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 Skin design of Painting, Illustration, Art, Fictional character, Plant, Flower, Clip art, with yellow, orange, brown, green colors

Lady Sunflower Amazon Kindle Series Skin

4.8/5 rating - 44 reviews

Fits: Amazon Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, Kindle Scribe - change device

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The Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation), otherwise known as the Kindle Paperwhite 5 (2021), is a 11th generation Kindle Paperwhite that was released in 2021. This Kindle Paperwhite model has a serial number that starts with G001PX, G0021A, G002DK, G8S1PX or G8S2DK.
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Lady Sunflower Amazon Kindle Series Skin

List Price: 19.99
Your Price: $17.99 USD
You Save: 2 (10%)

In Stock - Worldwide Shipping

  • Styles and protects your Amazon Kindle Series
  • Ultra-light; will not affect your reading experience (unlike a case)
  • Vibrant, art-quality digital print
  • Premium grade cast vinyl, UV resistant ink
  • Artwork laminated for long-lasting protection
  • Adds no bulk, provides scratch protection
  • Easy to apply (repositionable), goo-free removal
  • Made in USA

Complete the Lady Sunflower look

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Skins are premium grade decals that feature stunning, vibrant graphics printed on high quality cast vinyl.

Each Skin covers your Amazon Kindle, provides low profile protection with no bulk and helps protect from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Wrap your Amazon Kindle and make it uniquely yours.

iStyles Skin design of Painting, Illustration, Art, Fictional character, Plant, Flower, Clip art, with yellow, orange, brown, green colors, and tagged with people, fineart, flowers, animals, brown, flower, flowers, girl, green, lady, paint, sketch, sunflower, sunflowers, watercolor, woman, yellow.

Amazon Kindle not included. Colors shown may differ from actual color depending on screen calibration.

Country of Origin: USA
Date Available: 3 January 2024


Kindle skin fits and looks great. I realized a few days after putting it on that it was upside down and was able to remove and reapply without any trouble at all.

The order arrived sooner than expected and the quality of the skin received is top-notch. (It was not my first, so this was no surprise.) The friendly status emails and the loyalty discount sweetened the deal.

Good communication and experience!

Super fast shipping and great communication! Item came in excellent condition! Thanks

I had to pay about twice as much for shipping & VAT as I paid for the product itself – so for international customers it’s just not worth it. Very nice customer service though (hence 2 stars instead of 1).

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're sorry to hear about the import duties levied at the German customs for your Amazon Kindle Skin.

Our products are made in the USA and ship freshly made directly from the production facility - this is how we can offer such a large collection of designs with support for so many devices. We do not believe that there's anything similar or at the same quality level in the EU.

Import customs charge is effectively "VAT" and is already factored into the pricing of any other product that you purchase within Germany. Products that are sold on our web store do not include this charge - we only bill for the cost of the product and the shipping cost. VAT is for the "consumption of goods and services within a country" and is levied by the customs office of some (but not all) countries when the package is imported. It looks like they tagged on some administrative charge or there's a minimum customs charge amount per package in Germany as they billed you 9 euros for an item that cost only 13.50 euros. We suspect that if you have multiple Kindle Skins in the same package, it may still cost the same 9 euros at the customs.

We bill shipping at its cost price and our shipping quote is subsidised for multi-product orders. For example, it cost about 14.50 euros to ship one Kindle Skin to an international destination. You'll still pay only 14.50 euros to ship 10 Kindle Skins to the same destination (even though it'll cost us more to ship). Given the costly international postal charges, it'll be more worth it to ship multiple items in the same order rather than a single one. If you only need one item, one way to save will be to make a consolidated purchase with friends/family and share out the ship cost.

It may be possible for the import charge to be much less if paid for online. For example in France, if the import charge is paid online before the package arrives, the total cost is about half (~6 euros) of what the postman charges (~12+ euros) if he collects payment at the time of delivery instead.

We're sorry that this did not work out, but we're glad to hear that you had a good interaction with our customer service. Thank you for the 2 stars (instead of 1) !

Fast shipping and amazing quality!

Fast delivery and the decal fits great and looks great.

