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Samsung Laptop Skins

4.5/5 rating - 9 Reviews


I love the choices. I bought 2. The skins have a nice feel, look great and are easy to apply. I received mine earlier that expected. Great experience.

easy application and prompt shipping!
Shipping was prompt and application was simple on my chromebook 3!

The skin was a little too big for the laptop, didn't fit perfectly had to cut it but the color was great.

iStyles responded:

We're sorry to hear that the Skin did not fit - the product that you purchased is for the Samsung Chromebook Plus XE513C24 that was released last year.

Are you using the newer Samsung Chromebook Plus XE521QAB that was released this year? The correct Skin for this model should be the one here.

We're glad to hear that you managed to modify the Skin to work.

Good service, arrived promptly and fits chromebook perfectly.

Shipping was very fast! Good quality skin.

Very good skins !

Very good measurements for the Chromebook plus. Nice feel and does not look like the skin will fade away. The tracking was great to Canada. anyone who lives in Canada that orders skins, use the Canada post tracking, more accurate and updates quicker . over all very pleased with the product and shipping time to Toronto. Took around 4-5 business days. Ordered on Friday and came on Wednesday

It came on time and was easy to apply.

I ordered an iPhone 4 skin as well as a Samsung laptop skin. The iPhone skin was perfect.

The Samsung laptop skin was no good.. The skin sent did not fit the model they said in the advert.


iStyles responded:

We're glad that the iPhone Skin worked well but we are sorry to hear that the W&B Fleur Samsung Chromebook Series 5 Skin did not fit your Laptop. As per our email correspondence, the Skin you purchased was for the "Samsung Series 5 12.1" (Released 2011) Chromebook" and it will not work with your "Samsung Series 5 14-inch 530U4B-A01 Ultrabook".

Skins for your Ultrabook are available here. Specifically, the W&B Fleur design that you want can be customized for your Ultrabook here.

We have a return process in place for such purchase mistakes but returns have to be initiated within 30 days of the order date. Your order was placed in April, we are now in November and it is unfortunately no longer possible to raise the return request at the warehouse. We hope that the discount coupon we gave will help should you wish to get a replacement.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further queries or if you require assistance.

I love the skin I bought for my chromebook and phone. I was presently surprised by the skin for the charger. I have ordered from other websites before that are more expensive and that only cover the outer part of the laptop. iStyles includes the skin for the outer part of the laptop as well as the inside where the touch pad is and now for the charger as well. Definitely buying more skins for my other gadgets.