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LG Skins

4.8/5 rating - 18 Reviews




Online ordering was quick & easy; shipping was fast! And even though this was my first phone skin, I applied it perfectly in under 5 minutes. Product is well-made and easy to work with. I liked it so much I just placed another order for other designs.

The product is great would buy another. The decal is very good quality, detail in the art work is clear, Easy installation adds just a little something to your phone,iPad etc.

Just received my order today looks fantastic. Thanks for the fast service! I am really grateful that you send another item since the first one was lost in the mail. I still have not received that one. This cellphone cover is gorgeous and I can't wait to put it on my phone. I will tell all my friends about your great service. Thanks again for helping me with my "mail" predicament. I can't believe it got here this fast!!!

I'm really impressed! The product came before it was supposed to come. The package was in pristine shape and the cell phone skin I ordered is awesome! I'm very happy with it. Quick and dependable service with reasonable prices!

Never heard of you, but you're awesome!!! I was looking for a replacement skin for my dad's phone for fathers day, one that looked like light wood grain. However, I found more of a selection of skins here for his phone than anywhere else! I ended up buying two of the blue mosaic tile skins for his Father's Day gift. He's going to love it! I would absolutely buy from this company again; recommending you on Facebook too!!

I absolutely love it and have got many compliments on it!!!!!

Everything went well in the order process. Only problem Im having is the wallpaper. I've tried to download it a bunch of times but it's not being emailed to me and it's not in my spam folder.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about the problems you had with the wallpaper download. We tried the wallpaper download for the Skins you purchased and it worked for both - the emails were received. Your email provider might have filtered the mails incorrectly.

We have sent you an email manually with the wallpapers as attachments.

Ordered cell phone skins for my daughters' new phones. Super cute, fast delivery, and the girls love them.

This is my second iStyles for my older phone, and i Love them, i was thinking of getting a new phone, mine works just fine, so then i deceided to just get a new iStyle, and now it looks like i have a new phone for about $10.00, you can't beat that, they are easy to remove and put on, Thank You iStyles, you are great.

Easy transaction and very fast shipping.

I just received this skin, i bought it on the 4th of November and received it today, the 8th of November. I was absolutely shocked at the shipping time, 4 days! Amazing. However, I have unsteady hands so it did take a while to fit perfectly, but i got it. There are a few awkward maroon lines showing because I have the maroon version of the Lg Env2 and not the black as shown in the picture, but i am satisfied with the product overall. The sticker stays on securely, and i hope it will hold up. The skin design is amazing, and exactly like the picture minus the maroon lines if you have a maroon phone. I fully recommend this product however, it gives my phone flare.

Loving the skin , Its been on my phone now for 6 months. I carry my phone in my pants pocket and its holding up well. I change my screen protector and put the front skin right back on with no problems. And my wife is loving her Istyles skin to and she you probably know carries her phone in her purse .

This is a great product! It is high quality material, and it does stick and unstick many times. Although the skin deforms if you are no careful enough, but its not too much of a problem. I bought it for my girlfriend and she loves it. Just make sure that you poke all of those small cuts out before peeling it off. I had to remove one of the pieces because of it...

But it does look really good.

Note: my matching wallpaper is a little bit lighter in color than the skin, but its all good.

I was a bit skeptical at first, but the skin turned out to be pretty darn good. I just bought my phone and wanted to get something on it pretty quick, but I really don't like the look or bulk of the silicon skins. This was is basically a high quality vinyl sticker - but it looks really good (better than a silicon skin!). And the wallpaper download really is that added touch that makes it GREAT. It was took me less than five minutes to line it up properly and put it on too. I'm already debating getting a second one....

I like this skins phones i have one LG Dare i wish put on my phone what call of skin Rock Out i love that one.

Quick ship, awesome looking skin. HOWEVER, the dots on the front layer, are impossible to remove so your light and proximity sensors aren't blocked. Trying to remove them caused the corners to turn up, so now it doesn't lie smooth and flat. Not sure if I will purchase another one. I can't deal with using miniscule razors to remove something that shouldn't be there in the first place. Ugh.

iStyles responded:

We're glad that you like the design. There should not be any need to cut the Skin with a razor.

The cutters may not always cut all the way through for circular cuts due to the expansion and contraction of the material during the process (heat) but this only affects the circular cuts and should not pose any problems whatsoever as the leftovers are very minute (<1/2mm), if any at all.

If there is a small uncut residue on any circular cut, just pull it straight out, with fingers holding both ends of the cutting to ensure that the rest of the Skin does not stretch. If it's ripped off too quickly or at the wrong angle, the force may spoil the Skin as you've experienced, but if it's done carefully, there will be no problems whatsoever.

We will be sending you another Skin to see if it works better for you.

I just purchaced this item and my delivery was shipped out on the 5th. i received it on the 8th of the same month and was astonished at how fast i received it. It's expected delivery was even suppose to take 1-3 weeks and came in less than one week. The item was shiped in a thin cardboard package and fit into my mail box, it was unharmed despite the thickness of it's packaging.

The product it's self worried me when i first opened the package. It looked small and just like a normal sticker. However, when i took the sticker off i found it to be about a mm thick, which suprized me. It was bendable and flexable but was sturdy at the same time and the printing on it was very good. The sticker was not one peice, like i thought it was because of the pictures on this sight. Each row of keys was a different sticker. The sticker that goes over the faceplate was seprate. and the sticker on the almost semi-circle up and down arrow keys were also seprate. On the back, the battery pack was a seprate sticker and then the rest was one sticker, i found that one hard to put on.

Assembly required a steady hand, but if you messed up you could easily take off the sticker and place it back on to try again without causing any wrinkles or damages to it. All the peices fit on perfectly and didn't leave any akward spaces or overlaps. I was very impressed by the way all the stickers fit perfectly on my phone and formed to it's shape.

The colour of my phone is red, not black, so i was worried the design would look silly with the colour of my phone. However, after i got the skin on, i realized that any skin would look fine, since the skin takes up the majority of the outside of the phone, all except the side edges.

The code to get the external wallpaper for the face is located on the sheet that the sticker came off of. When i put in this code to try to receive the wallpaper at my e-mail, it did not work. I tried it again and still did not work with that e-mail address. I tried another one of my e-mail addresses and that one worked perfectly, so i downloaded the attachment and then put the micro SD card of mine into my computer to put on my phone. I was wondering if the external wallpaper would be sent to my phone in the form of a text message, but it was sent via e-mail instead; which i did not mind, but might prove to provide difficultys for people without the SD card.

The way the skin and the external wallpaper match up was better than i thought. They actually line up to form one picture, and it looked very impressive. However, the external wallpaper is brighter than the skin, so it appears to be of a slightly different colour.

My complaints on this product would be the fact that the external wallpaper is too bright so it appears to be a different colour. Also, if you do not push the skin down on all the curves, then you can feel the edges of the skin. I am worried that if i put my phone in my pocket repeatedly through out the year, that the protective clear gloss over the skin will peal off. I decided to push the skin down against my phone as much as i could to try to prevent this, but I am still worried. However, these are my only complaints, the product really suprized me on this one, it's a very good price for a complete new look on your phone. I suggest it.