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Asus Laptop Skins

4.8/5 rating - 8 Reviews


Added to my favourite online shops list.
This was a fabulous first buy experience. The children love their chromebook skins! I ordered myself a custom laptop skin and phone case, as well. (Tip for custom designs, ensure the image dpi can accommodate enlargement to avoid blurring. Mine looks great!) The price is more than reasonable for these quality items. They were super-easy to apply and arrived within a week. I will be recommending iStyles to friends.)

Excellent service, quality products

My order arrived quickly and was very neatly packaged. The items inside were exactly as pictured, and the instructions included made for quick application. In 5 minutes, my computer was nicely wrapped and fit perfectly. I'll be recommending this company in the future!

Great experience

Quick shipment, beautiful product, and easy to install!

I love the product! Great quality product with easy application. Recieved in a timely matter. Absolutely love! Recommended to all my friends and family.

I ordered from iStyles and got my order super fast! Thank you so much and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Awesome customer service!!! I messed up application of the skin and they accomodated me by sending a replacement out even though they did not have to! It never hurts to ask!

Ria alreves I like to find black and white as black as white for the eee pc who are white would be better

I find it a fun sticker