Great skin! I like how you do offer more options for colors. The skin was easy to apply as well. It’s did have a pretty strong smell but after applying the skin it went away after a few minutes. It’s also got to me very quickly.

iStyles responded:

There is indeed sometimes a little smell because our products are freshly made and go straight into the envelope after production. This is usually not noticeable because it takes at least a few days for delivery for most people, but as your Skin was literally made just three days ago, it's a little fresher than the others. As you've experienced, this smell goes away on its own fairly quickly.

Thank you for the review; we're happy to hear that you like the Amazon Kindle Touch Skin!

Received and applied. Everything looks great and we're happy.


These kindle skins are so cute.

Colis reçu dans les temps et bien emballé

Skin facile à installer, très bonne qualité et très bon rendu


Translated: Parcel received on time and well packaged

Skin easy to install, very good quality and very good rendering


I absolutely love the skin I got for my kindle Oasis it looks. and fits perfect.

Great product and great shipping times. Will buy again.

Pretty and great quality! Just came in today and can’t wait to put it on my device to personalize it!

Great good and service
I ordered a skin for my kindle. I was hesitating with completing my basket and they reached out to see if there was anything I needed help with. I messaged back with a small concern and they were very helpful and here we are. Pre sale service is great so I can only assume if I had a problem I could expect the same.
The skin fits perfectly, was so easy to apply and looks great. Can't wish for more.

Love my Skin! It is really beautiful...The Gadsden Flag never looked better... very smooth, nice and bright, gives my little Kindle a whole new look...

As advertised and great graphics. Vert easy to order and install. I would highly recommend this product.

Excellent vinyl skin! I got it for my Paperwhite (2015).

1) Matte finish.
2) Very flexible and stretchable! Reapply even if you need to peel it off. Use hair dryer to squish excess length in between. Heat works charms!
3) Contours the curves perfectly.
4) Bubbles are easily managed. Make sure to WAIT a few hours until the skin applies more firmly - new bubbles with come up, just "massage" them down flat.
5) If punctured, holes let the air out (for embossed "Amazon" logo), and then the holes become invisible.

1) Flat surface (compared to "dbrand" carbon finish)
2) Out of box, smells really chemical. Make sure to let it go before putting into the case.
3) The back is not covered fully. I guess that's the skin not to peel off easily.

Thank you!
Looks and feels great!

iStyles responded:

Thank you for the review. We're happy to hear that you like the Carbon Fiber Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3rd Gen Skin.

These Skins are freshly made and yours was made just 4 days ago. There can be a slight smell if the Skin was too "fresh" (it got to you too quickly! :) ). The smell goes away fairly quickly after it leaves the envelope. There is a slight gap with the surface edge on the back Skin so that the corners and Skin edges stay on more securely.

All good with the order thanks, the skin was relatively easy to apply and gives a nice finish.

I wonder though if I should have been a bit more daring with my choice of design! Maybe next time.

The Skin fits perfectly and looks great. Delivery to Germany within 8 days.

Top company for skins

Excellent customer service and product arrived very quickly considering I'm in the UK! The skin fits my kindle perfectly and is of a high quality, very easy to apply. Thank you iStyles

Excellent product. And delivered very quickly considering the international health crisis! Recommended!

Lovely unique items, good quality and great service. Comes from USA but only takes a few days.

I like the front skin. It covers up the hideous white Kindle logo. :)

Came super quick and really fab design. Looks brilliant.

Yeah it's nice. It's made out of 3Ms controltac so applying was a breeze. Print resolution is pretty good. Corner radius is slightly off but its barely noticeable.

Sticker is too slick to start with. Then its not a wrap like im used to with phones its literally just a darn sticker. Mine was a bit smaller than the one in the picture so it didnt even go to the curves at the edge of the back cover. Im sure they will tell me it was an application error. It was not! I have put skins on all my phones for the last 5 years. No refunds for used products so order at your own risk!

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Amazon Kindle Skin was not to your expectation. There are two types of vinyls that these Skins can be made from:

1) Conformed vinyl - this vinyl can be made into the "wrap" that you've described where the coverage can be extended to cover rounded surfaces at corners as it sticks so strongly. Such vinyl is used to make car decals where strong adhesion is necessary but when used to make a device "wrap", Skin application will be complicated as it requires a heat source to bend and stick, and the aggressive adhesive can damage the device surface when the Skin is peeled off, or at the least, leave a fair amount of adhesive residue on the device.

