fast shipping!! I absolutely love my Xbox series x skin!! It fits absolutely perfect and also around the buttons and cd slot fits perfect. I got the gumball machine skin and it fit so good and looked so good both my sons had thought I traded the Xbox in for a gumball machine 🤣 . It was super easy to put on too and left absolutely no air bubbles. All I had to use was my hand and rub side to side as I was putting it on. No tools needed and no frustration neither. Thank you so much! I will purchase from here from now on. Keep up the great work!

Parfait ! Installation sans soucis et qualité des matériaux donner l'impression d'un nouveau clavier avec ces sticker ! Mais pourquoi ne les fais-je pas acheté avant ?!!!
Merci pour votre produit en tout cas !

Translated: Perfect ! Hassle-free installation and quality of materials give the impression of a new keyboard with these stickers! But why don't I buy them first? !!!
Thank you for your product anyway!

Nice products
It took me 45 minutes to install complete skin to my inspire 2 drone, battery charging station, remote contoller with 2 extra battery.
Necessary holes are cut out perfectly.
Skin material is thick and nice.
Alignment is little tricky but all goes well.
I will recommend this product to other.

To be honest, the skins are a little darker than the download, and the case is a little lighter than the download. I do understand this because of the mediums that are used. I worked for the Xerox printer company for over 20 years and understand how using different mediums can make an image look washed out and not as crisp on others. Anyway, I do love my purchases and your website is excellent. Thank you so much, and I will be back. Dawn

Order received and meets all expectations! Could not be more pleased!!

Worth the price and really satisfying

Second review due to second order (at least 3 DJI Mini 2 skins): in my opinion these are the best skins available in quality and design. Fits perfect in every way. If you wan't to update the native boring design of the Mini 2 these are the ones to get. It looks great, brings an individual touch and also helps to identify your drone easier during the flight. Worth the price and really satisfying. Absolute recommended. Greets from Germany.

I wanted to let you know that everything is fine. I just wanted to remark how impressed by the process: the product was properly packaged, something that I have had issues with other similar products, and the skins ended up significantly creased.

The installation process was equally facile, with no problems at all, and I’m very happy with the end result.

Thank you for making a great product!

The quality of skins is very good. Installation is not difficult.

I was pleasantly and gratefully and lucky to deal with the person that I emailed I was treated with respect and got a quick response so that I can show you better than I can tell you so I took pictures of the product once it was applied The quality and the material was as described but the person kept the word and if I had an issue .because I made an order and made a mistake in a order responded and they refunded me for the one with in hours

identificação numérica das baterias
a skyn não tem números nos adesivos para identificar as baterias.

iStyles responded:

Obrigado pelo feedback. As baterias do Mavic Mini 2 não são cobertas pela capa porque a bateria é armazenada dentro do Mavic Mini 2. Os conjuntos de capa Mavic Mini 2 impressos vêm com peças de capa impressas extras para cada bateria diferente (numeradas de 1 a 8), como você notou com seu pedido anterior, mas isso não é possível com o tema Neon Fluorescent Yellow DJI Mavic Mini 2 neste pedido atual, pois a faixa "Fluorescente" não é impressa - eles usam um vinil fluorescente especial que aumenta a visibilidade do drone, mas não pode ser impresso sobre.


Thank you for the feedback. The Mavic Mini 2 batteries are not covered by the Skin because the battery is stored within the Mavic Mini 2. The printed Mavic Mini 2 Skin sets do come with bonus printed Skin pieces to different each battery (numbered 1 to 8) as you have noticed with your previous order but this is not possible with the Neon Fluorescent Yellow DJI Mavic Mini 2 Skin in this current order as the "Fluorescent" range is not printed - they use a special fluorescent vinyl that enhances the visibility of the drone but cannot be printed on.

Great and fast suport and help. ????

Great product for Price


I would have given this product 5 STARS if the skin had an installation clear layer on top of the skin itself to assist with lining up the skin to the device (like what is found with other brands). This would have made the installation easier and more predictable; the top clear layer would adhere to the front of the skin while the bottom of the skin (sticky part) would be exposed until contact is made to the surface of the device. The clear layer would not be peeled away until the skin is lined up properly with the device, including the holes for the front facing camera and lower button. The quality of the skin is good; not as stiff as other brands, but it feels like a one time use, like it's soft enough to peel away but it does stretch a little and might not be reusable (like other brands).

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're happy to hear that you like the quality of the iPad 3rd/4th Gen Skin.

Thank you for the suggestion. We've looked as such "installation clear layers" before but they do not make Skin installation easier - the user holds the clear layer to adjust the alignment but this has no added benefit compared to holding the Skin directly and aligning. Such installation layers are only useful for screen protectors so as to avoid touching the underside (causes visible fingerprints) but when applying a Skin, it's more precise to hold the Skin directly.

Our Skins come with a special weaved adhesive that allows for easy application and goo-free removal. Just position and stick. If you want to adjust the alignment, simply peel the piece off gently and realign. When you're happy with the alignment, press down hard all around and the adhesive will bond. If applied properly on a clean surface, the Skin usually outlasts the lifespan of the device.

The cast vinyl used for the Skin is thin, can conform better to the shape of the device surface, and less prone to heat and shrinkage over time, unlike the stiffer, thicker and cheaper calendar vinyl used elsewhere, but it can indeed stretch if pulled hard. Some customers claim to be able to reuse their Skins but we advice removing the Skin only when you do not want it anymore.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any further queries or need assistance.