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DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin design with red, gray colors

Frickin Lasers DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin

4.9/5 rating - 15 Reviews
Fits: DJI Mavic Air 2
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Frickin Lasers DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin

List Price: 24.99
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  • Styles and protects your DJI Mavic Air 2
  • Includes drone Skin, controller Skin and 3 battery Skins
  • Adds no bulk, provides scratch protection
  • Easy to apply (repositionable), goo-free removal
  • Laminated for long-lasting protection
  • Vibrant, art-quality digital print
  • Made in USA using premium ingredients

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Skins are premium quality decals that feature stunning, high-resolution graphics printed on premium grade adhesive-backed cast vinyl.

Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your DJI Mavic Air 2 from scratches. The unique weaved adhesive allows for fast, easy and accurate application, and goo-free removal.

Make your DJI Mavic Air 2 uniquely yours.

iStyles DJI Mavic Air 2 Skin design with red, gray colors. Model DJIMA2-FRLASERS

DJI Mavic Air 2 not included.


Great skin!

Fast delivery. Great instructions. Easy to apply and looks great on my mav air 2.

Will be buying other skins!

Good quality. Fast shipping

Ordering process was easy. Shipping was fast. Decals were great quality. Application was easy and smooth.

Awesome. Recieved my skin few days ago and followed the directions. It looks awesome thanks again. I have some friends that will be ordering also. I for sure will be placing another order just to change it up . Plus I know they want last forever so I'll be ready .

Thanks again
Brian Gill
P.O # 200787

Updated 5 star review, 26 September 2020:

Can’t thank IStyles enough
There sending me a replacement full decal free of charge For my Mavic Air 2 , to replace a set which may have been applied in the wrong temperature.
This company has really shown there loyalty with customer services.
Harvey Davies

Previous 2 star review:

I purchased a full set for my Mavic Air 2 skins
I followed all the applying recommendations thoroughly.
After only a week there not good in my view
Air bubbles keep returning and peeling here and there.
???? Regards
Harvey Davies

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear about what happened to your Skin. These Skins will stick and generally outlast the lifespan of the device but this depends on the environmental factors that they're subjected to and how well they were applied.

Our Skins come with a balanced adhesive that allows for easy application and goo-free removal. It is important that the Skin stays down and it is just as important that the Skin can be subsequently removed without damage to the device. For example, if it's "super glued" to the device, it will stick well no matter the condition of the surface but it will not be removable.

The Skin adhesive will stick and generally outlasts the lifespan of the device, but it is important to clean the device surface properly prior to Skin application. Dones have to be cleaned well prior to Skin application because the surface can be fairly dirty (as it lands on different places, such as on the soil) and this will adversely affect the ability of the Skin to stick well.

Likewise, environmental factors, such as constant abrasion against the edge of the Skin, will inevitably result in the edge lifting. In addition, incorrect Skin positioning such that an edge overhangs the device edge will make these edges more vulnerable to peeling or damage. It's also possible the Skin adhesive might have been damaged during the Skin application process if you reapplied the Skin (peeling off and sticking again) too many times.

Bubbles under the Skin do not "keep returning" by themselves. If the Skin is sticking properly to the surface, it is impossible for air to enter. What probably happened was that you left air bubbles under the Skin during the Skin application and when the device is in use, the heat expands these bubbles and they "grow".

When applying the Skin, air bubbles will not get caught if the piece is pressed down from inside out, but if they do, it is important to press out all bubbles. These bubbles can be gently massaged out during Skin application thanks to the special weaved adhesive on the Skin. These bubbles have to be pushed to the edge such that the air escapes out of the Skin. It is not enough to simply press them down as that only compresses the air (the air is still there).

Our Mavic Air 2 Skin customers have always been delighted with their Skins and the reviews were always 5 stars - we think that you'll like the Skin set better if you give it another go. We can get another Skin made for you at no cost to replace the piece that's peeling, and you just have to cover the ship cost to get the new package to you. We've sent you an email with details about how to get this complimentary replacement.

The mavic air 2 skin fulfills all of my expectations and fits perfectly with the body of the drone. It doesn't add weight to it and the drone fly as you expect.

The quality of the skin is superb, good colors an designs and the delivery was right on time.

Great service and high quality skins for my mavic, post office was slow but that's not iStyles fault.

Fantastic quality skins for my Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini, also very fast delivery to the UK.

Pacco arrivato tutto ok

Nice Skins....really easy to paste on my drone....thanks

Awesome! Fit like a glove! Good materials and fitted awesomely!

Thanks for such a great product.

Great, fast service.

they arrived on time and look awesome waiting to apply them great service

Thank you so much every thing was ok

Order as expected and super fast delivery (9 days)

great service

Matte vs Gloss

The Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish that give Skins an arty look and feel (art pieces, professional photos, canvases are usually matte). It is fingerprint and smudge resistant, and looks gorgeous with most designs.

The Gloss finish is a shiny finish that gives Skins an expensive, classy and sophisticated look (like a really shiny car). Designs look more vibrant with a gloss finish.

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