2) Non-conformed vinyl - this is the vinyl we use for our Skins as it has a balanced adhesive that allows for easy application (can be repositioning multiple times during application), will stick well (outlasting the lifespan of the device), and more importantly, will not damage the device surface when the Skin is removed. You do not need a heat gun for the Skin application either but the disadvantage is that this material only bends around a single axle in 3D and the Skin cannot be extended to cover rounded surfaces, such as those at the corners on the back of the Amazon Kindle.

I was quite pleased with this product. The colors were just as they appeared on the computer screen, and the skin was easy to apply. I'd give it an easy 5 stars!

Good product and quick delivery

For my birthday I knew I was going to receive a new Kindle Voyage, which Amazon brought out just a few weeks before The Date, and I wanted to skin it straight away. As the Voyage was new out I was concerned that there wouldn't be an iStyles skin ready in time so I contacted them. Immediately to ask. MK got back to me straight away and was very helpful, later e-mailing to say skins were now available for the Voyage and then sending out the chosen skin really fast. So the skin was ready for the opening of my new Kindle and yet another of my devices now looks beautiful in a wonderful matte coating. (Matte coatings are iStyles' speciality and I think look so much more special than gloss.) Excellent.

iStyles rocks!! Got my fourth Kindle iStyles cover.....This is for the new Amazon Voyage (the GREATEST reader!!). iStyles had the cover manufactured VERY quickly after Amazon released the Voyage and, of course, it fits perfectly, despite some angled surfaces on the back side. Got my wife a Voyage for her birthday and her cover is in the mail!!

This was so easy to put on It arrived in perfect shape due to the excellent packing it was sent it. Once on my kindle, it looks just awesome, it really makes my kindle individual. I love this design, but it was so difficult to choose as there were so many lovely designs available. This might sound a bit off the wall but it makes my kindle feel more like a book rather than a dull grey electronic device. As conventional book lover that really helps me come to terms with using my kindle! I'm so much more in love with it now it has a pretty wrapping on it.

Living in the UK, and with this product being sent from America, I was afraid there would be problems with delivery. However the service was great, with the product even arriving early. The skin fits perfectly on my kindle and looks great. I would recommend this site to everyone!

I keep returning to iStyles because they're the only people with a huge range of skins which you can also get in matte - and matte skins look so much better than glossy. There is a slight delay in delivery because I'm in the UK, but this is probably not due to iStyles but rather to the mail service. However the skins are worth the small wait and I will be back the next time I have a new device which needs skinning!

Item was excellently packed and the entire shopping experience with iStyles has been awesome. Thank you.

Used iStyles for te Second time. Delivery was fast, product as good as expected. Enclosed instructions were excellent!

Very easy to handle - especially the Skin for my kindle, which I really enjoy. What a huge difference!

I love the wallpaper on my iPad. But only a 4star rating, as I had to cut out the sim card plug-in on the back side. Unfortunately I was not aware of this problem as I ordered the skin in advance, i.e. before delivery of my iPad .

Very pleased...thank you for making such a wonderful product. And love the variety of styles!

I love their products! I have purchased i-Styles a few times and find their website easy to use, to order from, and to delete anything you have placed in the order queue.

My kindle looks fabulous!

Splendid choices of product and easy site to use.


The styles were so unique in comparison to other skins out there. I had literally been searching for days for the right style. I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait for it to arrive!

I have ordered several times from iStyles. I love how they make my items unique as well as protect them. I have received numerous compliments on how awesome they look on my electronic gadgets. Thanks for brightening my world.

fantastic wife loved her iphone cover.i rate istyles so highly bought another skin for my wifes kindle and my mother in laws kindle.good price excellent range of styles.highly recommend istyles

GREAT skins....Great service!

Got my skin today. While I'm satisfied with the condition of the skin, it's a LOT darker than the pictures online, and even the picture that came WITH it. :(

Being so much darker, you lose some of the details, and a lot of the leaves on the edges are barely visible.

The Greenman just doesn't look as lively when he's 4 shades darker than he should be....

Had I know it would be this dark, I wouldn't have gone for this design...

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